Saturday, 20 May 2017

Link building? Navaneet's Spotlight on Link building Implementation.

Navneet Singh’s Tips on Link Building, Keyword Research

Hey Can you kindly introduce your self  to our readers:

Hi, I am Navneet Singh, founder of SEO & Blogging(How-To) Tips blog, an IT engineer by education and an enthusiastic blogger since 2010.

I discover new advertising techniques, put in force them and share them with my target market. My studies frequently includes – the way to promote enterprise products and services on line and achieve success in such ventures.

I appreciate websites which get heaps of visitors, look at their center enterprise and help others reach that degree. After years of studies and maintaining myself up to date with Google rules, my techniques can help an internet business to benefit greater traffic, greater leads, extra enterprise, and of direction more money!

Apart from helping business owners, I love to share my knowledge with marketers, bloggers, students or anyone who is interested in such topics and is keen to learn
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Link Building, and How-To guides.

How can we plan link building strategies for start-ups, well-established business(popular brands), information sites, videos sites, blogs, services business, directories, social media sites, job sites etc?

Linkbuilding For Startups: Startups being with limited resources, time here are the recommendations to promote brand on web and social media i.e. outsourcing link building, branding and content marketing, just being responsible by creating awesome content around your products or service. but the strategies varies for well established business and other information sourcing sites.Other Strategies include Paid Linkbuilding from high PR, Authority Sites, Accepting Guest Posts, Info graphics, Video Marketing

Here are Suggested Linkbuilding Strategies  for different business/websites etc:

Well Established/brands: Paid Advertising, Branding (Social Media, Business Listing), Blogging, Unique Domain Linkbuilding, industries relationships and partnership, networking on LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter other leading social media sites with Industry Influences,

Information Sites: Broken link building, resource pages,press release, guest posting is the major link building strategy implemented by Wikipedia and other information sites,

What is link building, can you let me know the best link building strategy you implemented, so you become an expert?

If I have to define link building in an easy way, then I will say that Link Building is the kind of votes to your site which helps in improving your site for defined keywords. But the links(votes) should be from your niche relevant sites, blogs, and more. The best link building strategy is to find the missing information in your competitors content and create a new detailed content including the information that your competitor has missed. After, that you can approach the webmasters for replacing your competitor links with yours but in a very professional way because in the end, the webmaster has to decide whether he will add your link to his website of not.

How to build link manually, and how can we plan link building strategy to win on Search engine SERPS at the lower budget?

I just explained the complete process of creating back links can find more tips here

How can we implement SEO for a website so it can perform well on multiple search engines?

Just optimize the site using best white hat SEO practices. The site will rank for all the search engines. The MOST important are the on-page SEO. If it is done correctly, then no one can stop your site to get ranked in top search results.

Social Signals will help in improving ranks for the website?Can you let us know best strategies regarding?

Yes, social signals help in improving the ranking signals. However, it based on the profiles from which your link is shared. More powerful and relevant profile is, more will be the increase in rankings

Keyword Research! How will you implement this?

Keywords are the backbone of any online marketing campaign. The keywords play a very important role in creating the SEO strategy and link building strategy of your website.

Here are more tips on Keyword research, please click here

Google crack down many sites implementing algorithms, can you share us a strategy of link building, implementing that will not let business fall as prey for google algorithm changes?

The only way is unique and quality content which provides value to a user, and the link building from quality and relevant sites. Also, try to avoid too many ads on your site or blog. This also decreases the rankings of your website or blog.

If I find a web page not cached, what strategies or tricks i need to implement to boost traffic for the same and get ranked well on search engines?

To get it cached, you can create a web 2.0 free website on blogger or weebly or tumblr, etc. I personally recommend blogger, then create a fresh content with a link to the page which is not getting cached by Google and publish the same on the blogger. After that, go to Google Webmaster Tools and fetched the blogger URL. Once the URL will be cached, the link present in the content will get cached automatically.

Best link earning tips for 2017 and further?

The best link earning tip is to create long-form content and promote it as much as possible and do a social media and email outreach to your industry influencers

What is a Quality Link?

A quality link is a link which is created from a relevant source which is cached by Google and the number of other back links on that page should not be more than 100.

What are different link building tools you recommend and why?

Ahrefs is the best link building tool because you can use this tool to analyze your competitor's back links and start creating the links from day 1.