Monday, 2 June 2014

how to overcome effects done to the website by the present day algorithm upades

Author: raghava rao
hey dudes here is some new information about SEO

Google announced two algorithms, Panda 4.0 for avoiding poor quality content websites, and another algorithm Payday loan algorithm for targeting Spam queries 

Panda 4.0 how its effecting the sites of present days

panda doing its job

Google announced two algorithms, Panda 4.0 for avoiding poor quality content websites, and another algorithm Payday loan algorithm for targeting Spam queries 

Major sites such as,, and have lost up to 70% of their Google rankings. Reason assumed to be often automatically created content

Websites with similar pages, automatically updated content pages, whether during any incident a webpage spammed the Google also may be effected

The panda and Payday loan algorithms are both web spam targeted, so never spammed Google never fear

So there is a need to learn

How to make your website/webpage/blog not to effect from these algorithms      

Here is the ways to do so….

How to get your webpage on to Google SERP'S

Step 1: Learn various concepts involved in SEO

how you can get well in business using various elements of SEO, besides learn which elements of SEO makes the business run to hard, how can you overcome the effect of these elements

Step 2: go with keyword search,

Find the best suitable keywords for the site

You should now these points before choosing a keyword,

Keyword types: keywords for browsing, keywords for comparing and keywords for buying,

Optimizing pages for long tail keywords, keywords used by potential users brings you large sales, call for action visitors

Discuss with your friends what key words they are using to find the information require, and also inquire them what key word they are using to find the services, products your company offering 

Step 3: Optimizing our web pages

Initially chose keyword and then choose search engines (,,…), how to choose a key word, I can suggest you through the blog need and ways of keyword research

Local SEO get ur business listed in Google places the details to be included is your business address, business category, keywords of your business , citations(web references i.e.  Link web pages on other web pages though they won’t link back to the website, data consistency, and business is listed with different information, then this could be interpreted as a spamming attempt. Good reviews

Negative effects: negative reviews, adding local keywords in categories, adding local phone number with reference to Google location, multiple locations on landing page, multiple Goggle places with same business, multiple Goggle places with same phone number

Step 4: Back linking:

The most important factor of algorithm Google, yahoo, Bing,

Google will only list your website in their search results if they find at least one other website that links to your site.

Links to other sites add value to your website, f you link to high-quality sites with useful content, and web surfers will associate your website with these high-quality sites.

High quality links are the links—

With one of your key word as an anchor text, The text that is used to link to your site (the "anchor text")

Coming from relevant page

Going to the relevant page

From an authority site

Should not have nofollow attribute

Low quality links are the links

With nofollow attributes,

Not directly linking to the sites

Co-citation means that other web sites to which your link partner’s link can influence your search engine rankings. Important that the other links on the web page that links to you are related to your site.You exchange links with other web sites, make sure that the link to your site is on a page that lists related links

How to judge the quality of page

Considering page rank, content, relevant, authority, quality of website

the back link strategies that can make your site available on search engine SERP'S

Step 5: social media

Social media sites are websites that have been designed for discussion and sharing information among users, your website is mentioned on these sites, results

Getting direct visitors from the social media sites

Appear in the real-time search results for related keywords.

Lead to a ranking boost.

Shown in the personalized Google search results of people who are friends of people who "Liked"  your site on Face book or mentioned it on Twitter

Get mentions for your site on social media

By placing social media buttons on the website by learning how to place the buttons with fallowing standards

some facts related to adwords

Google AdWords ads have no positive or negative impact on the rankings of your website. Google does not make changes to the organic algorithms,its true go through fallowing video

 by Matt-cuts about big myth