Sunday, 4 May 2014

basic requirements to get eligible for AdSense by a blog or webpage

Author: raghava rao
hey dudes here is some new information about SEO

    Google AdSense is a Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad program that allows you to make money from your sites when someone clicks on your ads. The more clicks you get on your ads the more money you can make from AdSense. These ads are generally displayed automatically by Google, these ads are also called as contextual ads. It means Google generates ads relevant to your website’s content. The more relevant and specific contents you have on your site, the more relevant ads it will show up.

Blog or web page eligible for Ad-sense 

AdSense verification policy
check site /blog is eligible to fit for AdSense
2 steps is involved for that
a)check eligibility for sending application for verification
b)send application for verification

check eligibility for sending application for verification
we can't say whether our site would be eligible for AdSense, there are a few things we have  check , and then apply for GOOGLE to verify whether our  your site would be a good fit with AdSense.

1.create a webpage or blog initially using blogger,weebly,word press any of other webpage,blog designing platforms, fallow web master sites like Google web master,Bing web master sites and other online resources for  for suggestions for maintaining quality content,and good traffic

how to create good content i.e. ads creating content
content creating tips by Google

2.we should be atleast 18 years old to submit application so to check our blog/page eligibility to fit for AdSense.

3.Check that our site complies with Google policies before submitting your application which always change from time to time

what are the policies to be satisfied before submitting a site to verification?
policies are to be satisfied by site to be eligible for AdSense i.e. AdSense policy

4. we should atleast own the site for 6 months before we apply for the application of verification i.e to verify that site is fit for AdSense or not?

send application for verification
how to submit the application for verification of site/page/blog whether it is fit for AdSense
application of verification for AdSense by site/blog/page owner

their is a need to  understand what is  AdSense, the use of  AdSense and how it is use full for us,
Google AdSense is running by Google where it allows its network content site publishers to serve automatic text,images,automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.