Wednesday, 4 July 2018

How to Build Quality Do-follow Back Links Manually in 2018

Manual link Building, a type of link building or back links source google/bing/other search engine will really value.

How to Manually Build Links to New or Existing Website/Blog?

Manual Linkbuilding(Definition: Earning Back links Manually) Efforts brings in High Quality Back links:

When Iamdoingseo for an website/blog, manual link building (~ build links) is one of my primary tasks.prior to Penguin Algorithm, link building is just quantity (spamming(Multiple links(keyword/brand anchored) from non relevant websites/blogs)+ Automation(links through ping,auto submissions,scripts etc) but not quality.Today back link analysis featured with quality, contextual and relevancy. Neglect paid links, selling links, link request, negative SEO and other black hat manual efforts, instead build links manually for quality links acquisition.

Here are top manual link building techniques(build links) let your blog/website stay top on search engine SERPS or how to do manual link building?

  • Creating Profiles (business listing sites, social media, bookmarking, forums, information sites, image, video sites etc)
  • Improving Connections(niche)/Authority(information)/relationships(niche)
  • Creating opportunities for new Audience,
  • Joining, Staying active in Communities, groups, forums, discussions etc
  • Branding
  • Increasing Accessibility for your Website/blog/app
  • Bringing in referral traffic
  • web 2.0 Link building
  • Commenting manually, with proper grammar and spelling and relevant to the content of the page which provide value to the reader for high authority blogs, forums other link schemes
  • Doing Guest blogging, relevant to the site’s topic and readers for high authority sites relevant to your website/blog
  • Write a Press Releases to help writers, journalists, influencers, and readers to discover something new about your website/blog so to get links, shares, and readers engagement.
  • Creating How To's, Guides,
  • Answering Peoples Questions on forums and other sources of online crowd
  • Build an Community(face book groups, G+ communities etc) so to get back links through comments from different types of audience.
  • Giveaways, Contests, Interviews
  • Increase your web presence by sharing your research findings, unique strategies, recovering techniques ,case studies, success stories,
  • Create go-to resource(the best information in one place) similar to Google Algorithm Updates blog post on MOZ Blog
  • Info graphics
  • Data Visualizations
  • Writing Reviews
  • Live Blogging,
  • Insights

Manual Link Building Plan to Analyze Possible Links to Target:

Search for broad keywords or Keyword Research to identify high authority/ quality sources of links, your authority competitors and create link building opportunities(finding out bound links with high domain authority & with less links to external websites using scream frog SEO spider) to build links with.


Quality back links by Accident --- this will never happen, Quality Back Links needs manual efforts.

Content Marketing will never bring in links 

Kindly comment below your thoughts on the future of manual link building... 
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