Thursday, 17 April 2014

SEO process in step by step for a website /webpage

Author: raghava rao
hey dudes here is some new information about SEO

SEO in step by step for a website /webpage developed recently for better positions in SERPS of any Search Engines

step 1: Analyze the business online/offline
analyze business online

analyze the business

Step 2: Key Word Research

keyword research

keyword research

Step 3: Key word relevant landing page design/ creation,optimize for 2 keywords and their synonyms for search engines and user 
relevant landing page design

relevant landing page

Step 4: implement performance and traffic analysis using traffic tracking tools like Google analytic's
performance.traffic analysis

performance.traffic analysis

Step 5: Create Web master accounts, so to monitor for the health of website Google and bing webmaster
webmaster tools

webmaster tools,web master accounts

Step 6: connect with social media sites from the webpage/site for interacting with users
Social media sites

social media sites

Step 7: be updated with algorithm changes,and modify the pages accordingly

google algorithm changes

algorithm changes

 SEO for blog (On-page optimization for blog)

Step 1 : know  on what you want to blog
Step 2 : research for the keyword using Google keyword tool
Step 3: use the keyword in the title,in head tag's (</h1>,</h2>,</h3>)
Step 4: give good and keyword relevant content or information
Step 5: Insert image ,use keyword  as title,alt text
Step 6: use keyword as bold,italicize,underline in the content
Step 7:go with SEO Keyword tool for analysis
Step 8: create hyperlink with keywords with relevant information external sites
Step 9: use rel = no fallow attribute for other site links say Google not to fallow the link,not share the page rank with the site 
Step 10: maintain keyword density based on you competitors analysis,with in content,title,tags even
Step 11: post the blog in right categories
Step 12: tags of relevant i.e. keywords, synonyms

then publish,fallow by ping 

some more information i can share with you 

how to promote a blog,develop content for the blog, design the blog

fallow the steps below as suggested

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