Thursday, 11 September 2014

how to keep readers interesting at your blog postings?

Author: raghava rao

how to keep readers interesting?

Posting blog regularly! but no traffic, reasons are many among them the priority is given maintaining  good content ,so to hold the readers,

here are few suggestions' by top bloggers

its need that we have to write an engaged content?

then the question comes how to write engaging content

content writing tips by raghava(iamdoingseo)

1.try to write solutions for the greatest problems of your niche..
2.write about how to do things in best way related to niche
3.Use Info graphics, Visual stories to explain the toughest thing or vast information related to your niche
4. write about vision and mission of your blog or organization..
5.write what customers, audience ask for
6.knowledge sharing, updates of related niche
7.write some conceptual ,informative contents
8.Rewriting the content already written by the competitors with updates and modifications
9.Statistics  about your niche industry.. the information  as your personal
11.write about why you have choose this niche, what are the highlights, what are the limitations, what measures you are taking to overcome the limitations of respective niche
12.write about what's customers feedback..
13.write about your products..
14.write about customer success stories..
15.write about your competition, how you are transparent in related to competition
16.write about the success stories, about  the people who motivated you
17.write to educate the readers of your industry