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Webmaster take Panda, Penguin Algorithm Penalty avoiding Measures

How you can reduce the chances that your site will be warned or penalized by Google due to the Penguin,panda algorithm updates or refresh implemented by her on web to achieve her need as a SearchengineWe need to understand that search engine (a piece of software whose responsibility is to bring appropriate information  as a response to query provided by its audience, visitor)

So in order to provide appropriate information to its visitor search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo take various measures using different software’s and techniques that includes Algorithms (to avoid spam, duplication, maintain quality, to analyze the site metrics, Rank the site (now the Page rank algorithm was stooped), manual verification (verification done by team of members), spiders and crawlers (to collect the information and index)

Panda Algorithm (it is a more an ranking factor than a Algorithm update) To avoid penalty, warning, and ban by Google (Panda Algorithm)you should be one among sites implementing at least 50 to 60 % fallowing mentioned tactics

introduction of Google Algorithm

Google is ruling now days, so it’s our basic need to be indexed with Google to be available on web and reach the target audience, as search engine it should provide the appropriate or Solutions providing, advice giving information, for its visitor when he search for his requirement

Google have taken various steps to achieve its need till date, she had designed or developed various algorithms targeting the web to avoid spam, duplicate, and many of factors that limits availability of appropriate information on SERPS and she is almost on her way to achieve the needy of her kinds

Webmaster take Panda, Penguin Algorithm Penalty

As mark of her steps towards achievement of her kinds needs, or  satisfy the audience providing appropriate information they are looking for in various formats might be in form maps,docs,PDF's,Non printable forms, as discussions, as status on social media, videos ,Images, podcast, classifieds, white papers, Newsletters, Articles, Q&A  and other formats

She had implemented a set of instructions and grouped them based on their targets and named as
Panda-Algorithm (low quality),
Penguin-Algorithm (web spam),
Pigeon-algorithm (local results),
Hummingbird-Algorithm (search algorithm),
Payload-Algorithm (Spam queries),
Page-Layout-Algorithm (penalize pages with too many ads above the fold) and many more
To target sites/blogs/pages on web with low valued on-page and off-page factors includes (navigation, design, meta tags, low quality content, link building, black hat techniques, keyword fishing, bad Image optimization, high links to text ratio, links to same Domine, Domine with languages different from, not relevant to source site, low quality in bound and out bound linking, useless supplemental info, duplicate info, and sites implementing other spam, black hat factors)

Google is very forgiving and you can move on web as earlier by avoiding factors or metrics that leads to penalty, warning form Google after penalizing the website just by requesting for re verification 

whats difference between Algorithm refresh and Update

For more information about algorithms implemented by Google, Google periodically creates new algorithms, comes with updates and refresh on already implemented algorithms, here is the 

Today I have planned to discuss about few algorithms implemented by Google, and how you can reduce the chances that your site will be warned or penalized by Google due to the algorithm updates or refresh implemented by her on web to achieve her need
Recently web was rolled by Panda update and Penguin refresh and there was remarkable ban, rise of penalty, warning for numerous websites and they are still on the web rolling around to find the sites with spam, low quality

Note: To avoid a Google penalty, publishers should properly identify the parent content and make sure others use rel=canonical to point back to the original content, @Google-Webmaster 

Panda Algorithm (it is a more an ranking factor than a Algorithm update)

Reason was explained by Search engine land, you can find it here

Panda was implemented to bring down the site which are overly optimized, with thin content, act as link farm
To learn more about Panda algorithm and its implemented Updates and refresh till date
You may fallow the post created by raghava at Iamdoingseo

how your website can be avoided from Panda warning or penalties

To avoid penalty, warning, and ban you should be one among sites implementing at least 50 to 60 % fallowing mentioned tactics

  • Good User metrics mean that your site needs to have very low bounce rate, good navigation, with low keyword-density (keywords to rest of words ratio) ,high quality ,call for action content, with regular speed, and interactive, with valuable solution providing reference to audience reached your site)
  • Shared, referred, viewed, rated, reviewed positively on social media, article sites, Forums, Wikipedia, Videos by proven experts of your niche,
  • Having Authority out links in your content/citing your resources with topic experts of your niche
  • Site or referred by her niche site with .com, .net, .org, .edu beside with quality/trust factor
  • Sites providing Current Data info (last updated), Copyright, Contact information, customer service, mission, onsite business info on her web pages
  • Sites having Reputation on blogs, communities, forums (Article sites articles, Wikipedia articles, Blog posts, Magazines, Forum discussions, Ratings from independent companies like yelp, Google products, Amazon, Better business Bureau and etc
  • Sites with Reference from Topical experts to your sight
  • Sites with Good Content Design  (heading, sub heading, description, context)
  • Sites with Long standing Domine Name, public Domine registration
  • Sites without usage metrics (low speed, bad User Interface, white spaces, many options, thin content)
  • Sites not implemented keyword stuffing in her title, Meta description, tag, category, offsite content section
  • Sites that  reduced using aggressive long tile Search phrase, keyword usage(keyword density)in  URL strings, page content, titles, alt attributes,                                                         Note: take care not to use Generic words in keywords, URL's
  • Sites without Keyword stuffed internal links mean not anchored with similar keyword, or similar word phrase
  • Sites with Balanced keyword usage, low ratio of links to text on page
  • Sites without off topic, Multi topic links and content on site
  • Site without Clone sites (canonicalization algorithm auto 301 all identical sites to single site)
  • Sites stopped implementing, posting, and old or out dated or mistaken facts and information
  • Sites which are not among sites with garbage text, single sentence pages, Spun text, Bad construction (spellings, Grammar, errors on pages) , 404,500 or php, my SQl errors
  • Sites those which do not have Bad reputation on BBB, Amazon, Wikipedia, Scam report
  • Sites that adopted a measure to reduce aggressive usage of ads (text, image), Pop ups
  • Sites those did not blocked Google bot from viewing onsite css and Js which is important for her Design
  • Sites without useless Supplemental or sidebar content
  • Website without Low quality, Spam, duplicated, user generated comments
  • Site with URL without generic words (best, excellent, top etc) in them
  • Avoid Exact Match Domines which are considered as Spam
  • Sites with high performance, speed and low demoting factor
  • Sites without very low reading level content
  • Sites which doesn't contains broken links, images do not load, pages with large content (looks abandoned) and also not under maintenance,
  • Sites never affiliate or monetize or sneaky redirects to site that are not fallowed or cloaked
  • Sites those who do not have Doorway pages, the same IP or DNS of known advertising network or content farms (can be verified in Bing using IP: search operator)                             What is Content farm? Shared by raghavarao on his My Experiments with SEO page on face book
  • Sites without a Domine name with misspelling of original site Domine name
Reference:Update from Facebook page My experiments with SEO

Some interesting facts about panda

1.Panda algorithm never considers or counts non-indexed pages, non Google traffic, Ad words of a website
Note: having Robot.Text to control search engine bots from indexing unwanted pages
2.Panda Crawls pages looking for On-page factors so to provide Quality Score, but not to mention web processing based on Content Quality


Web-spam-Algorithm implemented by Google updated regularly, recently implemented with an refresh
The Penguin-update first announced on April 24, 2012, to improve search quality
Penguin-Algorithm-Update or Refresh penalize countless websites since 2012 to 2014 and continuing its effects

Penguin sought to decrease rankings for websites that engaged in dubious link exchanges, unnatural links, relied on too many of the same anchor text links, common black hat SEO practice: abusing links to gain search engine rankings. If you paid for links from lots of dubious, low-quality link directories, link exchanges and other sites

How you can save your webpage/website from Penguin algorithm warnings and penalties

The Google Penguin update that was launched on April 24, 2012 rocked the SEO industry. Not only did the update penalize countless websites that used shortcut methods in creating and promoting content, but it also transformed the way mass internet MARKETING works. In fact, a new manner of looking at things became necessary in order to stay on top of the rankings.

Here are few tips to reduce chance to your website from effecting by Penguin-Refresh:

1.Understand how Google Penguin works
2.Understand what to focus on(keywords, natural link building techniques, website ,Content, Social presence)
3. Perform damage control (move forward after the Penguin update every low-quality link to your website is eliminated)

In a word Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines to avoid your website from effecting by Penguin-Refresh



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