Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Tactics That may not effect the ranking of site in future

written and edited by raghava rao

SEO tactics that may not help you out in ranking well in coming future

why Google try to update or go with refresh in algorithms regularly

     Have a note of understand the search engines are updated itself and provided or equipped to various algorithms now a days with aim of providing appropriate information for the query provided by the audience

       So search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have stepped a head, trying to avoid worst stuff mean duplicate, thin content, hidden links and many black hat tactics by continuously updating its algorithms

why Google try to update or go with refresh in algorithms regularly

With My Experience as an SEO I have found and shared few of them here below
This includes
  • Manual Search engine submissions,
  • Article submissions,
  • Thin and duplicate content,
  • Hidden texts,
  • Hidden links,
  • Keyword stuffing,
  • Anchor texts,
  •  Quantity back links
  • Redirections

Manual Search Engine Submission to be avoided in future as on publishing usually gets indexed within few days, though it could take a little longer, mean while go with submissions for directories which will give you an opportunity to be found by your clients

Article Submission gives you and link back and results to rank high, but after Google’s Panda Algorithm Update these submissions positive effects on site rankings have crashed down, sometimes leads to penalty, alternatively go for guest posting. Which allows you to have chance to get links form their sites to yours, beside brings you new clients 

Thin Content it’s a meaningless content completely stuffed with keywords which now a days after Panda and penguin updates or refresh happens these type contents lost their credibility and reputation on the web, besides get penalized so doing this instead  write Create high quality, unique content that everyone wants to read and link to. 

Keyword Stuffing 

Anchor Text Overload: Anchor–text for the back link you live for another relevant sites, If you practice keeping the target keyword as an anchor text  these days then it is observable to the search engines that you’re manually building links to manipulate your positions. So try to balance to avoid penalization  

Hidden activity will always be found every search engines (Google, Bing etc. .) are now able to spot any hidden activity that may be taking place on a site. The following could lead to several serious penalties, if you are found out: Hidden Text (Same as the background so it looks invisible).Hidden Links, Tiny Text, And Hidden Keyword Stuffing

Focus on Quantity of Links Rather Than Quality: Instead focusing with quantity back links, go with quality back links as quality overrules quantity, Quality links mean that a link with high authority, highly relevant, trust, highly ranked, with good traffic, good social presence, categorized by low Domain Authority .Back linking is considered as one of the perfect SEO activity, the same could go a long-long way in ruining your business online.

Use of Duplicate Content: never ever copy content from other sites at least from 2015. If you find certain information which is relevant, useful you try to write the information, but in an different way, beside keep the link as reference ,keep in a view that Google or bing never rank two sites with similar content, instead they rise an penalty

Relying on Back links Alone: the back links alone cannot make you to ranked or help in achieving top positions on SERPs, behind there other tactics rise your rank, some of them is social media, onsite optimization