Saturday, 21 June 2014

how google panda 4.0 update effecting you ,owner of the website

Author: raghava rao

Google Panda 4.0 brings best possible results to the searches done,

get rid from effects of Google algorithm updates and be ready to face future Google updates


The Panda 4.0 update will guarantee that when users search for service,product,content the results they see are the best possible ones with the highest genuine from the most trusted authors (Google authorship).
               Google has always attempted to cut back black hat techniques of present days including hidden text in code, link farming, blog spamming, and numerous other ways to generate content ,unethical tactics and done now with the Panda 4.0

If you run a website or write copy for the web mean a blog,article,social share, then
Panda 4.0 will likely affect you.
If you have

duplicate content, 
poor content full of keywords,
badly organized links 

then you might find that your site suffers from a lower Google ranking.
In fact the real danger (or punishment) is the fact that Google may provide your site with a manual penalty, which costs a lot of time and money to rectify.

have a site that’s full of original content and search engine optimized then there’s very little for you to change. Keep doing what you’re doing and make sure that you keep up to date with SEO practices