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A GLOBAL SEO CONSULTANT That Cares For Your Business

Book a strategy session with me now to find out your growth opportunities, increase your sales & leads 

I am an SEO Consultant from Bangalore(India) delivering everything you need to rank your website higher on Google SERP's, to get relevant potential traffic, to turn your website visitors to customers using data informed SEO Strategies, SEO Techniques, SEO Campaigns and SEO Road maps, This help the Brands become digitally matured, exploiting the market gap. For SEO Project Management, Search Engine Marketing consultation, Page Speed Optimization, Technical SEO, SEO Reporting, etc

Data-driven advanced SEO Consultation for flower shops,  Banks, Edutech's, and Healthcare  from India's best-known Search Engine Optimisation Expert


My Digital Expertise

Advanced Marketing Solutions  For Global Enterprises, Startups and more to turn your business website as an Growth Engine. 

Technical Audits

Deliver Key Insights & Guidance To Fix Website Issues. SEO audits focus on a single page on the site, a specific keyword, or the site as a whole against a variety of issues to improve overall performance.

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WEBSite Migrations

Weather Moving to a new domain,  rebuilding your website on different CMS, or Just updating the current URL structure, there is a lot to consider when migrating a website from an SEO perspective.

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Create, measure and analyze the overall effectiveness of SEO strategy. Deliver Traffic & Conversions reporting broken down by specific Marketing Channels, product categories YoY, MoM, WoW against Goals & Target benchmarks with insights.

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Local Listings Optimization

Attract  locals, the people in your area who could use your products and services.

Having a business with local visibility and attention is always necessary for reliable revenue and customers, which is why it is essential to invest in SEO to rank locally. Get local marketing strategies including Google Bussiness Profile Listing optimization, building local citations and more that can help your business scale

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Support SEO efforts For Online Market Places

Build an SEO roadmap for all types of online marketplaces including Product Marketplaces, Service Marketplaces, and e-commerce marketplaces with a focus on location-specific category pages, listing pages, and informational content for different services or products to maximize reach.

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SEO For Nonprofits 

Help optimise the way you fundraise Online

More than ever, donors are looking up, engaging with, and donating to nonprofit organizations online. IamdoingSEO delivers an SEO consultation strategy that connects potential supporters and beneficiaries with a Nonprofit organization’s solutions.

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AI Prompting For Marketers & Analytics

Harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize SEO, content creation, and market research 

Support you using the ChatGPT to its full potential through prompts tailored specifically to your SEO and content requirements.

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultant with 10+ years of Digital Marketing Experience

It's not just about running some ads on Social media or Search SERPS and driving traffic to a webpage. You need to be able to convert these leads into customers and make sales. Help build unique marketing strategies that combine multiple marketing channels to drive positive results.

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What My Clients Ask Me More 

Optimize SEO Roadmap, Landing Page Optimization, Filter Or Faceted Navigation Issues, Keyword mapping, Content Gap analysis, Target Keyword Analysis, Website SEO analysis, SEO support for website migrations, Hreflang Implementation, Forecasting SEO Growth, Benchmarking Competition, Product journey optimization, Google Business Profile Optimization, New Website SEO, Audience Analysis, Optimize Product pages on e-commerce websites, Local Language/ Multilingual Keyword research, Recover website from Penality, SEO reporting With Actionable Insights and more.


  • 24-hour visibility in search results, be seen day and night with no downtime

  • Significant ROI potential – organic can offer a significant return on investment

  • Increase more qualified, converting traffic

  • Drive brand awareness and trust by being top of organic listings / rich snippets/local map pack

  • Reduced cost per acquisition – increased organic traffic can offset and reduce the total cost to acquire a new customer

  • Better brand & user engagement – if people see you performing organically (well) it paints a positive picture of the brand

  • Enjoy long-lasting, sustainable traffic

  • Compete against larger businesses enjoying an elevated market share


Improved Organic Traffic Implementing Product Category Pages
200x traffic via solving Faceted Navigation Issues, implementing colour dress pages
Increased Conversion by 18% YoY through Content marketing & fixing penalty issues
Increased traffic and conversions by 21% MoM launching City pages & learning path articles

Let's unlock your website's potential and capture search audiences together!

Are you looking to improve your website's online visibility? Look no further than Raghavarao, a highly skilled freelance SEO Consultant with expertise in a variety of areas such as Technical SEO Audits, Content Gap analysis, Google Business Profile Optimization, SEO Growth Forecasting, and Multilingual SEO. My goal is to provide cost-effective Digital Marketing services tailored to meet your business marketing needs, with flexible contracts to ensure you get the most out of our partnership. My commitment is to offer you relevant SEO strategies that can help you improve your website search rankings and achieve long-term online visibility. Let's discuss how my SEO Consulting Services can help you reach your Marketing Goals. Get in touch with me today to find out more.


My name is Raghavarao

I am the most valued team member of the Digital Marketing Team at the bank for the last 3 years. I demonstrate my expertise across a broad set of skills in Online Marketing, Data Analytics, Go-To-Marketing , Digital Accessibility, Agile and Project Management. In the past I'm an SEO Consultant who has supported the eCommerce enterprises, startups with search marketing, website analytics, website technology selection, website migrations, multilingual SEO, content opportunities, PR and Affiliation marketing. I also work with "Connect For " to develop, market Charities or Nonprofit websites to help them find potential supporters and volunteers.

Business Consultation
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