Tuesday, 15 July 2014

SEO Responsibilities

My career as SEO: Responsibilities as an Search Engine Optimization Analyst during 2013-2016

As years increases my responsibilities varied. Promotions and job changes made me hold various SEO Designations.

Started career as SEO Trainee then to SEO with 21css, followed by SEO Executive, SMO, Digital marketing  trainee, Digital marketing Executive at national software management, SEO Consultant at NSM,  E-commerce SEO with perfectly-home-rugs, and now as SEO manager at nsm llc.

what i have done as an seo
When I started my career in SEO Field, as an SEO at 21st century Software Solutions in 2013,the job responsibilities look small but very complex.over the years the responsibilities increased. We can say strategies, tactics takes on the way of SEO Journey.

My SEO Trainee Responsibilities with 21cssindia:

  • Template designing,
  • Designing Adds,social media posts,
  • Meta tags submissions,
  • Search engine submissions
  • Directories Submissions,
  • Website Analysis
  • Forums research
  • Social media optimization
  • Indexing website for keywords

Doing SEO is not an easy Task,care is essential, besides you should be alert,presence of mind is essential,consistency is priority.

SEO Responsibilities  v/s  SEO Designations:Over the years my seo responsibilities changed substantively as my SEO Designation varies:

  • Search engines like google, Bing biasing brands over small or less known sites,
  • Google search Algorithms Panda, Penguin, Humming bird, Pigeon changed the ways to do SEO
  • Shifted of web users to social media.
  • Raised competition in social media market
  • Local optimization
  • Mobility 
  • Content, articles, press releases
  • Digitization
  • In house SEO's

Made SEO's shoulder many burdens today.

SEO Responsibilities as SEO, SEO Executive, SEO Consultant, SEO Manager, Digital Marketing expert, In house SEO and E-commerce SEO may be same.Experience adds the abilities to identify best resources for traffic to meet the client requirements but nothing more:

Doing SEO Varies from Site to site, Strategies or tactics to optimizing development websites is completely varies form the strategies implemented in optimizing e-commerce site, and varies on.

Their exist no fixed strategies to implement SEO, varies based on site, location, platform,device friendly, security, niche of website, Audience of the website, domain age, Type of website and other.

SEO For a Website in 2016 mean
  • Keyword research to opt primary keywords to index your website.
  • Crawl ability of the site - making website available for search engines bots, search engines, different geographical areas, multi lingual, Audience, devices compatibility,  
  • Spider-readable content- balancing text to html ration, alt tags for images and videos and more,
  • Search Friendly Architecture- design website device friendly, with good navigation, user and search friendly URL etc,
  • limiting duplicate content- writing unique content to solve the niche audience complex problems,
  • HTML sitemaps- easy navigation for users, to navigate through entire website with single click,
  • XML Site maps- creating navigation path for search engines or search engine bots,
  • controlling thin content- avoiding writing less content on the web pages,
  • Rel= canonical to avoid duplication,
  • No follow “Evaporation “ issue,
  • On-page Keyword Target- using primary keywords in meta tags, alt text(unique for different images on webpage), head tags, in the first paragraph of web page, using synonyms for primary keywords, practicing balanced keyword density, context and avoiding keyword fishing,
  • On-Site Anchor Text
  • Key word difficulty analysis,
  • Key word usage in images,
  • Controlling for key word manipulation,
  • link building: Site owner out search,
  • directories,
  • blogs and personal sites,
  • guest book/signature links,
  • Social media outreach,
  • press/pr tactics, ,
  • Badges,
  • Embeddable content,
  • Content Syndication,
  • article marketing,
  • images,
  • Forum  discussions,
  • Guest posting
  • Info graphics, 
  • .edu and high trusted back links etc

technically i can say i use to handle responsibilities includes
Site accessibility,Keyword research and targeting, content strategy, content creation, link building, maintain search protocols,search verticals, community management, social media promotions, social network reach, tracking for reputation, Local optimization

1. Creating a site that search engines can easily Crawl and index---Site accessibility
2. Selecting right key word, and employing them correctly----- Keyword research and targeting
3. Plan to Select the content to  produce valuable, relevant and share worthy --- content strategy
4. Create blogs, info graphics, interactive content---- content creation
5. Investigating, tracking, building links----- link building
6. Search protocols, schema.org, sitemaps, Rel=author---- maintain search protocols
7. Images, local. maps, videos, news, blogs, social, and many more –search verticals
8. Creating, maintaining, participating in discussions,--- community management
9. Social media presence-twits, shares, book marks, images, video shares, -- social media promotions
10. Friends, customers and many more---- social network reach
11. Tracking success full, failed web strategies and many other---tracking for reputation
12. Local optimization

As an SEO I keep up with the workload, managing all the metrics, reporting, data and platforms AND perform effectively in all of these spheres,

i next coming blog i will be sharing how i use to do balanced work in all above mentioned spheres


Pradeep Bajaj said...

Thanks for sharing nice blog and information. this is a huge list to use SEO and I believe that i will take time to cover all these.