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Pro Blogging Techniques (Updated 2017)

Bloggers do mistakes, fails every day.You want become the blogger, or you are the one struggling for your blog uplift or recently just started a new blog, I will be sharing the most popular Linkbuilding or SEO tips which will help blog websites get better ranking.

Blogging Linkbuilding Strategies,Tricks, SEO Recommendations by Pro - IamdoingSEO

Here are few  Blogging SEO Strategies, techniques every pro blogger implement when writing an new post:

Know audience helps focus on your blog marketing : 

Find audience to blog for using below audience research Strategies:

Strategies for finding your blog audience by Iamdoingseo

Bloggers have an special need for finding unique listeners, viewers, readers, visitors, subscribers to run a blog. Here iam going to outline a few different ways pro's use to get to know target audience. Being the first form of market research bloggers should have awareness on this pro bloggers success module I.e. knowing audience.Giving Priority for preferences of your audience uplift the blog among competitors.

  • Pin your specific questions your are going to answer to maintain your insights quality.
  • Prepare cheat sheet to target audience included with age,  gender, education, industry, employment status, your audience active times, sources for audiences, sources for finding audience preferences, decision making cycle.
  • Interviews with recently engaged audiences through different sources I.e. meetups, webinars or hang outs. Outsourcing, email marketing, WhatsApp, Allo, trends. Hold interview asking open end questions, questions let to feel you help them, 
  • Social Media - Track mentions using tweet deck, your customers followers using fallowerwonk and google wonk, track shares and engagements of your customers on social media, blogs, forums, Q&A sites etc.
  • Internal sources info: tech support team, customers support team. 
  • Look into feedback's, reviews, comment on your competitor blogs, 
  • Research and analyze your Idea generations includes sources you have, what questions you can answer, what ways you can answer the questions, how are going to focus on the things your audience looking for, find useful, what type of language writing capabilities you have and what are the ways of language writing, terminology your audience love.
  • Attend conferences, going through experts interviews, etc
Lot more ways you can do audience research in 2016...

Make blogging your habit to promote quality content consistently:

I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine o’clock sharp every morning. – William Faulkner
Strategies & techniques by Iamdoingseo for making blogging your habit
  • Create a plan, and stay committed for it,
  • Create a list of action items
  • Create an remaining trigger, alert.
  • Tools for you to turn your daily task as an
  • Consistency in blogging really matters:new, updated, and frequent content adds seo benefits for your blog,
  • Update your blog frequently, you can devote individual posts to a wide range of keywords related to your business and increase the chances that potential customers using very specific keywords will find you using Google, Bing, or Yahoo
  • When you consistently update your blog, you set up expectations for fresh content among your readers, who will begin to see you as a thought leader in the topics you write about.

Find Here: how can we do best at blogging(Next Post)

Blog Content Audit: Run content audit to remove trash in your blog

Iamdoingseo-Content- Auditing-Strategies-for-Blog-Content-Analysis
  • Collecting URL, Title, Organic, referral traffic, Author, Word count, Referral Domains, using Google analytics, 
  • Rearranging data based on no of organic search views, total views , word count, referring domains, 
  • Remove all poor performing posts behind redirecting them to home page or relevant blogs, 

Implement content& keyword strategy: 


Keyword Research 

  • Finding high search volume keyword and keywords that drive traffic for your competitors, using google keyword planner, long tail pro, and semrush, Ahrefs, and other tools.
  • Get keywords using google relevant search mine auto complete for getting up to date keywords ideas, include wild cards for depth keyword research, 
  • Look for new keywords using google trends, 
  • Set google alerts for target keywords analysis i.e. new keywords targeting by your competitors

Keyword Selection:

Pick top 20 or 40 keywords
  • Considering relevance, ease of ranking, 
  • Analyse page authority and domain authority of top ranked 10 pages for each keyword, 
  • Selection of keywords considering search volume, difficulty to rank, relevancy, competition, bidding rate, and intent.Use keywords every where extension for analyzing your keyword,
  • Analyzing all the above factors and find it better, ideal, consider your abilities and include them in finalized list of 30 keywords,

Apply keywords, content strategy in to your blog, 

Focus on premium quality, keyword focused content, so to make post the deserved one to rank for targeted are the keyword optimized content producing, promoting strategies:
  • Research your keyword before targeting with content, (ads, organic, local, news)
  • New site owners target low competitive keywords to index and rank fast, 
  • Group similar keywords in to topics, 
  • Prepare an schedule for postings on blog include company related, services related and it's features related and an technology or niche related blog post, guest posting, announcements related, images and YouTube promotions related, 
  • Use LSI, Synonyms of keywords while producing content, 
  • Find questions and answer them through your content, 
  • Find popular content of any topic from Reddit, I.e the content with more up votes, find your competitors popular content on Reddit, using , 
  • Use the search analytics report, ordered by impressions, to look for keywords with a high number of impressions and average search position, 

Blogging is not about you, 

write blog post included with the info related, in context to your targeted keyword, 

Blogging Search Engine Optimization(SEO):Iamdoingseo Strategies, techniques for Successful Blogging 

Take control over on-page seo, off-page seo of your blog website, especially when you use free hosted blogging I.e. blogger. On Page SEO is article quality, how well it’s optimized for Keyword and meta value for that article. Off Page SEO is quality back links, Here are few you need to take care of SEO as a blogger:

Iamdoingseo Strategies, techniques for Successful Blogging

Optimize your Blog for Readers, and Search Engines as a Pro

  • Blog post URL or permalink, Include your keywords, avoid using stop words, make it short (Example ' building-techniques), 
  • Keyword density & labels for related posts 
  • Title optimization, for blogger optimize your post title, 
  • Replacing  <itle><data:blog.pagetitle/></title> with  <b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>  <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> </title> </b:if>  For WordPress you have many plugins to optimize post titles , Yoast seo etc..
  • Image optimization: add alt tag and title tag for every image for seo benefits,
  • Meta tags : keyword optimized title, description(to improve ctr), footer text, header tags( each page has uniques H1, H2, H3), content.
  • Optimize home page title for brand,
  • Build External links with Nofollow , Dofollow 
  • Internal linking from new blog post to existing relevant content, 
  • Setup Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Allow comments for your blog,
  • Burn blog feed use feed burner. 
  • Crawl your site using Screaming frog, Beam US Up and find broken links, details of webpage I.e. titles, meta tags, webpage URLs, duplicate content, page blocked using no-index, attribute and robot.txt, 
  • Canonicalization for all duplicate or similar content webpages, 
  • Ensure blog website is mobile optimized, 
  • Track user clicks using heat maps, 
  • Setup friendly 404 pages, 
  • Setup your web pages with open graph meta data for rich social shares.
  • Sign up for Search Console, verify your blog for webmaster to identify &fix technical, HTML, and crawl errors,

Blog post structure: 

  • Create a list of  includes all the things you want to use in your blog, 
  • Group similar topics, 
  • Ordering topics,
  • Create keywords optimized  paragraphs, 
  • Headers, 
  • Embed you tube videos, 
  • Social mentions, enable Social shares for your blog, 
  • Include keywords optimized images 
  • end up post with conclusions 

Editing or Proof reading

Edit the content to make it easy to read,

Say no to Guest posts which are not relevant: 

Transform your Blog with Email Marketing:

Blogging & Email marketing are the powerful workhorses for bloggers. Learn how emails help pro's reach new readers.

iamdoingseo email marketing strategis,techniques for successful blogging

Combining blogging with email marketing for getting your readers attention online, establishing your authority, and getting found in the search engines. Distribute your blog most recent posts, newest resources using email campaigns. Here are few Strategies for running email marketing campaigns for blogs:
  • Use Feedblitz, Aweber, Mail chimp and other email marketing tool to push your new blog posts out to your list automatically. 
  • Include a link back to the blog post on your site in your emails.
  • Encourage conversation, ask audience to comment by saying “Join the conversation on the blog” 
  • Market your blog using Auto Responders, include lots of links back to your foundation blog content. Fallow up mails, 
  • Create editorial calendars for your blog, your email marketing campaigns.
  • Introduced new websites to your audience members who were looking for new and useful blogs to read by promoting your guest postings through email marketing.
  • Drive traffic from social networking platforms back to your content and onto your email list.
  • Email marketing, Bloggers opportunity to provide valuable, relevant, ridiculously useful content to audience in convenient ways that work for them. 
  • Be aware of frequency and timings uplift the chances to read your blog, 
  • Track your emails open and click rates to measure your blogging success,
  • Bloggers you must add a pop up sign up form to your blog website, to double your audience.

Content Promotion Strategies (Others):

Iamdoingseo content promotion techniques, strategies for bloggers

  • Create a prospect list of other influencers who may be interested in the post and reach out to them,sending your new blog post out to those email list, 
  • Sharing it on your social media channels, 
  • Reaching out to everyone mentioned in the post, 
  • Emailing people who have shared similar content,  
  • Emailing people who have linked to similar content, 
  • Sharing your post on Reddit, 
  • Sharing your post on niche communities (i.e. and GrowthHackers for marketing content), 
  • Answering questions on Quora, Yahoo answers, and linking to your post, 
  • Re purpose the post into a video, blog, slide share presentation etc, 
  • Comment on related blogs and mention your post, 
  • Participate in niche forums and mention your post, 
  • Syndicate the post on Medium, Linked In Pulse (or relevant sites in your industry), 
  • Contribute guest posts to other blogs and link back to the post

Latest Link building Strategies for Bloggers:

Promote your new blog post using below mentioned link building strategies for getting Back links

link building techniques & strategies for bloggers by iamdoingseo

  • Tweet  your new post before building links, (included @mentions), 
  • Build links from with in content from websites with high da, ur, with an anchor text.
  • Find viral content on Facebook and write an relevant blog and share the link on face book,
  • Monitor your competitors back links, 
  • Get an back link from those sites where your multiple competitors gets an back link from,
  • Go for Content syndication using medium, LinkedIn pulse, social media today, 
  • Get an back link from Wikipedia, 
  • Find content which bring in large traffic for your competitor sites, and move forward with SEO copy writing,
  • Answer questions for links those drive more traffic on Quora, 
  • Join, participate comment on related forums 
  • Broken links link building-techniques, strategies, finding your competitors broken links and request webmasters for write an guest post  to get an back link
  • Turn brand mentions in to links by finding your brand mentions along the web using google alerts,
Blog Success tip 1:pick your blog reader and write a quality blog post fitting his preferences

Grow your blog’s organic search traffic, using provided SEO strategies in the above blog post with careful planning, focus and hard work.if you have any other tips please leave me a comment and add to the fun. I absolutely love reading the huge comment-essays that you all tend to write.