Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to use PDF tools and apps in best way

Author: raghava rao
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how to modify adobe doc using  various editing tools
how edit,modify the adobe document
How to use PDF tools and apps in best way  
   PDF (Portable Document Format) mean independent format i.e. not depend on any system features, Some general use with PDF tools are Generally we try to edit PDF, Convert PDF to DOC, convert URL to PDF; we try to connect all the PDF’s and many things in daily usage
How to create/write a PDF document 
 1.By using print command, save besides 
 2.Going with nitro reader 
 3.Going with saveaswwf i.e. print less PDF file 
 4.Go with BullZIP to write  free PDF
How can I convert bunch of documents into PDF
   You can email the documents to attachconvert@pdfconvert.me ,Upload documents to Google dive and then export them as PDF file as fallows i.e. using the links provided using Google doc where it allows to create links to the files, and allow to download as per required format,When you added your document to the Google dive, while viewing the link will be provided as  
but just convert it as follows to make it a link to download the file as  
You can also  specify formats for as PDF, DOC, txt as per requirements  using Google Docs 
Google presentations 
Google Spreadsheets to make the file uploaded made as public, You can create links to Google Sheets that will automatically create a copy of your Google Sheet in the Google Drive of the person with whom you have shared the sheet.
How do I convert PDF to other Format doc, HTML or other? 
 1.Using Gmail account feature converting PDF , doc as HTML  
 2.Upload PDF to ZAMZAR.com  
 3.Convert PDF without adobe 
 4.One more way to do  PDF to HTML 
How can I translate PDF of different language that was shared to readable language? 
  1.Go with Google translator  just upload the PDF, provide required language     into which to be converted and then view 
  2.Go with Google translator toolkit  
  3.Mail translator utility by Microsoft. Bing translator 
  4.Go with doc translator  besides preserve document format on other side 
How do I edit PDF document?
 We know that PDF are only readable documents, cannot modifiable, so preferred a lot, then how can we edit them, many ways are found to edit the PDF‘sGoogle can read PDF without any extensions just you can create a PDF of website just by saving it as PDFBy using PDF escape.With PDF Escape, you can hide* parts of a PDF file using the whiteout tool or add annotations with the help of custom shapes, arrows, text boxes and sticky notes. You can add hyperlinks to other PDF pages / web documents.Go with screen shot to edit PDF i.e. prevented from modifying, printing, screenshot capture software’s , restricted go with  Advanced PDF Password Recovery Professional edition from ElcomSoftRemoving watermarks from pdfsEditing metadata of PDF i.e. title, keywords, description, author name go with the link (http://www.becyhome.de/download_eng.htm#becypdfmetaedit) ,further you can remove passwords, encrypt the PDF,Edit the text of PDF just convert it to doc, edit, convert again to PDF and upload using PDF writer(nitro reader batch PDF converter)Advanced editing like replacing images on a PDF file, adding signatures, removing blocks of text without breaking the flow of the document, etc. Go with PDF Xchange , Inkscape , for signing,placing images in various places of doc Inline editing of PDF make formatting related changes like replacing color, increasing or decreasing the text size, replacing the default font-family, etc. Open Office  with PDF import extension
How can I extract data from scanned PDF doc and use it  in the normal document? 
    1.Perform OCR(Optical Character Recognition) with Google docs i.e. turns         image into digital text 
   2.Perform OCR with Google search only work with scanned PDF files 
   3.For other web based OCR tools
How do I can merge two or more PDF as one? 
   1.By using PDF Fill , it  also supports to rearrange the documents 
   2.Go with PDF Mergy
How to remove PDF doc restriction i.e. neither to copy, nor to print the doc? 
   1.Using PDFUnlock 
   2.Go with  free my PDF 
 How to fill PDF online?   
   1.Go with PDF Filler  
   2.Go with Fill any PDF
How to add watermarks signature to the PDF? 
   1.Go with adobe writer
How to extract selected pages from E book, and create small book? 
   1.Go with split and merge software PDF Sam
How can I protect my PDF? 
   1.Go with PdF Protect 
How can I embedded my PDF on blogs 
   1.Google docs 
   2.Issue, slideshare, Facebook, Google+ and many other PDF submission sites