Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Why should I get quality backlinks using Do-follow back linking

Author: raghava rao
What is do-follow links, no-follow links 
  • How to build quality back links,
  • Why should I get quality back links?
  • How to build do-follow back links,
  • How rel attribute controls flow of page rank “Page-rank sculpting”
  • How website ranking can be improved by using do-follow internal link

            We have created a website/blog, then how can we bring this blog or website on to first or top pages of search engines, one and only one answer by doing Off-page optimization along with good on-page optimization.Back link building is off-page optimization; the most important thing need to be learned is what nofollow link is, what is dofollow link, here I have stated the few important things related to no-follow, do-follow links

No-follow link's will stop the link juice from spreading to other pages. 
But do-follow link enforces Google spiders to follow the link and index the page

Search engine bot will not crawl the link or not even pass any link juice if we set the link as no-follow link using rel HTML tag

<a href= http://iamdoingseo.blogspot.in/ rel="nofollow">Example1</a>
<a href=
rel="external nofollow">Example2</a>
Do-follow link
Do-follow link passes the link juice and besides bring lot of traffic to the link,
<a href="http://iamdoingseo.blogspot.in/" rel="dofollow">Example1</a>
<a href="http://iamdoingseo.blogspot.in/">Example2</a>
<a href = http://iamdoingseo.blogspot.in/  rel="external">Example3</a> 

To get Good page rank you must build do-follow back link
how search engines handles multiple do-follow links  
         Among multiple do-follow links to same page, Google bot consider only first link and ignore others. 
if a webpage has two links pointing to same page of other website and out of 2 links, first is nofollow and 2nd one is do-follow then Google bot consider the first link and ignores second one, so in such scenario do-follow link gets ignored by bot and no link juice passed. The same rule applies for internal links too.

Page rank sculpting with do-follow,no-follow links
         Suppose one of my webpage has 10 links pointing to other websites and out of these 10 links, four links are nofollow (rel=”nofollow”). In this case 40% of link juice is of no use and remaining 60% link juice will get divided among 6 dofollow back links, we should use rel=”dofollow” for internal page linking as it lets flow the page rank to other Web Pages and improves the overall website ranking. Besides taking care of usage of anchor text

How to build dofollow links:
 By Blog commenting, Guest posting (choose high PR Niche blog), high quality content, (advantage of linking back with contextual citation), social book marking sites, social networking sites, Comment on comment Luv enabled blogs, document sharing

Contextual citation--whenever you write about something, try to figure out some trusted source such as about back linking Wikipedia and other high PR sites and link them from your articles, it will surely help your webpage to rank higher as you are providing more information to your readers by linking to the related information.

how to check weather the link is do-follow link,no-follow link 
There are two methods to check whether the link is dofollow or nofollow link
  • You can go with page source and verify for the link using control+F,
  • Go with inspect element, check
How search engines interpret dofollow and nofollow links
While all engines that use the nofollow value exclude links that use it from their ranking calculation, the details about the exact interpretation of it vary from search engine to search engine.
  • Google states that their engine takes ‘nofollow’ literally and does not follow the link at all. However, experiments conducted by SEOs show conflicting results. These studies reveal that Google does follow the link, but it does not index the linked-to page, unless it was in Google’s index already for other reasons (such as other, non-nofollow links that point to the page).
  • Yahoo! follows it, however excludes it from their ranking calculation.
  • Bing respects ‘nofollow’ as regards not counting the link in their ranking; however it is not proven whether or not Bing follows the link.
  • Ask.com also respects the rel attribute.