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What Is SEO?

SEO being one of the main marketing channel's, is a process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results.

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results for local intent searches. It is an effective way to market online, helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers.incredibly

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Is SEO a good Career?

Learning SEO is good start for your career if you are passionate about marketing, websites, writing, blogging, analytic and learning new skills

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Top Trends & Myths Alarming Internet Marketers Today !

Iam writing this blog post to help business/ newbies/ pro bloggers predict the future of (Search Engine Optimization)SEO, next 12 months and further in 2017. Over the time we have noticed lot of changes happen to Search Engine Optimization.Today Search engines to meet their customer needs implemented many search updates and developed many search algorithms to filter the SERPS.

Trends & Myths in SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, other Internet Marketing Strategies

Here are few contributions, advancements done by Search giant The Google in 2016 to meet needs of its customers:

  • Introduced Google bot for Smartphones as it become an media which drives most of traffic for Web searches,these google bots looks at the relevance, speed, and technical metrics of mobile version of websites
  • Mobile Friendly is one among ranking factors
  • App indexing
  • Rich cards
  • Real time indexing (AMP) to enable people to use google search on mobile devices
  • Possum algorithm for optimizing local SEO results on top of SERPS
  • Penguin real time Algorithms to filter back links
  • Panda Core algorithm to filter thin,low quality content
  • Mobile First indexing( mobile became most traffic sourcing media in 2016)
  • https (security one among the ranking factors)
  • Google Assistant and more
  • Progressive Web Apps for integrate the in-app experience with web capabilities i.e with decreased loading times, avoid apps downloading
  • Live streaming and 360 You tube videos ,

Planning SEO In 2017: You must Consider, include fallowing Metrics and Strategies

  • Search Engines ranking mobile friendly websites/blogs in SERPs.
  • Google steadily working to provide predictive, personalized searches(show content from websites  in your  search history, ) backed with each document analysis(semantic), analyse purpose through natural language processing.
  • Google recently introduced Voice Search, may influence serps results already 20 % of mobile  search queries are voice based.So it is recommended using voice searches, to find your business website /blog on search engines.
  • Integrating Humming Bird update, machine learning and AI to filter search results further more.
  • Google introduced Possum to filter Local Optimized results indexed on top in SERPs
  • Google focusing on Video and image marketing, to over come competitors include Facebook
  • Mobile optimized websites will sure grab decent traffic in organic results in 2017
  • Implement structured data for mobile friendly website or mobile version of your website.
  • Branding is one of your SEO strategy in 2017
  • Optimize your website or webpages or blogs for long tail keywords, with content with synonyms of your brand, product and services and promoting the content at right place, at right time to right people.

Here are few more SEO techniques you must Implement in 2017:

  • Local SEO(Consistency, Optimized Google Place Page,Reviews)
  • Social searches, i.e social shares, mentions, social bookmarking and other Soial SEO strtegies  let your business optimized for top SERPs
  • Optimize your website webpages/ blogs for high search volume keywords
  • Today SEO is just writing user friendly Content, Content Management or Content Marketing strategies includes guest posting, micro blogging, and more..
  • Implement Schema.org (Rich Snippets, Micro Formats) for your webpages

SEO Myths you should never avoid for SEO Success in 2017:

More than 2% Keyword Density effect SEO Success: 

Instead of moving for keyword phishing place targeted keywords in ideal places includes URL, Meta tags(More tags for SEO Success), Header Tags.

Image and Video optimization will not effect SEO:

Videos and images will help your in on-page optimization of your blog or website. Optimizing images and videos means includes placing content optimized videos, Images with keyword optimized alt tags, info-graphics with keyword optimized  micro content which will naturally increases engagements and reduce bounce rate for your website,

Links should be build and should not Buy to avoid penguin penalization:

We can buy links but still can avoid penguin penalization through Quality content, going for manual instead automation while building links. Here are some latest link building techniques for increasing website domain authority.

SEO is for Increasing Rank of your Website/blog:

SEO mean establishing your goal, identifying your target group, Keyword researching and doing seo for optimizing website for those keywords which can bring in leads or conversions which increases your ROI.

Submitting a site for search engines to get indexed:

Search engine crawlers are so powerful now, they can come by their own to track your pages. Instead of submitting site or webpage or blog or blog post seperatly for search engines, build an sitemap and robot.txt file those can allow the bots track your webpages.

SEO has no relation to Social media:

In 2017 its all Social which influencing searches. Google experts also revealed that the bots of search engine index well engaged post of social media similar to blog post or webpage.

Content Management and marketing is complete SEO in 2017:

PPC is the most effective natural SEO tactic.


SEO in 2017 mean

  • Optimizing website content with keyword optimized web page elements includes titles, tags, alt tags and anchor text, and more.
  • Taking care the website is mobile friendly, secured, and implemented with schema.org, and all the webpages are adopted with AMP, Progressive web pages,
  • websites are without thin content and
  • Websites building relevant and quality back links (paid or natural).


Monday, 25 June 2018

What is Local SEO? - Iamdoingseo

Local SEO for Improving Ranks for Local Search's & List on Google Local-Three Pack

Local SEO Stats says that 46% of total searches on google are Local & 60% of local searches used get directions & click to call, google maps listings or google 3-pack displays on top of search for all keywords with local intent & 70% of people confirming business location on local searches before going to it for the first time, 

Local SEO is important for business to stay ahead of competitors today,and get decent customers. As a business or shop, should have an SEO strategy for increasing business conversion reaching niche customer base. I also add local seo or local language seo is similar to organic seo but specified for GEO or an language or a city etc.
 Experts says "You loose your business if your business in not available on Internet."
I believe that online marketing success for business is making customers locate business physically or online, contact them through email or phone number & understand or know their services & products.

Here is an article on Local SEO Strategies enables business's grow & get local customers online, 

What is Local SEO?

Creating an Local SEO road map for targeting local customers online by featuring brand or business services & products creating local specific web pages optimised for relevant local & near me searches, doing regular local seo audit, analysis local seo ranking factors & metrics  is called Local SEO.  

Geo Specific Organic SEO  is also called Local SEO

     This includes featuring on Map listings (Google my business listings, Bing places and other maps), Local listings, Local directories(yelp, four square etc), Event listings & local communities, forgetting online reviews & ratings. Localization of targeted landing page's content (including your location or address  or city name naturally in the content, currency etc), get high quality links(i.e. back links from local news papers, bloggers, business associations) etc.

Is Local SEO is Important? 

Yes it is! as Today! most of the mobile users and desktop users search for business locations, addresses, phone numbers & directions etc. reviews & ratings are basic metrics considering by the customers to go for call to action i.e. buy an product, order an meal, or go for online shopping, get an service etc.Local SEO is also an technique which can help business to position on searches & promote what they can offer and make them available for the customers at the time they are looking for your type of  business.I also add that the local search's has the highest conversion rate today than any other options.

Local SEO Check List:

We know local search is an dominant of online factors those get in new business today. So Here are the google's ranking factors those influencing local search backed with Pigeon & Possum algorithms. You must look-in, Must implement this local seo tactics to win the race on search engines for local intent search's. I have noticed quality back links are most dominant over number of Consistent NAP Citations this year. Ranking factors are divided into dual categories, one influence the organic ranks & the other influence the google local three-pack lists. 
As a business its must to fulfill these basic needs to stand out on local searches i.e. 
  1. Should have an physical business in the location you target for ranking, 
  2. Proper category assigned Verified GMB listings
  3. Having localized content, 
  4. Consistent citations, reviews, ratings & links

 Local search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors every local business must win in 2018

Lets now dive in to Ranking Factors Behind Local results & Local Pack listings here:  

Ranking Factor 1: Optimized Business Listing on GMB:
  • Have an Verified Listing on Google My Business (GMB), if not claim it & get verified sooner,
  • If your business multiple locations & you should have different GMB listings for each.
  • Include accurate Business name, not included keywords
  • Make sure you never go for virtual business address, remote offices etc
  • Add Photos of your Interiors, work place, rest rooms etc of your physical office to improve Dwell time on GMB Listing. Here is an informative article on how to claim your business listing on Google My Business. As your well optimized business listing on GMB will be sorted based on relevancy, distance & Popularity so to list on Google Three-pack

Image for google three pack

Ranking Factor 2: Mobile Friendly : 
Check websites mobile friendliness using this Google's tool. Choose an Mobile friendly theme for your business website

Ranking Factor 3: On-page SEO
  • Keyword optimized business title(less than 60 Characters), meta description (less than 150 characters), URL (as short and as near as possible to main domain) i.e. here is an reference
  1. "Service + City name i.e. Local SEO Services Bangalore"
  2.  "If you are looking for an seo company in bangalore to provide local seo services. Reach us for, no matters you was an small business,global business located in various locations around the globe"
  3. "https://www.iamdoingseo.com/local-seo-services-bangalore.html"
  • Create different pages for different locations if business based at different locations
  • Optimized Header tags included target keyword
  • Include Local business schema for different landing pages if you have multiple locations, or use schema for home page if you have one business location
  • Create unique 400+ words localized content for each landing page
  • Embed google maps for each landing mage

Ranking Factor 3: Reviews & Citations

List your Business on review's sites, business listings to improve online reputation, get valuable feed back and improve citations here are few top review sites: yelp, yellow pages, face book, manta, better business bureau, Four Square, Trip Advisor, Angie's list, glass door, LinkedIn etc.
Take care of reviews management i.e. requesting for feedback from customers, respond for reviews either mention thank you message for positive & apology message for negative reviews
submit listings for data aggregators or primary data sources, include info groups etc, directories like super pages, yellow book etc for getting consistent ~ Same NAP citations (NAP: Name-Address-Phone no)
Get more reviews by promoting multiple Questions while commenting or responding for reviews 

Ranking Factor 4: Domain Authority

Improve Domain Authority & increase chance of visibility for customers by Getting back links from local blogs, city's chamber of commerce, local media outlets, local events etc by reaching them & maintaining relations.Maintain Consistency in incoming Links from local domains

Ranking Factor 5: Social Signals

Engagements on google+, face book business pages, twitter business profiles etc

Ranking Factor 6: Behavioral Signals 

Find distance for reach to business locations
Request for directions, 
Request for call, 
CTR of search results etc 

Case Study or Example for Query Local SEO Services: 

If a Business ranked for Organic Search & Local Three Pack for keyword Local SEO Services means, Its success fully worked on its Organic Strategies, and properly optimized content for location and targeted keywords include local+seo+Services and recognized by google as an trusted business  providing Valuable local seo content or local seo services  and its is best listed on local pack mean that its GMB is relevant as it was opted with category, had 1000+ words local SEO Services Actionable content, and included NAP, working hours, holidays, prices of services etc in GMB Listing and its business title is optimized for bangalore i.e. "local seo service bangalore" and its description was actionable & its url is https://www.example.com/local-seo-services-bangalore.html, & included business work place images & video and its was consistently reviewed and given best ratings, getting multiple citations from primary data sources and business listings, and also getting back links for local authority websites

How to get listed in Google Local-three Pack:

 How to crack Google Local-three Pack

Optimize Google My Business Listing for Relevancy, Distance & Popularity:

Relevancy (opt your best business category, add 1000 words business description, include all business details i.e. phone no, business website, working hours, holidays, services & products prices etc.),
Distance targeting near me searches (create city pages targeting keywords+city name in headers, URL etc) , 
Popularity (addition of images, reviews, citations(mentions your firms on other sites or business listings), links) so to rank in Google Three-Pack)

Summary: How to do Local SEO for an Website?

You Had a business, then
  1. Claim listing on google my listings,bing local places etc
  2. List your business on yelp or yellow pages & other local directories available for free
  3. Localize your web content, include currency, words, address, contact-no and map.  
  4. Feature your brand on citation lists 
  5. Get reviews & ratings as most of the online local customers relay on them
  6. Build decent back links & Finally get all the benefits of Local SEO and get more money.
Want little help from us to add some touches to you local business to make it stand out on local searches. Why waiting ! start today, Request an Local SEO Service for your business now!

Local SEO Services Improving online visibility on Local Search - A Step-by-Step Guide.

What Iamdoingseo do for clients, local shops, celebrities, travel agencies, so on for improving position's and getting in local traffic:
  • Buying a domain included business name or keyword on godaddy.com if client's don't have one.
  • Designing & Developing Website or Blog using programming languages or using word press, drupal.Our design will sure meeting the needs of business so that it can deliver services to customers easily online.We Also Develop an app for Android or IOS if needed.
  • Keyword research using Google Search , Google Keyword Planner Tool, Face book, Google, Bing ads, and suggestions and Facebook ads suggestions for finding best local intent, business intent & high search volume keywords. Create targeted keywords optimized content for web pages with local optimized URL, implement on-page with targeted keyword (learn more here in this article).
  • Submitting the website for Webmasters of Bing, google and other search engines based on popularity based on choices of business for understanding customer behavior and to find opportunities for acquisition.
  • Listing business for Google maps , Bing places
  • Claiming an Listing of Your Business on Google Business 
  • Listing Business on Facebook business pages 
  • Competitor analysis for understanding clients competitors activities, strategies, etc ( using target key words search) 
  • Site Audit - businesses link building insight, Competitors business back linking insights etc
  • Take Advantage of Local services i.e. maintain relation ships with local politicians, journalists, celebrities, join Local Clubs, participate in events, as these can help increase business presence, 
  • Plan On page-strategies and off page strategies
  • Listing business address, services, contact details etc on local directories include yelp, city search, super pages four square etc
  • Back links from local blogs, news papers, business associations etc
  • Promote clients business in local events, online clubs, communities
  • featuring business on local citation lists, business lists , local directories through our local-citations services.
  • manage online reviews & rating ensuring they are natural
  • localization of web page content included location or city name naturally and more.. 

Our Recommendations for Startups, New or Small Businesses owners for Planning an Local SEO Model:

Here are the factors businesses should look for when assessing their web presence:
  • Check for your Search Engine Cache (Suggestion: site:www.iamdoingseo.com),ensure all your website links are indexed
  • Keyword Research (keyword research tools : keyword planner, google trends, soovle, keyword.io)
  • Competitor Analysis: What your Competitors are doing to increase web presences, Identified Competitor Analysis Tools(Suggested: Alexa, Mozbar, semrush, seoquake, similarweb,GTmetrix)
  • Verify Your website is penalized or not( check on IMWP Tool )
  • Analyze Domine Authority, Age, Backlinks, Social Signals of your Website(Suggested: Alexa, Mozbar, semrush, whois)
  • Analyse your Business using Google Analytics Tool(Get the Most Out of Google Analytics: kissmetrics)
  • Website Performance (GTmetrix)
  • Mobile Optimized Website of your business(Mobile Friendly Test)
  • Check your business Social Signals, Create Social Media Accounts to increase social media traffic(Mozbar, SEMRush)
  • Regularly Updated, Keyword Optimized Business blog (Using word Press, Blospot, micro blogging)
  • Website cached webpages can be find using "site:" , .
  • Your business search traffic links, can be find using "Links: "operator and analyse your business more using these google search operators 
SEO for your small business:
  • Search engine friendly Webpage urls (http://www.iamdoingseo.com)
  • Keyword Optimized Meta tags(Title,Description), Anchor text, Content, Alt Keywords, Suggestions:Start Title, description with target keyword
  • Add media (Images(fixed Size(100 KB), Dimensions),Videos, Memes, Info graphics etc ) to your content to make it playable 
  • Internal Linking (Ensure using right keywords as anchor texts, link to relevant pages)
  • Outbound links(links to outside topic or content or niche related, high DA & PA pages or sites) 
  • Maintain low Keyword density(no of your keywords divided by no of total words in the content) and drop your keywords among first 50 words 
  • Maintain header tags ratio as per SEO standards.(4h3: 3h2:1h1), wrap your keyword in H1 tag, wrap synonyms of your key words in H2 and H3 tags. (Analyse Your Website Header tags using SEO Quake)
  • Use Social Sharing buttons with in your website to increase your social signal traffic.
  • Make your site load with more speed,mobile friendly 
  • 301 redirection and 302 redirection, 
  • w3c validations, 
  • Sitemaps (XML, HTML)
  • Robot.txt
  • Links Canonicalization
  • Feature your business on  Social Media.Google Maps, Bing Maps,
  • Webmaster, Google Analytics integration
  • Optimized 404 pages, 
  • Create "Link to US" Page

Ways to get an back links

Strategies, Techniques for Linkbuilding SEO For your Businesses
  • Profile Creation Sites: Create Company Profiles for your business on Social Media, Micro blogging, Q& A Sites, Business Listing, Forums, Classifieds, Local listings, Directories
  • Create Communities, Groups, Collections, Listings,Mobile apps, Q&A , Blog, Showcase pages on social media sites and other web 2.0 websites to increase your online reputations, Generate Relevant Traffic to your business website or apps 
Note: how to get back links using web2.0 websites
  • Create Forum threads or discussion boards on your niche forums,to share your business niche services, news, solutions with your niche audience to increase business authority. 
  • Submit your business web pages to search engines and directories with higher google page rank.(don't go for paid listings) 
  • Submit your business for local listings: Place Listing requests for Local directories, Review Sites, Request your Local partners to Write Reviews, Testimonials for Your local business, or your services providers, 
  • Promote your business through social book marking, Share your business related documents on Document's,PDF's, Images, Presentation's sharing sites, other Web 2.0 sites 
  • Perform Thematic Link Exchange(exchange links with niche service related websites) for your business. 
  • Build internal links for your business.Link baiting for business inner web pages  
  • Images Link building:Promote your business through images,videos and share them on image sharing sites, and videos promoting websites.Be active on Image Sites (Instagram, Pinterest ), Take care in using keywords as ALT Text for Images as we need to understand that google, and other search engines cannot read images
  • Write articles on your niche business complex issues,technology advancements, How to's and share on article submission websites. 
  • Being service provider you need to promote your business writing Press release and sharing on press release submission websites. Creating Controversies, Contribute information through press releases to get backlinks, promotions from Local news channels, 
  • Conduct classified submission for your business to promote your services and products for free.Classifieds increases your business Leads.
  • You can promote your products on shopping network sites.
  • Participate in Q& A sites to improve your business authority over niche. 
  • Develop mobile apps for your business to serve mobile based niche audience 
  • Organize an local events,promote the events, and invite people using meetup and social media sites, so to increase business engagements, authority, creating Brand Awareness, showcasing your expertise.
  • Target local  business websites, blogs for your Audience 
  • Regularly update content your audience likes, interest in, looking for on Your website through Strategic Blogging
  • Guest Blogging: Write blogs related to niche technology,niche news, Solutions to your niche complex problems, about your company, services an more .we write guest posts for your business . Implement Keyword research to target on Right keywords before writing Content on Lit of your niche blogs. guest posts increase your website visibility, leads to your business, increase page authority for your website.
  • Blog commenting (Benefits: Brand identity will be established, Targeted traffic to your blog. Creates more ‪‎Do Follow or ‪ No Follow Back links. Commenting sites offer do-follow backlinks that pass link juice to your blog or website, Chance to publish a blog post on authority blog, Improve online visibility, Increase ‪Social Media Following, Increase knowledge, Get new Blog post ideas, Get back more comments on your blog, Get Identity, Connected with the influential bloggers.
  • Detect the unclaimed mentions, existing external 404 pages over the web using Link Reclamation tool, reclaim the back links from sources using need full link building tactics
*******Under stand local seo terms

Note :Tracking all aspects what you done to your business in related to SEO can make you understand the best strategies to increase your business online presence.which mandatory being small business.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How to Become SEO Specialist | Learn from my Journey

Starting my career as an SEO Trainee learned old school SEO which worked well during 2011's and later learn many many Advance SEO action Items and used it for getting deserved results for my clients,and joined aggressive players to learn Local & International SEO,along with Content Marketing & management strategies, Knowledge in Paid Marketing, Email Marketing & Completing this Digital Marketing Certification Course Helped me to become SEO Specialist with 4years of Experience from Beginner Level Today

Ways to become SEO Expert

How My Training's, Responsibilities, Employment Opportunities Boosted me in Career to Become High Paid SEO Specialist?

I have completed my Graduation in 2012, I was an Electronics Engineer with decent coding skills, and had an interest for analytics. I have completed .NET training under guidance of real-time experts, went on looking for an programmer job, joined as .net intern with 21cssindia, later on opted web development and move forward in my career.
Had an break later, due to small personal problem and return to work after 6 months. this really given me a chance to explore my self, my interests, my passion, my skills, and more.I looked in to career options that really suits me. Requested recommendations, went on discussions with friends, relatives etc for finding an right opportunity. Many problems include job need, finance etc made me to hurry and settle down with low pay job i.e. 3,000/- INR per month. This low paid job backed with 2years commitment with employer.hence i have no option to look for change for next 2 years. This period has become an crucial period for self growth in terms of learning a new skill, increasing niche connections, understanding business models, finding ways to do assigned tasks and many professional, at work, work life balance and more things.

My Career, Responsibilities & Give-away's as SEO Trainee

I have joined as web developer, my responsibilities include
  • Finding similar business
  • Listing out services & products
  • Understanding their business models
  • Building connections through twitter & Linked-in
  • Identifying Content Opportunities, UX opportunities,
  • Creating URL Diagrams
  • Creating new web pages using HTML, CSS,
  • Blogging
Understanding the importance of Marketing and its trend, scope through Imran uddin one of my friends, requested my existing employer to change my team & role. Later on moved to Internet Marketing Team as an SEO trainee with no knowledge about same. I was assigned for an SEO Master (Arjun Reddy) to train me on SEO,
Note: I Started my career in SEO when Brain, Neil, Rand, Bill and more are working as SEO Specialists but not as an Leading SEO Consultants
Learned many decent things about Search Engine Optimization during my earlier career under his guidance i.e. all old school SEO Strategies i.e.
  • Search engines & its algorithms
  • How search engine works
  • Understood all ranking factors
  • How to do Keyword research?
  • Keywords included Content i.e with higher keyword density i.e. thin content,
  • Directory, classifieds, business listings, profile creations,
  • Social media Networking
  • Web 2.0 Link Building(blogspot, tumbler, wordpress, seoblog etc)
  • Building more links to increase link profile (Low or high quality), Penguin 
  • Creating company/business profiles on Social Media Websites (works in 2018 & later)
  • Image optimization (works in 2018 & later)
  • Bookmarks submission ( works in 2018 and later)
  • Blog commenting (dofollow)
  • RSS submissions
  • Docs, PPT,s,PDF submissions
  • On Page SEO
  • Link Exchange & Broken link building & Brand Mentions
  • Bloggers outreaching
and many more..
Surprise!: "My work, daily SEO activities i.e. stated above shown out results but not aware, or skilled to understand the reasons behind the Impact"
Note: The reason was my work backed with link building done by my seniors,

Search Engine Optimization Trainee to In-house SEO

Later I was assigned for an Client Livein-adventures, i.e. adventures organizing Company to work as SEO paying 17,000 per month, where my responsibility is to bring the client website for local specific targeted keywords i.e. scuba diving, scuba diving in Visakhapatnam etc this project really played key role in understanding Local SEO, Different strategies i.e. map listings,Business listing Optimization, local listings, event listings, local blog commenting, links form similar local players,and other Local SEO Strategies

Appointed as SEO Analyst with 2 Years SEO Experience

After spending 2 years of my time with 21cssindia an corporate training company, appointed as SEO Analyst paying 25,0000 at National Software Management an leading Software Development Services Provider. I am responsible for doing SEO from Scratch to Expertise to fight on Search engine SERP's dominating many old Leaders for highest Searched query which has an business conversion or lead converting Intent.
This really screwed me down many times as i cannot achieve the assigned targets, and finally my boss outsourced the SEO Project for Freelancer, which worried me alot. My responsibility then was to verify weather the things are going good, ROI and analyze the traffic.
Truly saying out Loudly: " iam not aware of this skills i.e. How to analyze organic traffic, how to check keyword positions as it consume lots of our time to check keywords positions manually, how to analyze traffic sources, check back links, what is DA,PA, and many more"  at that particular time ...
Quora became a source for me to understand all those things i.e. to blogs to read for learning seo skills, how to's  SEO Tools, how to use them, many more things which help me to make my things easier in related to above assigned tasks.
On other way Amardeep & Daman my Boss, my manager really helped me in exploring, learning many things  which made me to become or hold role of Sr.SEO analyst  paying 33,000 per month with same employer included responsibilities assigned for me when i started my employment with this employer..
But this time my work shown out the expected results i.e. up my business web pages on SERP's for business intent keywords without going for PPC.
My responsibilities here as an SEO Analyst for NSM, a software development, & E-commerce site RUGUSA is
  • Keyword Research: Implemented using Google keyword planner, Google Auto Suggestion, Ubersuggest's etc
  • Competitor analysis: SEM Rush( ads analysis, high traffic bring keywords, keywords position), Ahref (back links, referring domains, link profile),
Note: I don't have paid access as it was start up, so i used to create multiple emails and register with the same and used the 10 day premium free plan for doing above with SEMRush — raghavaraoseo
  • Traffic analysis: Google Search Console ,Google analytics, Ahref
Note: Google Search Console: this will really help you to understand the missing opportunities of your business — raghavaraoseo
  • Content marketing: finding traffic driving content from competitors using SEM Rush,broken links using screaming frog,  and Outreaching the webmasters, relevant bloggers using Search Operators, and getting back links through guest posting, blog commenting etc.(Working in 2018 & further)
  • Branding & Social Media Optimization: Using Hoot suite, Buffer,  to schedule & automate posts on Social networks, request for links through reaching webmaster analyzing brand mentions using social mention etc
  • Off-page: Book marking, Blog commenting, Back links, doc,image,video,ppt,pdf submissions, etc

How I Become SEO Specialist with 4 Years of Experience as SEO Analyst

After 1 years with experience of  I have been Appointed as SEO Executive with Avohi, later as Sr SEO Executive at Bank bazaar which was a decent opportunity for me to scale up my self in career. BB was an aggressive online finance e-commerce website ranked top for all generic and informational, business intent financial queries on SERP's of Search engines.
Working with aggressive players make you even more aggressive which really turned my career to next level as an SEO Category Manger with Leading Edu-Tech Simplilearn — raghavaraoseo
Working at Bank bazaar really made me an Aggressive learner of new things related to SEO, I have be given responsibility to work on international SEO while working with this employer.
Learned thing include :
  • Local SEO,
  • Back links from Local Players ( blogs, blog commenting,
  • TLD's Implementation
  • Get Sponsored on Premium Publications
  • Finding High traffic adding content meeting the needs of specific GEO's
  • On page SEO (address,payment gateways,,href-lang)
  • Back link Analysis (High DA, Disavowing low quality links),
  • Fixing Penguin,Panda, Fred, manual penalty,
  • How to De-Index, redirect, fix 404's & Soft 404's,
  • Mobile optimization, App optimization
  • Strategies for holding top positions on SERP's
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • UTM Tracking Implementations, Lead conversion Optimizations etc
With this vast Experience and best opportunities with multiple employers helped me learning to use SEO Tools, Content Management & Marketing Strategies, User Engaging UI/UX, Lead Conversion Strategies, Link building, Ads Management, Traffic analysis, create reports for planning the tasks further, and all the result driving strategies plus completing Digital Marketing Certified Associate Program through Digital Marketing Course with Simplilearn Made me Category Manager or Sr.SEO Specialist paying (not disclosed) at SImplilearn Today
Lastly with hope this will sure help some SEM rush subscriber plan his/her career to next level, request you share your growth story here in comments can make it best reference further...