Thursday, 24 April 2014

how to write challenging content via blog,article and tweets?

Author: raghava rao

content writing for a blog,article,news letter,tweets is challenging! can any one suggest me the ways 

how can i write an unique content for my blog
can any one help me in writing a content for my blog

here are my few questions,spend your time to advice me

I regularly post content that reflects my business on web or internet or online.
I am unable to differentiate in writing a document that to be printed and that to be published on the site or a blog or social media.
I am unable to write a post,tweet,article to impact,or make the visitors call for action.

how can i  create most powerful content for blogs,articles and the way to use social media, email marketing that influence authority, profitable traffic to my site

how can i design,create well organised blog,with good blog architecture, with creative,relevant,targeted post
how to choose,use the resources i have to develop a blog that bring good traffic,
when I can write a longer post,when do you need to shorten the post
what are the factors I need to consider while providing titles, content for the posting to be updated
what are the problems faced by a newbie while writing his or her post for the first time
what is copy writing,besides what are practical implementations,
what are the peoples mistakes while writing online?
how and when to raise a point of considerations,assumptions?
how you go with when learning a new technology,do you go with implementation immediately,or go on collecting new points,which may be help full for future reference
how would you stand out  ,when every one using same tricks or techniques in getting traffic to their sites or blogs
how mobile world influencing the online blogging,article writing and many information sharing methodologies via online or internet

how to go with twitter in a best way to share your information?

  • Rewrite. Don’t settle for your first Tweet . Work on it!
  • Use synonyms . Look up alternatives for long words.
  • Eliminate implied and suggested words like ‘I’ and ‘That’
  • Replace words with symbols and numbers. 
  • Instead of ‘and’ use &; Fourteen should be 14 etc.
  • Write in the active voice. Not ‘are using’ but ‘use’, not ‘I’m planning to’    but ‘I plan’
  • Use hash tags for context. For example, instead of explaining that ‘This tip is  for Pharmaceutical marketers’, simply add the hash tag #searchengineoptimizing at the   end
  • Use abbreviations. For example can be shortened to ‘eg’….
  • Use short URLs. Hootsuite will shorten your URLs for you, otherwise use   or or a similar service
  • Trailing dots. Instead of writing a whole list, use ….. to imply there’s more. For example, “Tips on copy writing, email marketing, social media,social bookmarking ….”
  • Use questions instead of full sentences. For example, instead of “Attention,  copywriters!”, you can write: “Copywriter?”