Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Link Building Techniques To Get Dofollow Web 2.0 Backlinks (Updated 2017)

Web 2.0 Link Building Strategies Effective in 2017:

Web 2.0 link building can make a huge impact on local search and in less competitive spaces.web 2.0 links should be used for building brands for your business. Write an article on any one of the website developed or designed on WEB 2.0 site,  link your any particular post or blog, in this way you can get good amount of back links. Today we are going to look at how to use Web 2.0 site for effective link building.
link building using web2.0 sites
On World Wide Web there are tons of web 2.0 sites, out of them few are having high Domine Authority, Page Authority, And give Do-follow Back links increase Relevant Traffic for your Website. Web 2.0 Sites are combination of Micro blogs, Bookmarking Websites, Image Sharing Websites, Link sharing Websites, Profile Creation Websites, Blog Creating Websites.
  1. What is web 2.0?,
  2. what are various websites comes under Web2.0 category?,
  3. Experts suggestions on the ways to use Web2.0 websites?

What is Web 2.0 site?

Web2.0 Sites are those provide ability for Link Building Experts to collaborate and share information online, Using Web 2.0 websites changes the way web pages are made and used, These allow user to Publish Articles,Sharing Images, Documents, Presentations, Create Profiles. Web 2.0 sites are for good user experience,maintain web standards,allow scalability. tagging,Software as a service,mass accessibility,you are allowed to format the data.

What are various websites comes under Web2.0 category?

        Web2.0 includes social media sites,social bookmarking sites,Blogs,Wikis,video,image,audio sharing Sites,hosting sites,self publishing platforms, and other one word it can be said new version of world wide web.

What are different technologies essential for better usage of Web2.0 Websites?

        You can use Web2.0 in appropriate way if you are skilled with  content writing, client side technologies Java Script,HTML 5, CSS, JQuerey, Ajax, bootstrap, XML and Angular JS and Server side technologies .Net, Java, Ruby, PHP,Python.

Few Web 2.0 Sites those can help you in increasing your Brand behind giving a Do follow And No Follow backlinks to your Business Website:

Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, My Space, Delicious, Wikipedia, word press,Typepad, Squiddo or Hub-pages,YouTube, Slide share, Instagram, Slashdot, imgur and wikia, examples of web2.0 changed or transformed the way people in the world connect, communicate and share ideas, pictures, videos and news each other. web 2.0 sites adds instant massive traffic to blog/website, index blog or website.

How can we share the website info with Web 2.0 sites?

We can share web info to other websites in the form of RSS Feeds,XML Site Maps, 
Web 2.0 can be searched using keywords,linked,authored,tagged,extended,feeds(signals for changes done to content)
  • Blogger and word press are content shared,website or blog building Web2.0 sites
  • You tube video sharing Web2.0 site
  • Wikipedia content sharing Site
  • Twitter,Facebook Social media Web2.0 sites
  • Tumbler Micro blogging Web2.0 Sites
  • Pinterest,Flicker,Instagram image sharing Web2.0 sites,
  • Craigslist classified posting Web2.0 sites
  • Yelp reviews writing Web2.0 sites
  • Wikia Questions/Answers writing Web2.0 site

Why you need to Share site or blog on Web2.0 Sites?

Google+ : engaging by + mentions and #hash tags,can increase visibility
Tumbler :similar to blogger and word press allows us to move with micro blogging,sharing images videos etc,helps us for tagging with target key words,increase blog traffic using consistent customer traffic,
Twitter:customer  engaging,great with usage of #hash tags,@mentions
LinkedIn:Engaging,professional traffic,Engaging with groups
Reddit:Instant massive Traffic
Stumble Upon:Social bookmarking Site,lead huge niche level traffic to our site/blog
MySpace:Most viewed site,similar to google+,
Pinterest: Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined,it is similar to Facebook,google+,can engage with audience easier and viral traffic is easier to obtain  

How to build traffic using Web2.0 sites

Ways to build links for your site using web 2.0 sites

Web2.0 site brings more traffic to your site as it allows to embed images,videos,testimonials, press-release,latest news,documents,downloads,reviews and many more 

Linkbuiding using web2.0 is really an complicated issue

  • research for competitors
  • keyword research using only Google keyword planner
  • build blog using top 3 web 2.0 sites i.e. wordpress, tumbler and blogger
  • Select URL,Page title,Niche to start blog posts,
  • write content related to niche between 1800 to 2000 words,with 2 external links,with the correct anchor text monthly 2 times from different web 2.0 site
  • embed the multimedia includes video,image,document,ppt into content
  • share on Facebook,twitter,google page,periodically linking older posts,
  • Pin more from other similar operating Business,share blogs on business groups,
  • Guest posting,Profile Links,Free blogs on live-journal etc,submissions to blog directories,email signature,niche forums forum signature,posts to hub-pages,squiddo, articles,press release,add blog to Technorati, Syndication with Amazon kindle.
  • interlinking,set-up authority to your site
  • Ping the site 

 Get High Quality backlinks for your Website/ blog using Web 2.0 Sites:

  • Get sponsor links from your niche industry events,
  • Write press release for local news papers, publications maintained by your area large business,
  • Set up social media profiles,
  • Set up accounts on Book marking Sites,
  • Se up listings for Local citation sites (white-pages, manta,, Citysearch, super pages, Topix, four-square, bing, yellow pages, DexKnows)
  • share the blog on blog directories(all top, Blogapedia, ontoplist, Technorati, blogorama)
  • build Web 2.0 blog use tumbler, wordpress, blogger,
  • Share videos related your blog on Video submission sites YouTube etc
  • Slide share for sharing your presentations, 
  • Share your blog posts on LinkedIn
  • Submit blog to directories(directory world, R-TT directory, So Much,

Web 2.0 site increase your online presence, that could translate into a lot of new customers