Thursday, 17 April 2014

Most Effective SEO Strategies Dominating Search Engines in 2018

Did you Know how to do SEO Effectively in 2018?

Here are tested , practically implemented Organic SEO Strategies which are found working in 2018.These SEO Strtegies can help webmasters, bloggers to influence google results.So lets  Start learning and implementing new link building strategies those can drive in organic traffic to your websites/blogs etc.

Optimizing Website/blog for Rank Brain Algorithm:

Recently Google Announced series of Algorithm Updates to refresh its SERPS.Rank Brain is one among the important ranking Signals those influence results for Search Queries.lets now understand the ways to optimize website/blog organically for this highly most influencing google algorithm.

Understand Rank Brain Machine Learning System(Ranking Algorithm)
Rankbrain a machine Learning Algorithm help Google in Ranking results implementing Artificial inteligence over Google Index.Rank Brain Looks into
Dwell time(consider bounce rate, exist rate) is the Time Spend by Visitor on a webpage without doing any action, one among the important ranking factors, & CTR to rank on SERPS

Actionable tips to improve Dwell time & Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Webpage:

Make your page engaging,usefull or relevant, informative, for visitors  who came to your webpage from Google SERP using an search query on Google Search engine. This can influence Rankbrain Machine learning system as we improved dwell time of our webpage.i.e.Improving webpage dwell time improves webpage Organic Search Ranking

#1 Content Strtegy( Why you need to consider ,How it Influence, Tipps & recommendations for You) for example what is dwell time, how dwell time influence your rankings, and tips to improve dwell time on your page..

#2 Content Distribution( Tables, Info graphics, Q&A's,)-implementing content Chunking techniques.

#3 Create Lengthy, actionable(collapsables,navigational, Q&A's etc) content to avoid effects of google Panda Algorithm

#4 Engaging:Inter Linking, related Content(widget), Email Signup Form, etc.

How to Boost Your Organic click Through Rate?

CTR: Click Through Rate( percentage of Vistors click on your reselt from Search Engine SERP)

note: pages with more than expected CTR will Rank Better(3% increase in CTR =+1 Organic Position)

#1 Identify Low CTR Content Of your Website using Google Search console

#2 Adding Formate(i.e.list,facts,infographic, strategies), Emotion(amaging, powerfull,unreal,shocking etc), content type(facts & Strategies), subject ( Marketing, Fitness, love etc), Numbers, use Broad match Keywords, into title (test for head lines using ppc Ads, paid Social media)

#3 Adding Huge,amaging, proven, instant, and other power words to description

#4 Making Descriptive URLS

CTR Improve Recommendations:

  • Research for Paid Ads for Target Keywords,
  • Include Phrases, words into your descriptions & Titles
  • Use Power Words in Description & Title and improve clicks

Content Marketing: Unique/High quality/ lengthy Content is always a ranking Signal

#1 Include Keyword in Title tag, URL, Imag ALT tag, Description Tag, H1 tag in Context

#2 Add LSI Keywordsi.e associated with page topic to your Content
here are tips on how to find LSI Keywords

Include more sub topics

#4 Answer all the Keyword related Q&A's ,queries Considering forums, Q&A Sites etc..and finding the topic opportunities

#5 Write content that build or improve your authority

Bonous: Strtegy: Choose Topic--> research---> Sources & Topics--> Content Creation---> Topic Focus Content
Create Content that is long term,a complete list etc

Mobile Optimization(Google mobile first): 

Google Announced that it consider mobile version of your webstie as main site.

How can we Optimize website or blog for Mobile:

Mobile friendly ness is one of the ranking factors of google search engine.To optimize your business site to Mobile first Index 
#1 Check Weather your website was mobile friendly or not

#2 Make your content consitent on mobile and web as google going to avoide the content which was hide on mobile version of your website

#3 Speed up your website using  Accelerated Mobile Pages which uses Pared-down HTML that make your webpage Load, cache faster.
Partial Web Apps (PWA) allows site load instantly, fast and make site engaging
or create mobile friendly, responsive website, with minimum code, reduced redirections, optimized images, reduced browser caching that loads fast.

#4 Manage Navigation, content i.e. donot block CSS, Javascript, images and never use flash,avoid pop-ups for mobile site of your business.

#5 Onpage Optimization( Technical seo, Robots.txt, sitemap, Titles descriptions, image alt tags, etc)

#6 Local optimization: Optimize your business for local address to get indexed well on mobile first index and  to avoid effects of possum An local Search google Algorithm buy including city or state name in titles, headers, url, content alt-tags, description and include address on contact us page

#7 Mobile Sitemap

Optimize Your Content or Web Services or Product on Youtube

Google Consider ranking Youtube Feautured content as it noticed 60% of Searchers or spending on Youtube.Backlinko getting 100k views Permonth through Youtube Channel feautured with ust 20 videos on Link building Strategies.Getting Good no of views on youtube, and convert those viewers into website visitors, leads, customers is best mastered strategy in SEO nowadays. Hurry why to miss this Opportunity, Create and optimize content for Youtube and Other Video Sites today.

Fact: Google even Started Blend Youtube results in google image Search

How to optimize your Website/Services/Blog/content/ products on Youtube?

#1 Youtube ranking Factors(Meta tags, Audience retention(avg view duration), Tags, video lenth, Subscriptions, favorites, add to playlists, Liks & Dislikes, Comments)
#2 Keyword Research, consider search engine auto complete feauture to find keywords, use Display planner tool to get keyword ideas, Finalized Keywords(video Keywords i.e. how-to's, reviews, tutorials etc) considering search volume,
#3 create a video, (high Quality,engaging,)

#4 Youtube SEO:
  • Video File name,
  • Using keyword in the begginning of in Video title,
  • Add keyword in first 25 words, max length 250 words, use keyword 3 to 4 times
  • Use CC feauture of Video buy uploading transcription file of video
  • Tagging & keyword research For Youtube video i.e place targeted keyword, general tags, misspellings, singular & plurals of keywords, long tail keywords and more. Find more at Tubebuddy tool
#5 How to improve your Youtube video views?
  • Including Your video embedded in your content can let you take additional advantages i.e. boosting Dwell time,
  • Get more traffic to your videos as views of your video from online communities like quora, linkedin,
  • Link your videos in your email Signature
#6 Understand Likes and subscriptions, quality of views influence ranking of youtube videos on google SERPS

How to optimize website/blog/services/products for Voice search & Search Assistants?

  • Rank your self on SERP,
  • Target Answerbox (feauture Snippet)
  • Finally Include Question & Answer (Refere People Also Ask for, Ask the public)
  • Claim Google Business listing
  • Analyse Conversational Keywords(longtail keywords, FAQ's)
  • Create FAQ Page
  • Structured Data Markup

How to Gain Value Backlinks?

SEO Is all About Good content And good links (dofollow,nofollow, relevant, authority, highquality, internal link, outbound link),

(No of External links(Refferal Domains(Domain Authority)))= Link Quality 

Link Building techniques:
  • Guest Blogging
  • Mention Influencers in your Blog
  • Broken Link Analysis
  • Infographics For Linking(Interlinks)
  • Content Marketing
  • Competitor Back link Analysis
  • Recovering of your Dead Backlinks 
  • Commenting
Which of the steps from today’s guide are you going to implement first?How Are you going to optimize content for dwell time.Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.