Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Your website get banned or penalized

written and edited by raghava rao
Find how and when Your Website or Blog or Web page  Banned or Penalized in Google(default search engine for Google chrome) or other search engines Yahoo(default search engine for Mozilla),Bing

How can we understand weather the site is banned or penalized by search engines
whether my site is penalized or banned

Google or other search engines with need of avoiding duplication and Spam so to provide appropriate information for audience ,occasionally move with a "major" algorithmic update (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affects search results in significant ways.
for complete details fallow History of Google algorithm changes by Google

An algorithm update simply being when Google decides to change how it ranks websites and adjusts its search index accordingly, which for web-masters means either losing or gaining in the search engine rankings
Few methods are playing key role these days that avoid effects to be done for the site when an algorithm changes done

1.Creating sites with high-quality content, which offer real value is .
2.Using the tried-and-tested SEO back linking methods of free and paid directory submissions, web 2.0 back links, guest posting, videos and social bookmarking among many others.

over doing above mentioned, I mean that

link building strategies,
keyword density,
do-fallow and no-fallow link ratio,
external and internal linking ratio
low quality content
non relevant link baiting
Black hat tactics,
duplicate content,
Many other factors may leads to fall of page rank,and some times may lead to penalization, or ban of website from SERPS of Search engines

so there is a need to learn whats difference between penalized website, and banned website, how can we know that whether our website is penalized or banned

When  your site has been penalized in rankings or completely banned in Google is automatically Known

Today iam taking an advantage to explain

Difference between Banned Site from the search engines and Penalized sites by search engines

Banned site means that no results is expected or found on Search engines when Site: operator is performed as fallows
site:www.domine.com search is performed on any of Search engines

Penalized site ’ means that the site exists in Google but ranks considerably lower

when can our site banned by Search engines like Google from their index

            simply we can say is is that when we violate the policies and standards (i.e doesn't speak much publicly about its exact policies for banned websites by Search engines ), made by search engines so to get indexed in their databases and  get accessed,there are lots of tactics you can do wrong regarding SEO results severely penalized by Google,
it means that your position in the search engines results rankings can fall dramatically,
finally  you must be one of the banned websites.

Practices like cloaking,link farming,hidden texts or links,key word stuffing,landing pages with registrations other Black hat Tactics (all tactics of search engine optimization which are considered "unethical" or are forbidden  by search engines)

the procedure to get it back indexed by Google is:
1) correct all the broken Google guidelines for website quality .
2) send a polite mail to Google accepting your fault and acknowledge in the mail that you have read the guidelines and will not repeat it.
3) If SEO firm had the responsibility of your website, then give the contact information of the company to Google.
4) Apologize and wait

for more about banned sites fallow the link

penalized websites?

when Google or other search engines rise penalty on your website?

Google is continually tweaking and revising the way it indexes content.and may penalize manually or algorithmically the websites
buying links,with thin content,duplicate content,keyword density,over using of header tags,internals 404's,links from sites of other languages,key word stuffed contents,broken external links,scrapped and hidden content,over used anchor texts,usage of Hreflang (designed to notify Google that you have intentionally published duplicate content for different languages or localities),speed performances,comment Spam,speedy link building,forum linking,link to suspicious sites,Landing pages,many outbound links,redirections.

to over come penalties, maintain site with good architecture,content,SEO Audits,On-page optimization,long click optimization(tend to make audience to spend long time on landing pages),best authority sites,links to relevant,same language,high page rank sites,with balanced internal and external links and do-fallow and No-fallow links

remove unwanted using disavow tool, ask for re considerations - Disavow tool

What are common mistakes you see from people using the "disavow links" tool

here are the algorithm updates made by Google and what they are going to view on your site:

Google Caffeine:Scrutinize the architectural structure of the websites
Google Panda: To target sites that publish low quality content
more about Google panda updates
Google Penguin:To targeted sites that manifested Spam practice black-hat SEO
Google Hummingbird:to avoid spammy queries

Below links may help you in learning more about reasons that leads to banned or penalized of the websites by search engines