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An Professional SEO consultant, Iamdoingseo suggested Search Engine Optimization strategies with ROI at the forefront, improved business online visibility & revenues covering all niches & websites of all magnitudes. Get SEO consultation to improve Ranks for competitive keywords, Solve Websites Technical SEO problems, drive More Organic traffic, sales & leads. Also Optimize Websites for Local Visibility .

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I’m an Experienced SEO consultant. From last 8+ years, I provide Remote/Online Consulting internet Marketing SEO Services for Nonprofits, SMBs, Startups, & professional businesses to solve huge and complicated SEO problems with incredible expertise . Till data I have managed multiple SEO Campaigns, providing actionable website optimization suggestions for webmasters seeking help.

SEO Consultant

If you don’t rank in the top 3 on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for your target keywords when your audience use  them in their search, then you’ll be losing 60% of them for your competitors and outside of top 10 you’ll likely get less than 10% click share

How An SEO Consultant Can Help Your Business Grow?

Iamdoingseo offer SEO Consulting Services that deliver real results for businesses & fully reach their potential using the SEO channel. 

Iamdoingseo SEO Consulting Servcies in India

+ Technical SEO Consultant

Conduct an in-depth website SEO audit based on Google’s guidelines and latest SEO updates. Provide key insights & guidance to fix website issues.

+Local SEO Consultant

Local SEO, optimize GMB & build local citations and improving website relevancy for location-specific queries,

+International SEO Consultant

Implementing, validating hreflang & content localization etc.

+Keyword Research

Find potential keywords through Keyword research

+SEO Strategy

Ranking & Visibility Audit to provide quick wins and opportunities. Provide SEO strategies to boost the rankings for website pages & improve traffic from search.

+ On-Page SEO

Optimize Meta data, website content, on-page SEO components for target keywords to improve CTR or improve clicks for your top search results.

+ Performance Optimization

Remove unwanted assets on the website to improve performance, optimize the website to take less time to load. Optimizing user experience, improve Page speed to boost conversions

+Building High Quality Links

Building high-quality backlinks to boost authority, visibility for your business website

+ SEO Reporting & Insights

Deliver SEO reports (baseline report, ranking, traffic & performance reports) for clients to report their online performance through different intervals(Monthly, Quarterly, yearly)

+SEO for Nonprofits

Advising search engine optimization SEO strategies for Charity websites to boost online visibility for attracting donors and volunteers 

+Penalty Recovery

If Google penalized your website, you can stand on me for recovering your websites from a penalty, manual actions.

+Content Governance

An data led strategy is key for any content strategy whether it can creating new content, updating old content or removing out dated content.

Let’s Talk & Get Started With Your Project

Let SEO consultant check if your business is SEO optimized to grab attention from audience through search? Can you please share me your website information. I will do an in-depth technical audit for your website and will send a proposal about what I can do for your business. I am sure you are hiring an best SEO consultant to manage your website SEO. Speak to me by dialing at +91-9394662479 or send an email Today.

Frequently Asked Queries

  1. What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization is the approach we use for improving website traffic, increase keyword rankings, and improve visibility for unpaid results on SERP’s. SEO focuses only on traffic generated organically and excludes any paid or direct / referral traffic.

  2. How long until I see SEO results?

    I was asked this question by almost all the clients I worked for to date. The answer is, SEO is a service that should deliver progressive results over time. I generally mention the time frame as 3 to 6 months minimum is required to deliver agreed organic rankings and traffic.

  3. How an SEO Consultant Can Help Your Business Grow?

    As an SEO consultant , I’m helping businesses build traffic, improve rankings, and generate organic sales. Here are my experience/expertise as an SEO consultant
    1) Analyze website, Plan strategy & Execute the planned items based on priority
    2) Help businesses significantly increase their organic performance
    3) Managing Websites on WordPress, SFCC, SFDC, AEM, and other CMS
    4) Using Google Analytics to measure and report SEO performance, and GSC for optimizing a website health
    5) Identifying potential opportunities to improve Websites SEO performance
    6) Website Migration ( HTTP to HTTP s, CMS changes, domain changes) SEO
    7) Technical SEO or Website performance optimization
    8) Content Optimization & Promotion
    9) Local SEO that can attract the right audience
    10) Automation of SEO reporting ( traffic, competition, site health, conversions) using Google Data Studio

  4. Why I should Hire Iamdoingseo As an SEO consultant?

    1) Worked for SMBs, Startups, Nonprofits business of different magnitudes belong to different niches from finance, travel, hospitality, health, gaming, food, beauty, industrial, manufacturing, retail, and more.
    2) Know everything i.e. what to do, how to do organic search marketing?
    3) I work with ALL CMS platforms ( WordPress, SFDC(Salesforce Developer Community), SFCC(Salesforce Commerce Cloud), AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) & Hybris)
    4) Specialized in Local SEO & International SEO 
    5) SEO for Single Page Applications
    6) Build a comprehensive SEO strategy that achieves your business objective
    7) Single point of contact every time
    8) No guesswork – ever!
    9) Kickoff call with clients to understand business requirements, goals, etc.
    10) Delivering remote SEO consulting services
    11) Provide best-fit recommendations for hosting, designing, SEO tools, etc.
    12) Take complete responsibility for organic online presence, branding, and promotion.
    13) Unleash your true search potential
    14) Recommending solutions backed with numbers, experience, expertise.
    15) Result-driven approach for growing visibility of the brand
    16) Growth hacks to convert your every click
    17) Driving organic visitors those ready to buy services/products through website/app,
    18) Attain influential visibility and authority
    19) Make SEO investment payback
    20) Consistently up to date with the latest algorithm changes from Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines.
    21) Advice based on current Google best practice

  5. Why your website need SEO?

    Business these days uses SEO as an approach or as an channel to bring high quality & more targeted traffic for their websites. Yep its true, and its is not at all an easy task. To get more traffic your website should be on top of the SERPs for your targeted keywords. Also there are lots of trends showing out how online business are benefitting using SEO channel 
    1) 53 % of all website traffic comes from Search using organic results.
    2) Today SEO drives 1000%+ traffic among all traffic sources
    3) 57% of B2B & B2C CMOs confirmed that SEO campaigns bring in more leads in 2020
    4) Amazon, Walmart Customer experience managers reviled that 68% of total buyers begin their buying behavior with Search engines.
    5) Search Practioner’ s says 70-80% of searchers ignore paid search results today.

    So Every business should not only have online website, but also need SEO to optimize it for search engines & its users for increasing online visibility, bring in traffic & organic leads. So hire an professional SEO consultant to get done your website SEO.