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Get quality links to your site from high authority sites-My Experiments with SEO

written and edited by raghava rao

How to get quality links to your site from high authority sites, why we need high quality back links

In any website/webpage/blog search engine optimization campaign Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO  . It helps search engines( Google,Bing,Yahoo,AOL and many more) find your site (blog,web page,community any of information providing sources) , understand what it’s all about and tells them that your site is an authority worth ranking. But, the standards and best practices(Google Algorithm updates,white hat SEO Tips) are always changing, and keeping up with those changes can be challenging. good link building strategy  boost the rank of blog or site, increase authority of site

in the past Google used to have priority and considerations on  the number of links a site had pointing to it while ranking the site, and didn’t look at the quality of the links. 
but recent algorithm changes updated  by Google takes into account the quality of links your website gets, which can be obtained only when you have good content,reference links,and by guest blogging ,besides number of links you have to your website(http://www.iamdoingseo)

How to get Qualty links from High Authorith Sites -Link building strategies
Link building never die
High quality links : Links from reputable sites with lots of traffic and a high page rank are more important than links from spammy sites or low-quality sites  
Natural links:Links through media, bloggers, third-party websites and forums is a great way to make sure your links are natural

It is mentioned and true : 
"According to Ranking principles of Google, how useful a user/audience/visitor/customer  finds a search result i.e information related,solution for the problem,product he or she looking for ,reviews,location finding,or any of his requirements  goes a long way in determining the rank your page will earn "

I have encountered during My Experiments with SEO @iamdoingseo that Link building with good link building strategies  is the basic need of SEO  , but there was many rumors around the internet world that link building tactic was actually did but it’s all false

The reality behind this rumor was actually few tactics like directory submissions, forums were weekend

Here in this blog I have discussed few tactics that will really help in build visitors for your blog, website

Generally we as a blogger or webmaster should never try to build linking as it is fraud, we are only need to maintain content, content is like heart of person it do magic,

link building never ends!
----Google has said link building are still important,  just how important they will be in a few years),links are a huge factor in determining the authority and relevancy of your website. If you give up on your link building how long can you really hold it#linkbuildingtips   #linkbuilding   #linkbuildingstrategy  

get linked with same and related topics
Balance the no fallow and do fallow links
Grow your link traffic naturally
Link building strategies I have gathered as the best one with my experiments with SEO

          Here there is a need to analyze the links of greater authority within our competence; we can use Open site explorer to analyze the competitors and find quality sites related to our topics, niche, which can help to get a quality link to our site.

There  is need  to know what is do follow link, no fallow links what are various source available to provide do fallow links, no fallow links
Balancing both links do fallow and no fallow links makes the link building to be natural in terms of Google leads to rank high
With my experiments with SEO I have found the Link baiting is the best way of providing natural traffic,
Link baiting is nothing but generate valuable content which naturally originate this link building, to be shared on other websites social networking, social book marking sites, forums, directories
Great Content, breaking news, timeless content, eBooks, gadgets, images and info graphics and white papers

How to know authority of the site
We can use the extensions i.e. only for chrome it is MOZBar, for both Mozilla, chrome we can go with extension MOZ ToolBar

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Guides and manuals, EBook's’ – Write how to do’s, step by steps, any things in detail related to SEO, Experiments with SEO

Quality Guest blogging
            You choose the place where you want to do the link building. You get links from authority. Write a couple of articles a month on other relevant blogs is good enough,
Use analyze tool SEMrush to verify authority,

Relational link building or reference link building
                 How to get “dofollow” links and “nofollow” links
We get more followers, self social media growth, to add value to the articles, great content mention other professionals in your industry to give greater credibility and quality of the posts, beside mention articles of other professionals may bring good authority links to the site may be Dofollo link ,Nofollow link, connect ,contact, interact with other professionals mention in your posts through social networks  help you improve your strategy, optimize the content through social Networks
Tips to build link building
strategies to be done to build link building for the websites similar to iamdoingseo-My Experiments with SEO

Tips for getting quality links
             many ways found to get better quality link some of high quality back links strategies ,
Get more links you convey great strength and give a good push to your project. 
 Refer to two domains with a very great authority on Internet and well regarded by the Google search engine.

Get 2 links "dofollow" from Alexa: 
         Alexa default will add a link to your page as you indexed, but this is a link "nofollow", but the two that allows the pro account alexa links are "dofollow"

      I hope these link building strategies shared out of My Experiments with SEO here will be natural and will help you greatly to get quality links, leads to  your visibility within the major search engines.

and many more link building techniques provided by Search Engine watch:

four things to look for to check for link relevance i.e

1 _The site should be in the same industry as yours.
2 – If it’s not in the same industry, it should have a section related to your industry.
3 – The page with the link should be directly related to the content the link leads to.
4 – The link should be relevant to the content on the page it appears on

Updated or done posting in the blog,then there are few things to be done to gain good traffic,

Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated, and knowing what the search engine is looking for and how it uses links in determining rankings can help you earn higher rankings and get more traffic to your site.
for more details fallow moz blog for Google Algorithm Changes History

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