Freelance SEO Consultant

Every business needs to be discovered by and engaged with users searching online. Iamdoingseo, a professional SEO consultant positioned multiple brands where users are, suggested Search Engine Optimization strategies with ROI at the forefront, helped at every stage from assessment to strategy, measurement, and operation. Get SEO consultation Now to drive More Organic traffic & leads.

For the last 8+ years, Iamdoingseo provide Organic SEO Consulting Services for Nonprofits, SMBs, Startups, & professional businesses to managed multiple SEO Campaigns, providing actionable website optimization suggestions, solve huge and complicated SEO problems with incredible expertise.

If you don’t rank in the top 3 on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for your target keywords when your audience uses them in their search, then you’ll be losing 60% of them for your competitors and outside of the top 10 you’ll likely get less than 10% click share


How Iamdoingseo Can Help Business Get More Customers?

Iamdoingseo positions your brands where users are, identifying who they are, what they searching for, how to appear for and engage them and drive digital traffic and conversions. Delivers real results for b2b, b2c enterprise businesses using the SEO channel to convert its consumer intent into revenue.

Iamdoingseo SEO Consulting Servcies in India

+ Technical SEO Consultant

Conduct an in-depth website SEO audit based on Google’s guidelines and the latest SEO updates. Provide key insights & guidance to fix website issues.

+Local SEO Consultant

Local SEO, optimize GMB & build local citations and improving website relevancy for location-specific queries,

+International SEO Consultant

Implementing, validating hreflang & content localization etc.

+Keyword Research

Find potential keywords through Keyword research

+SEO Strategy

Ranking & Visibility Audit to provide quick wins and opportunities. Provide SEO strategies to boost the rankings for website pages & improve traffic from search.

+ On-Page SEO

Optimize Meta data, website content, on-page SEO components for target keywords to improve CTR or improve clicks for your top search results.

+ Performance Optimization

Remove unwanted assets on the website to improve performance, optimize the website to take less time to load. Optimizing user experience, improve Page speed to boost conversions

+Building High Quality Links

Building high-quality backlinks to boost authority, visibility for your business website

+ SEO Reporting & Insights

Deliver SEO reports (baseline report, ranking, traffic & performance reports) for clients to report their online performance through different intervals(Monthly, Quarterly, yearly)

+SEO for Nonprofits

Advising search engine optimization SEO strategies for Charity websites to boost online visibility for attracting donors and volunteers 

+Penalty Recovery

If Google penalized your website, you can stand on me for recovering your websites from a penalty, manual actions.

+Content Governance

An data led strategy is key for any content strategy whether it can creating new content, updating old content or removing out dated content.

Let’s Talk & Get Started With Your Project

Let SEO consultant check if your business is SEO optimized to grab attention from audience through search? Can you please share me your website information. I will do an in-depth technical audit for your website and will send a proposal about what I can do for your business. I am sure you are hiring an best SEO consultant to manage your website SEO. Speak to me by dialing at +91-9394662479 or send an email Today.