Thursday, 1 May 2014

link building is illegal,bad ! is it true.

Author: raghava rao
hey dudes here is some new information about SEO

How best we can use link building strategies of present SEO'S

how best we can use link building stategies
how to use link building strategies  in a best way

Link building ,a important SEO component,which covers 90% of Search Engine Optimization with name Off-page optimization,which is all responsible for maintaining web page/site on SERPS of various search engines i.e. to make available for the target visitors on the internet

generally link building is done with both black hat techniques and white hat techniques

here is some common practices of link building
they are
search engine submissions(adding URL to Google,Bing,Yahoo and many more major search engines using web master accounts and many ways)
blogging( creating blogs of respective niche,and updating regularly and getting traffic and turning same to the website by adding blog to the website,besides it was gathered traffic by making it available on various social networking sites,blog search engines,guest blogging,forum discussions,by pinging when updated,blog can be developed on various platforms (blogger,word press, weebly,, drupula and many more)
directories submissions to increase authority to the content(submissions done to general directories,local directories, related niche directories with correct category, never ever try to get links from low quality directories, as it was considered as link schema by search engines)
Classifieds(this can be use full to update the service alerts mainly for local seo,this bring visitors to the site/page ,this may pass some link juice to the site)
guest posting/blogging(drawing no-fallow traffic for the site or blog by sharing the site/blog with in relevant discussion,besides showing the need to look for the link to understand the discussion in best way, rather this was thought to be considered as a spam)
Forums( increase your authority over topics,and besides bring good link juice to the site or page or blog. This helps in most way when we started discussions on relative niche forums)
lastly and best ways of  link building social networking,book marking, communities, pages,groups and others
social networking is the only way which increases traffic,visitors(friends,groups,communities) engage,engaging in social media increases authority to the author

besides there are Articles,press release,Q&A,

and most other ways are also there link building can be done even internally with in the site i.e anchoring the inner page fro home page using key word, key word phrase as anchor tag,or through flash image, stand still image with consideration used keyword,phrase as a alternate word,

Note: Never try to make the visitor to land on page asking for login details either by any link building strategies(301 redirections,302 redirection also to be considered)

one word the best way of link building for a page or site or blog is getting good quality links from different do-mines(.in,, .net and etc), different IP addresses, relevant language sites, i also add that the sites from where the back links are coming to be of relevant content, relevant type of web sites,

Note: over link building always spam,considering search engines guidelines,considerations about link building

any way my experience may not suggest you the best about link building ,here the matt cuts it self discussed about the link building,the summary of the discussion is as fallows

1)Not all link buildings are bad,except those of from hacking sites,paid and other linking schemas as per Google
2)Links from press release is not counted
3)Rather than reaching is the visitors through emails,phone calls,direct message yo can reach them through social networking i.e. with regular updates about services,products and any other, taking chance on social media by your presence on Google +,Twitter, Face book build strong,followers engaged by creating great content,  and share always resulting that audience will likely share it,start doing things like commenting ,buying products or service, writing reviews etc is the good way of link building
4) Google in future try to asses the authority and reputation of author even in calculating page rank,as these are certainly people who are widely known on the web, who have a great reputation, who are experts, who are authorities, who everybody listens to or trusts.
authority of the author is calculated based on strategies
you can get more info with fallowing face book share what is an author rank/author reputation, how it can be calculated  Post by Raghava doing SEO.
5)Syndication can be a valid way to either increase your reputation or to drive traffic and potentially to get more links i.e. rel=canonical help. Embedding a link within the text of the article never create problems,care to be taken if an article publishes on your website then take few hours or days or however much , then syndicate it onto another site.
6)Guest post is something that a fantastic author has thought deeply about, laboured over, polished, put a lot of work into and then publishes on a highly reputable domain name which a great way to get your name out there, to build your reputation, to make yourself more well-known, potentially build links or traffic or help with your SEO.
and you can get most ways of good link building strategies, and the way you can use them that bring good traffic to the blog or page,here are matt cuts views on various link building strategies of present world SEO"s