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Hi, I’m Raghavarao, an SEO Consultant in Bangalore City, India. Till date, worked for and with many startups, enterprise level companies, travel agencies, local businesses, hotels or restarents, real-estate business, doctors, celebrities, lawyers, plumbers, auditors, training institutes, event managers, politicians, other professionals and marketing agencies etc. I am specialize in doing SEO audits, penalty recovery, website migration, building backlinks, optimizing for search intent and more. Will optimize business website to rank for targetted keywords, explore for opportunities to increase business sales and revenue.

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SEO Consultant 

Any type of business should have online presence today, so to get in touch with its customers. Today business can acquire its new customers only If had presence & rananking top on SERP’s for relevant search queries only.

Bussiness owners should be able to do it for them selves or should find the best SEO consultant to outsource thier SEO needs. Iam doing SEO since 2011 and providing SEO consulting Services since 2018, If really need any support you can hire me or some one similar to me.

Search Engine Optimization becoming complex day by day with change in rules by google, bing, yandex, baidu and other search engines. SEO consultant’s should need to many skills to implement SEO jobs today .

Catered here few important SEO Skills ever search engine optimization consultant should have:

  1. Basic HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python programming skills
  2. Implementing Technical audit for Website
  3. Traffic acquistion
  4. Optimizing traffic to lead or sales conversion
  5. Understanding of Search engine Algorithms,
  6. Recovering from search engine penalities
  7. Build keyword , search intent optimized content
  8. Handling link building activities
  9. Local & International SEO implementation
  10. SEO Tools hands on experience
  11. Understanding customer acquistion funnels etc.

What Can I Do For My Clients ?

Takle all SEO needs, Tailored to drive Organic ROI.

Using my “Check & Go for Roadmap” Technique, I provide complete SEO services  i.e.

  • Optimizing Website Architecture
  • Keyword research & Content Gap analysis
  • Plan a unique ranking strategy to acquire traffic
  • Building dashboards to automate Competitor analysis
  • Analyse business website/ Technical SEO Audit benchmarking SEO best practices
  • Website Onsite SEO to maximize visibilty on SERP’s, benchmarking Panda Alogorithm content quality rules
  • Link Audits benchmarking Penguine Alogorithm Link quality rules
  • Penality recovery support (Alogorthms & Manual action penalities)
  • Local presence optimization
  • Building highquality, relevent back links from high authority & niche specific resources
  • Canonicals, no-index,no-follow logic  implementation to solve faceted navigations, duplicate content, internal search issues
  • Robots.txt & sitemap.xml, sitemap.html implementations
  • Schema implementations to increase CTR on SERP’s
  • Speed Insights recommendation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Web analytics , Reporting (day wise, weekly, monthly & yearly) to track SEO Performance metrics
  • Website Migrations (http to https and CMS etc)
  • Redirection implementation
  • Hreflang implemention to sort international audience targetting issues
  • SEO Consulting

However, Raghavrao is the right SEO Consultant you always looked for attaining reliable online growth today. He know how search works, what are the metrics search engines consider while evaluating an web page etc. He also has Multiple free/paid  SEO tools hands-on experience.  Raghavarao outsource customized  or personalized search engine optimization solutions, growth hacks for any type of business, that will definitely fit  expectations. With lot of experience, Raghavaraoseo can assist business in online marketing plan, flawless execution, detailed analysis with transparent workflow. Raghavarao also build a strong relationship with all his clients and retain long-term projects since day 1. He also work hard to figure out what that streamline organic targeted traffic for businesses of different types.

More add-on’s 

  • Take complete responsibility of organic online presence, branding, and promotion.
  • Unleash your true search potential
  • Recommending solutions backed with numbers, experience, expertise.
  • Result Driven Approach To Grow Brand Online
  • Growth hacks to convert your every click
  • Driving organic visitors those ready to buy services/products through website/app,
  • Attain influential visibility and authority
  • Implementing comprehensive keyword research, competitor analysis, gap analysis also implement technical seo audit
  • Make SEO Investment pay back
  • Client to account manager (One-to-One mapping)

You are in the safe hands : Service Assurance to My clients

  1. Lead your business in the right direction
  2. Follow Proven & Tested SEO Processes i.e. 100% white-hat and search engine compliant.
  3. Consulting to provide strategies unleash your true search potential.
  4. Rank your business website for purly transactional keywords.
  5. Progressive organic traffic.
  6. Establish Organic Channel as the Most lead generation channel of your business
  7. Build your local presence (if “Client” being an business that limited to a location)
  8. Build quality backlinks to scale website position on SERP’s
  9. Client website is search engine complaint i.e. technical error free, not spammy, passing all search engine algorithms, quality checks and guidelines checks.
  10. Clients website is high-performing, completely optimized sales Funnel.
  11. Spike in Returning customers, first-time-visitors
  12. Monitoring & reporting clients online presence (activites, impact created, trends, fixers etc breaked by week-on-week, month-on-month, year-on-year,)
  13. Additionally build strongest social profile for clients business

Stop Loosing Your Customers For Your Competitors.

To Rank higher on Google searches, Direct relevant traffic to your website, Engage your target audience, Create leads and turn them into sale and Grow your business with SEO. We’d love to discuss with you to know how we can help You.

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