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How To Get Job in Digital Marketing/SEO ( Career Advice)

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It has been around 2 years i started career in Digital marketing; I started working as SEO since 2013, out of all my IT experience this is one of best career opt I have choose ,I can say SEO can better career  choice for any startup. Iam working  as digital marketing associate with Employer  21st Century Software Solutions, My best  suggestion for those aspiring bloggers want to go with Full time career keep blogging for part-time from today.
In this article I will discuss with you how-to-start-SEO-career, different aspects you come across as an blogger in your career  as a full time blogger or part time blogger.

Digital Marketing is better option to start your career being an Indian image

Moving with blogging is the easy task?

       It’s not a choice for reducing your unemployment in ease way, but option as of other, you feel similar difficulties as of other in field of digital marketing.I suggest most of my friends to move on to digital marketing which is the easiest for those to spend wonderful time as you can earn while learning, and you can have a chance for searching for better jobs being part of it, as of now with my experiments with SEO during these days made me understood being as a blogger is also one among difficulty tasks which includes development, application programming, mobile-app-development, storing and access data from database and many other.

Who can be the blogger?

One should be with creativity,good at content writing to be a blogger, its sure to mention you can earn good sum of money as an blogger, but need patience.The blogger basic essential skills include, expertise in a field of chosen niche, good at internet using, web design and web programming skills, excellent reading, writing skills and Search Engine Optimization Skills
Moving with easy make you to be on worst in coming days, so be patient an d move on with white hat techniques to enjoy wonder full days as an blogger of future
One cannot be the blogger if she or he with intention to make  money online, they can be paid only for their good work with quality, unique, useful, solution giving content. Few think they can easily make money over Internet by just copy pasting or clicking some ads.I can suggest them better stop trying to make money online by just clicking some ads, This can never happen.

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Get some SEO suggestions to make money on internet.

           You need to be expert, then your fruits always reaches you, becoming an expert blogger is not an easy task, beside requires some skill set, knowledge and dedication.IT’S my best experience advice for you my dear valuable readers, never ever start your career as a full time blogger.
           You can see few pro bloggers like Amit Agarwal, Tony john, Mahendra, Harsha Agarwal and many other valuable bloggers have started their career as an part-time blogger, as of now after earning sufficient enough from blogging ,getting good confidence over blogging they had started their full time blogging.
           There should be hard work, patience, expertise, to be a top bloggers. SEO or digital marketing is not every ones cup of coffee, out of recent research on searches with yahoo, Bing, Google reveals most of searches results on these search engines includes Face book, followed by how to’s which includes how to make money online, how to make money through blog, how to get back links from Wikipedia and many more. 
         Its estimated that around 50,000 people are searching how to make money online, few finding solutions and moving on towards success, the ratio is very appropriate that out of 100 only 3 are success full among as a blogger or digital marketing expert, so every one cannot be the blogger, one can find hard times with blogging if he or she just doing blog to earn money.

Make blogging as your career,here are few suggestions to do that

   Get better with enough time at blogging; Get better at what you’re doing; Your poorest work is still better than your best work when you started. That is, your standard of work naturally elevates. You do better work because you've deliberately improved through your invested time.You need to understand little building blocks become a pretty cool piece of work. Look at the big picture, and show up and do your one thing today. Then improve and show up tomorrow.

      Starting a blog for living in life is not an easy task but it is not an impossible task i.e. in a word making blogging as a career.Tricks, social media, unique content will sure helps you. Everything else is you need to improve your self, many things move against us they will not sure come to us without our knowledge, it may need sacrifice, determination, patience, getting better day by day is essential

Your Blogging career will never ends up with your good link building strategies:

          Not to stop working towards our career we need a job, but not to get a job we need a career.With proper, honesty, frequent evaluation only we can motivate our selfknow what we are, what things related to our career we know, what for we can blog ,This is must in blogging career.

What we can blog About?

     We can blog to spread what we have experienced; suggested, learned, and noticed in depth related to niche we are good enough.We can write blogs on career development,software technologies, and niche interviews, movies, reviews, products, websites, reports, solutions to frequent raised issues in respective niche areas, whitepapers, inventions discoveries, events, old an d important niche issues, discussions, how to’s and many more.

I have started writing on Link building strategies

What About SEO career We need to understand to make ?

We can come across positive feedback, negative feedback, and suggestions at every stage of blogging career, which as blogger we must need, which is a valuable resource for us to stand out in career

We have to identify the need of critics and fallow the suggestions, but not afraid of these, beside ask your friends to evaluate your postings immediately after posted, and move on with their suggestions

Your basic attitude should be as you should listen when your readers, others, well wishers, colleagues speak anything, and answer for their i.e. providing solutions to their niche related needs, you should be able to make them understand that made them to come and look for solutions.Listening, interacting with the readers will sure direct you to the best areas of the niche; you will be having an opportunity to stand out on few topics related to niche.

           We have to write our content in such a way it should show some impact, influence towards the niche.You try to evaluate your ideas, in terms of your ability to write the post, resources you have, referenced you have, suggestion you need and more things, 
Research the idea you have, whether is that is a fresh idea, does the idea fit into the niche you working on or you can model the topic as reference to your niche, do you ever experienced about those related in real life, have to be verified or you are strong enough in relation to topic you chosen

Once you have decided the topic, then you should severely work on that, you have to gather the references, resources, suggestions.

Keep the track on which you are working out, you have to must be responsible to the things done from your space.You invest your money, time to make your blog great.

Suggested best ways to invest money, time onto to blogging,

Buy a domain, web design, host space, 

Different ways Care to be taken in selecting a domain: It should be shorter, keyword, catching, should sense about all what you are going do with that at first look ,you should fixed with it, You then want to research the target groups, only local, international then choice among the domain .com, .in, .org, or others.Once the domain name is decide, you have to look for the availability on,
Different ways care to be taken in selecting host space: Research for different host providers, consideration to be done in terms of reviews done, bandwidth providing, server up time, customer service, and most things, then research for host providing companies,Investing wisely is essential; 

Website/ Blog designing

   Care among few things in related to web design, navigation, avoid frames, scripting, use compressed images, Meta tags and its content length, sitemap, internal linking, anchor keywords, alternate words, keyword density.You can do yourself everything without having or hire a professional designer,there are many ways to make the site look beautiful

     Expertise with web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J query, PHP) go ahead design your own template, if not move with Content Manage Systems (Word press, blogger, drupal, Joomla) and many more there are even few sites web 2.0 which help you in designing the websites easily using graphical interface. 

 Components include Message, Brand, and Social elements, Logo add value to the blog.Invest your time in much valuable way.Research your niche for experts, for problems, solutions provides, updates, history of past related to niche, resources, trends, issues update, discussions, interviews related to respective niche,

We didn’t know how things were going to work out or what it would take, but we have to start with everything we had.

One valuable suggestion for a blogger is sell something in your life that you do not use, and reinvest it into blogging, treating it similar to business; you need to find ways to invest your time into it basically you have to collect awesome images for your posting behind. Clock in, work hard, don’t quit.

Social media, content writing, optimized images; good link building will add more value to your blog

Beside All above Mentions You Should Be True for Your Self, care about your topic; love your contribution, lets you preserved without any reason.

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Now it’s time to decide that you want to be a full time blogger or part time blogger

Working on blog as a part-time blogger is being in comfort zone as a start-up and feeling expertise then move out as a full time blogger. But the career in India as a blogger is changed.

Blogging was affected by various factors: 

Blogging Career depends on gender either male or female:

         Most probably blogging career suits most Indian girls, house wives as most of their time spend at their homes, a best place to work on the blogs, and gents face few difficulties alone with this as they engage with many other works beside this blogging, its fine and bring lot of respect to Indian women if they start blogging and start to earn decent money which in turn support financially.In return being an Indian women succeed blogger gains you lot of respect from family and society.

Is it possible to work with Blogging in office only or else at only homes?

       It completely depend on individual to individual, few prefer to work from home, few move on with office, work place play key role in once success.Work place rather provide a choice of having support directly or indirectly, allows to share and work, makes a better place for profit based work ,at office you would be having few content creators and editors working on your blog. That would give you an office environment and can benefit you in a lot of ways in Indian society.Indians spend most of their free time at homes, this may prompt more chances that Society or your blog visitors viewing your blog mostly form Indian homes
Being an Indians it’s our nature we bother for every thing
        Bother can be of this case how our blog is being viewed by Indian visitors, what others think about our blog, this brings to us a mandatory recommendation, try to not to work at homes on blog, what others think about our ways of earning, one trust that your working only if you’re working with govt or top companies, Having an office for working on blogging bring you chances to be more productive, discipline at work, brings you respect in society, and also take advantage of working for long time, best advice try to be punctuate. Money can allow you to buy most advanced things, at same time working with office brings you fame, respect, money every that needed from Indian society, they expect dignity rather than money you have

What are the reasons why you should not relay on blogging to start your career  as full time blogger ?

       The revenue from blogging is not consistent.It depend on various factors one among them is algorithm updates that may lead to end of once career, Those websites which experiencing the warning, penalty from Google, used to get millions of visitors in the past few years and after the recent Google updates they were never able to bounce back.
      We should not relay on fixed strategies, as they change with times, in past SEO is everything of getting links ,high traffic with good link building strategies, but now a days or in recent its all about of having good quality content.

Link building Strategies effective in 2015

Link Building Techniques To Get Dofollow Web 2.0 Backlinks (Updated 2017)

Web 2.0 Link Building Strategies Effective in 2017:

Web 2.0 link building can make a huge impact on local search and in less competitive spaces.web 2.0 links should be used for building brands for your business. Write an article on any one of the website developed or designed on WEB 2.0 site,  link your any particular post or blog, in this way you can get good amount of back links. Today we are going to look at how to use Web 2.0 site for effective link building.
link building using web2.0 sites
On World Wide Web there are tons of web 2.0 sites, out of them few are having high Domine Authority, Page Authority, And give Do-follow Back links increase Relevant Traffic for your Website. Web 2.0 Sites are combination of Micro blogs, Bookmarking Websites, Image Sharing Websites, Link sharing Websites, Profile Creation Websites, Blog Creating Websites.
  1. What is web 2.0?,
  2. what are various websites comes under Web2.0 category?,
  3. Experts suggestions on the ways to use Web2.0 websites?

What is Web 2.0 site?

Web2.0 Sites are those provide ability for Link Building Experts to collaborate and share information online, Using Web 2.0 websites changes the way web pages are made and used, These allow user to Publish Articles,Sharing Images, Documents, Presentations, Create Profiles. Web 2.0 sites are for good user experience,maintain web standards,allow scalability. tagging,Software as a service,mass accessibility,you are allowed to format the data.

What are various websites comes under Web2.0 category?

        Web2.0 includes social media sites,social bookmarking sites,Blogs,Wikis,video,image,audio sharing Sites,hosting sites,self publishing platforms, and other one word it can be said new version of world wide web.

What are different technologies essential for better usage of Web2.0 Websites?

        You can use Web2.0 in appropriate way if you are skilled with  content writing, client side technologies Java Script,HTML 5, CSS, JQuerey, Ajax, bootstrap, XML and Angular JS and Server side technologies .Net, Java, Ruby, PHP,Python.

Few Web 2.0 Sites those can help you in increasing your Brand behind giving a Do follow And No Follow backlinks to your Business Website:

Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, My Space, Delicious, Wikipedia, word press,Typepad, Squiddo or Hub-pages,YouTube, Slide share, Instagram, Slashdot, imgur and wikia, examples of web2.0 changed or transformed the way people in the world connect, communicate and share ideas, pictures, videos and news each other. web 2.0 sites adds instant massive traffic to blog/website, index blog or website.

How can we share the website info with Web 2.0 sites?

We can share web info to other websites in the form of RSS Feeds,XML Site Maps, 
Web 2.0 can be searched using keywords,linked,authored,tagged,extended,feeds(signals for changes done to content)
  • Blogger and word press are content shared,website or blog building Web2.0 sites
  • You tube video sharing Web2.0 site
  • Wikipedia content sharing Site
  • Twitter,Facebook Social media Web2.0 sites
  • Tumbler Micro blogging Web2.0 Sites
  • Pinterest,Flicker,Instagram image sharing Web2.0 sites,
  • Craigslist classified posting Web2.0 sites
  • Yelp reviews writing Web2.0 sites
  • Wikia Questions/Answers writing Web2.0 site

Why you need to Share site or blog on Web2.0 Sites?

Google+ : engaging by + mentions and #hash tags,can increase visibility
Tumbler :similar to blogger and word press allows us to move with micro blogging,sharing images videos etc,helps us for tagging with target key words,increase blog traffic using consistent customer traffic,
Twitter:customer  engaging,great with usage of #hash tags,@mentions
LinkedIn:Engaging,professional traffic,Engaging with groups
Reddit:Instant massive Traffic
Stumble Upon:Social bookmarking Site,lead huge niche level traffic to our site/blog
MySpace:Most viewed site,similar to google+,
Pinterest: Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined,it is similar to Facebook,google+,can engage with audience easier and viral traffic is easier to obtain  

How to build traffic using Web2.0 sites

Ways to build links for your site using web 2.0 sites

Web2.0 site brings more traffic to your site as it allows to embed images,videos,testimonials, press-release,latest news,documents,downloads,reviews and many more 

Linkbuiding using web2.0 is really an complicated issue

  • research for competitors
  • keyword research using only Google keyword planner
  • build blog using top 3 web 2.0 sites i.e. wordpress, tumbler and blogger
  • Select URL,Page title,Niche to start blog posts,
  • write content related to niche between 1800 to 2000 words,with 2 external links,with the correct anchor text monthly 2 times from different web 2.0 site
  • embed the multimedia includes video,image,document,ppt into content
  • share on Facebook,twitter,google page,periodically linking older posts,
  • Pin more from other similar operating Business,share blogs on business groups,
  • Guest posting,Profile Links,Free blogs on live-journal etc,submissions to blog directories,email signature,niche forums forum signature,posts to hub-pages,squiddo, articles,press release,add blog to Technorati, Syndication with Amazon kindle.
  • interlinking,set-up authority to your site
  • Ping the site 

 Get High Quality backlinks for your Website/ blog using Web 2.0 Sites:

  • Get sponsor links from your niche industry events,
  • Write press release for local news papers, publications maintained by your area large business,
  • Set up social media profiles,
  • Set up accounts on Book marking Sites,
  • Se up listings for Local citation sites (white-pages, manta,, Citysearch, super pages, Topix, four-square, bing, yellow pages, DexKnows)
  • share the blog on blog directories(all top, Blogapedia, ontoplist, Technorati, blogorama)
  • build Web 2.0 blog use tumbler, wordpress, blogger,
  • Share videos related your blog on Video submission sites YouTube etc
  • Slide share for sharing your presentations, 
  • Share your blog posts on LinkedIn
  • Submit blog to directories(directory world, R-TT directory, So Much,

Web 2.0 site increase your online presence, that could translate into a lot of new customers

Easy Local SEO Link Building Techniques (Updated 2017)

Local Backlinks, Link Building Strategies is important for business to stay ahead of Competitors in 2016, Especially Startups, Small Business should have an SEO strategy for Increase Business Conversion reaching Niche Target. Experts says "You loose your business if your business in not available on Internet.We believe that Online Marketing Success for Business is Making Business Customers Locate Business, its Services & Products on SERP's .Here is an article includes  Local SEO Link Building Strategies, Manual Link Building Techniques, SEO Tools for keyword research, Competitor Analysis,  Professional SEO Consulting Services & Recommendations for Startups, Small Business

Link Building Techniques (Targeting Local Audience)

Link building Techniques Recommended for Small Business for Increasing (Local Traffic) in 2016:

New Business Or Startups  Web Recommendations To increase Web presence and Brand:
  • Buy a domain which includes your business can buy a domain from
  • Listing your business for Google Places , 
  • Listing Your Business on Google Business 
  • Listing Business on Facebook business pages 
  • Implementing Keyword research using Google Search , Google Keyword Planner Tool, Fcebook, Google, Bing ads, and suggestions and Facebook ads suggestions etc 
  • Competitor analysis ( using target key words search) 
  • Site analysis -your business linkbuilding insight, Competitors business backlinking insight 
  • Take Advantage of Local services
  • Maintain relation ships with local Politicians, Journalists, Celebrities, join Local Clubs, participate in events, as these can help you in increase your business presence, 
  • Plan On page-strategies and off page strategies

Research Recommendations for  Startups, New or Small Businesses owners for Planning an Link building Model:

Here are the factors businesses should look for when assessing their web presence:
  • Check for your Search Engine Cache (Suggestion:,ensure all your website links are indexed
  • Keyword Research (keyword research tools : keyword planner, google trends, soovle,
  • Competitor Analysis: What your Competitors are doing to increase web presences, Identified Competitor Analysis Tools(Suggested: Alexa, Mozbar, semrush, seoquake, similarweb,GTmetrix)
  • Verify Your website is penalized or not( check on IMWP Tool )
  • Analyze Domine Authority, Age, Backlinks, Social Signals of your Website(Suggested: Alexa, Mozbar, semrush, whois)
  • Analyse your Business using Google Analytics Tool(Get the Most Out of Google Analytics: kissmetrics)
  • Website Performance (GTmetrix)
  • Mobile Optimized Website of your business(Mobile Friendly Test)
  • Check your business Social Signals, Create Social Media Accounts to increase social media traffic(Mozbar, SEMRush)
  • Regularly Updated, Keyword Optimized Business blog (Using word Press, Blospot, micro blogging)
  • Website cached webpages can be find using "site:" , .
  • Your business search traffic links, can be find using "Links: "operator and analyse your business more using these google search operators 

Advanced Link Building Tactics:

On-Page SEO for your small business:
  • Search engine friendly Webpage urls (
  • Keyword Optimized Meta tags(Title,Description), Anchor text, Content, Alt Keywords, Suggestions:Start Title, description with target keyword
  • Add media (Images(fixed Size(100 KB), Dimensions),Videos, Memes, Info graphics etc ) to your content to make it playable 
  • Internal Linking (Ensure using right keywords as anchor texts, link to relevant pages)
  • Outbound links(links to outside topic or content or niche related, high DA & PA pages or sites) 
  • Maintain low Keyword density(no of your keywords divided by no of total words in the content) and drop your keywords among first 50 words 
  • Maintain header tags ratio as per SEO standards.(4h3: 3h2:1h1), wrap your keyword in H1 tag, wrap synonyms of your key words in H2 and H3 tags. (Analyse Your Website Header tags using SEOQuake)
  • Use Social Sharing buttons with in your website to increase your social signal traffic.
  • Make your site load with more speed,mobile friendly 
  • 301 redirection and 302 redirection, 
  • w3c validations, 
  • Sitemaps (XML, HTML)
  • Robot.txt
  • Links Cananocalisation
  • Feature your business on  Social Media.Google Maps, Bing Maps,
  • Webmaster, Google Analytics integrations
  • Optimized 404 pages, 
  • Create Link to US Page

Manual Link Building Techniques To Maximize their search results/Off-Page SEO Strategies:

Linkbuilding, Traffic Building and Lead Generation Strategies, Techniques for implementing SEO For your Business in 2016.

Don't miss 2016 Web 2.0 Link Building Tricks & Tips

  • Profile Creation Sites: Create Company Profiles for your business on Social Media, Web 2.0, Micro blogging, Q& A Sites, Business Listing, Forums, Classifieds, Local listings, Directories
  • Create Communities, Groups, Collections, Listings,Mobile apps, Q&A , Blog, Showcase pages on social media sites to increase your online reputations, Generate Relevant Traffic to your business website or apps
  • Create Forum threads or discussion boards on your niche forums,to share your business niche services, news, solutions with your niche audience to increase business authority. 
  • Submit your business web pages to search engines and directories with higher google page rank.(don't go for paid listings) 
  • Submit your business for local listings: Place Listing requests for Local directories, Review Sites, Request for Backlinks from Local partners, Write Reviews, Testimonials for Your local business, services providers, 
  • Promote your business through social book marking, Share your business related documents on Document's,PDF's, Images, Presentation's sharing sites, other Web 2.0 sites 
  • Perform Thematic Link Exchange(exchange links with niche service related websites) for your business. 
  • Build internal links for your business.Link baiting for business inner web pages  
  • Images Link building:Promote your business through images,videos and share them on image sharing sites, and videos promoting websites.Be active on Image Sites (Instagram, Pinterest ), Take care in using keywords as ALT Text for Images as we need to understand that google, and other search engines cannot read images
  • Write articles on your niche business complex issues,technology advancements, How to's and share on article submission websites. 
  • Being service provider you need to promote your business writing Press release and sharing on press release submission websites. Creating Controversies, Contribute information through press releases to get backlinks, promotions from Local news channels, 
  • Conduct classified submission for your business to promote your services and products for free.Classifieds increases your business Leads.
  • You can promote your products on shopping network sites.
  • Participate in Q& A sites to improve your business authority over niche. 
  • Develop mobile apps for your business to serve mobile based niche audience 
  • Organize an local events,promote the events, and invite people using meetup and social media sites, so to increase business engagements, authority, creating Brand Awareness, showcasing your expertise.
  • Target local  business websites, blogs for your Audience 
  • Regularly update content your audience likes, interest in, looking for on Your website through Strategic Blogging
  • Guest Blogging: Write blogs related to niche technology,niche news, Solutions to your niche complex problems, about your company, services an more .we write guest posts for your business . Implement Keyword research to target on Right keywords before writing Content on Lit of your niche blogs. guest posts increase your website visibility, leads to your business, increase page authority for your website.
  • Blog commenting (Benefits: Brand identity will be established, Targeted traffic to your blog. Creates more ‪‎Do Follow or ‪ No Follow Back links. Commenting sites offer do-follow backlinks that pass link juice to your blog or website, Chance to publish a blog post on authority blog, Improve online visibility, Increase ‪Social Media Following, Increase knowledge, Get new Blog post ideas, Get back more comments on your blog, Get Identity, Connected with the influential bloggers.
  • Detect the unlinked mentions, existing external 404 pages over the web using Link Reclamation tool, reclaim the backlinks from  using needfull linkbuilding tactics
Note :Tracking all aspects what you done to your business in related to SEO can make you understand the best strategies to increase your business online presence.which mandatory being small business.

Hire me I can do SEO for your business
My services includes, 

  • write content for your business websites, 
  • on-page SEO for your business website.
  • off-page SEO for your business website.
  • improve your business social media presence 
  • we do SEO for your Business completely 
for more details and any queries related to SEO reach me on, 
Raghava Rao,

Image Optimization Tips (updated 2017)

How to get Decent Traffic to your Website/Blog Using Images?

content,shares,videos,images guest postings,blog commenting,book markings increases web page visibility for search engines like Google,yahoo,bing

Images,media one of the most tactic of seo brings most traffic and beside reduces bounce rate,may even some time leads to call for action

Including of images on to webpage is essential,and including of images leads disadvantage ,fall of site speed and performance
so to over come this their is a need to understand how to optimize an image ,where we have know what are the formats the search engines generally accept,what ways we can make search engines to reach our images,how to make our images available for key word on the internet and many things to be understood

Image optimization leads much great traffic contribution as part of SEO process,Image search drive lot of traffic to the site,So their is need to format the images accordingly, by knowing how search engines work with images, 
here below I can guide you to start image optimization in a best way

How to create SEO friendly images

the search engine friendly images
seo friendly image optimization
Here I can propose four ways to do best with images
  • Alternate text
  • Name of the file
  • Size
  • Page context 
  • using pre-optimized images
Alt Text for the image
         When we are doing Image SEO along with image src, use alt tag attribute to provide alternate text that describe the image, which actually the search engines can see

<img src= “Url” alt=”alternate text”>

Now it’s time to learn how to use alt text in better way i.e. that helps in making the site more explanation
  • Use keywords in a descriptive and contextual way
  • Keep it short up to 125 characters
  • Only use alt text only for the images that search engines to be indexed
Name of the image file:
  It’s also similar to alt text, which provide information about image to search engine
File names can be modified easily as per requirements
But keep this thing in your mind while giving the names for files
  • Use keywords, as so as the names of images are used in urls
  • Use hyphens as a space separator, keep it short and unique
Size of the image file
       Page loading speed depends on Image SIZE
So reduce the image size or rather use the formats of image which are search engine friendly,
  • PNG format, which the preferable image format for internet use
  • JPG format: standard format
  • GIF format
There are many image compressing techniques even for more details fallow the blog
Image compression tools

note: Never ever go for dynamic resize, It’s even waste large bandwidth even

dynamic resize mean that uploaded at 256*300, later resized as 800*1024,

Page context:

Appropriate placing an image in accordance to the context mean that the name, the comments, the alternate text should me in context the information on the webpage, as Google try to gather as much as information it can

more information on how image effects the webpage ranking by mattcuts

Compare Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

Difference Between SEO & SEM or Search Marketing?

Her with this post  will let you understand things include
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing or Search Marketing
  • When to do SEO(Search-Engine-Optimization) and when to do SEM(Search-Engine-Marketing),
  • Paid Search or PPC,

SEO is synonymous with SEM, Search Engine Marketing is everything that we do to utilize the technology of search engines with the aim of promoting a web site and increasing its traffic which includes Paid Inclusion,Traditional Ads,Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising(PPC ads, run by Google and Overture)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization is part of search engine marketing or search marketing which will be implemented by digital marketer or blogger or seo analyst to increase visibility of the website on search engine SERPS, for relevant user searching queries i.e. in a word to bring in organic traffic for the website/blog. SEO leads natural traffic  for the websites/blogs.
You can read our SEO Tutorial for Beginners  Search Engine Optimization(Complete reference)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Marketing is set of SEO Alternate methods to increase traffic to the website/blog i.e.Paid Marketing, Branding etc.

Compare SEO with SEM
what is difference between Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing

Understand Paid Links

Paying Bugs/Dollars for Leading, Quality, Relevant Websites for giving back links from their content or listings rather than relying on the search engine spiders to rank you over time.

Some of the paid links services that drive traffic are 

Google Adwords(PPC):ads which appear in the search results based on the keywords entered and you pay each time your ad is clicked
Display Ads
Affiliation Programs
Social media Ads (Facebook)
Guest Postings
Paid Directory Listings
Why website/blog webmasters, Startup business owners, well established brands etc. go for Paid Ads or SEM 
SEM offer the advantage of speed, as the results are instant, but you will pay for this. Many websites includes leading brands will use paid adverts while they work their way up the organic listings. However, paid listings are also often used to supplement organic results as a number of users will click on the paid links before the organic ones; this is usually because they are placed physically higher up the page which draws people’s eye first.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization the element of SEM, or Search Marketing. Search Engine Optimization is the process of configuring, or optimizing/promoting your website for Search results (local/international) with the appropriate keywords you wish to be associated with, in a manner that will make it easily “seen” by search engines. SEO Includes 2 components i.e. on site SEO, Off Site SEO

On-Page SEO or On-Site SEO:

On-page SEO is Implementing Set of Search Engine Rules for the website/blog so that it can be search engine friendly. Few of them can be keywords included title, description, header tags, implementing proper text to HTML ratio, proper keyword density, images with alt tags, keyword optimized short urls, anchor texts,hosting website, verifying website/blog for webmaster, analytic's, seo audit, implementing SMO etc

Off-Page SEO or Off-Site SEO: 

Off-page SEO is Implemented for Blog/site to get back links from relevant, quality, authority sites for improving trust of an website to influence Search Engines SERP Results. Few of off-page SEO activities include link building, profile creation, business listings, bookmarking, video,image optimization, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media optimization(SMO), RSS feeds etc

What is SEM or Search Marketing?

We can say SEM is subset of Digital marketing or Paid Online marketing, it is set of methods used to promote your site to search engines i.e paid marketing so to get in traffic to the blog /site.
few of SEM techniques include Pay per Click Advertising(paying for Search engines for placing ads on top listings on SERPS for bringing in traffic for searches include  relevant or primary keywords.


The idea behind SEO/SEM is to generate high quality, relevant content that is keyword rich and placed on sites other than yours; this content contains back links that point back to your site. Google and the other search engines use these factors to rank you in the search results people enter. The more back links you have from original quality content, the more important and relevant you are to Google’s results and page rankings.

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