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How to do Link Building To Get Natural & High-Quality Backlinks

Link Building for Search Engine Optimization

What is link( SEO Perspective)?
Its an internal or external reference given  by placing link to webpage directly or as an anchored to let understand search engines or visitors that you are going to find more detailed information regarding this at this place, the link can be either do-follow (pass link juice/authority to the webpage referred) or no-follow(it will be an just reference). To get quality link building profile for an webpage the site should be having balanced link profile i.e. equal no of no-follow and do-follow links.

What is link building?  
Link building a technique or process of convincing the relevant website owner ore webmaster or blogger to link to your website/blog or an product page naturally with no-follow or do-follow attribute. link must be relevant, quality, high authority or internal web pages i.e contextual, referral etc.Link building helps your webpage rank on top on SERP's  for targeted query.

Why webmasters/blogger build back links ?
Link Building is implemented by webmaster/blogger to improve position on search engine SERPS once his/her website get indexed.More quality links to the website will rank better on Search engines.
Google Repeats, you're content/ webpage rank higher for your primary keywords, if you can get external websites to link to you. in general according to us(iamdoingseo experts) link building is done for increasing website visibility on search engines.Link building is done to promote website/blog, increase authority to the blog, increase traffic(relevant) traffic, increase page authority, improve link profile of the page or website,  and more.

What factors influence the quality of an link (Search Engine perspective)?
Quality of the link is estimated based on the
  • relevancy, authority of the webpage you are getting back links.
  • content optimization (Search engine friendly) i.e. unique, keyword density, header tag management, keyword optimization, contextual, 
  • anchor text, used on external website contextual content to give an back link 

What are different types of links?

  • Authority & Natural link
  • Directory links
  • Manual or Editorial & Press Release links
  • .org, .edu links
  • Article, Forum bio links
  • RSS /Blog Aggregated links
  • Profile& Comment Links
  • Social or Referral Links

Link Building Definitions & Terms

  • Back links
  • Link bait
  • Link Citation
  • inbound link
  • anchor text
  • contextual link
  • Relevancy link
  • direct link
  • referral link
  • outbound link
  • link profile
  • broken link
  • internal link
  • external link
  • Deep linking
  • Link Disavow
  • Footer links
  • Hidden links
  • Direct links 
  • Link acquisition
  • Image links 
  • Link Juice
  • Cross linking
  • Dead links
  • Link Claiming
  • Link rati
  • Do-follow link
  • No-follow link
  • Paid links
  • Reciprocal links
  • Site wide links 
  • Link Spam
  • UN-natural links 
  • link schema
  • Quality Links & Link Value
  • Embedded Links
  • Link Farm
  • Organic Link
  • Link Exchange
How to get a back link to your website/blog?
Get an link to your blog i.e from external web pages or from internal pages:
  • Creating an blog on web 2.0 sites( web 2.0 link building),
  • Book marking (Off-page Optimization),
  • Content marketing(articles, press release, guest posts, RSS feeds),
  • Image/video submissions,
  • Ads Optimization,  
Natural link building V/s black-hat link building:

Back linking techniques those approved by search engines are called natural link building techniques, those will not be approved are call black hat linkbuilding techniques & those link building techniques which are not approved but accepted for consideration while improving an rank to webpage is called grey-hat techniques.

How google implementing quality check over link building techniques?

Google implement Algorithm Check to analyze quality of an links i.e, back links(internal, external, no-follow, do-follow), Algorithms include Penguin, Fred which are implemented by Google to check for quality of links, weather links satisfying google guidelines. Google recently rolled out Real-time Penguin update i.e. penguin 4.0. Real-Time Penguin algorithm google identify or check quality of link considering factors i.e. relevancy, context, anchor text, domain authority, natural, Page Authority, and other factors to rank the webpage on SERPS,while Fred to check for black hat linkbuilding implemented web pages and DE-rank them from Search engine SERPS,

Learn More from next post on "how Penguin Algorithm Works, and how webmaster can avoid his/her webpage from penalizing by penguin?"

Old School Link Building Techniques Failed Now

Fallowing old school link building techniques will not work in 2017 and further i.e.include
  • Poor anchor text implementation (use long tail keywords instead of phishing with primary keywords, keywords synonyms), 
  • Giving back links for low quality content publishing web pages instead analyse domain authority, page authority before giving out back links.
  • Analyzing your links performance is must
  • Reciprocal links
  • Low Quality back links from websites which have DA<30, No Contextual links,

How to avoid Low Quality Links those drains your webpage rank or positions on SERP?(Case Study Analysis)

Lets think You have an link building opportunity  from An webmaster of an Web page,
  • Firstly verify Domain Authority of an site, Site wide Authority, Page Authority of an webpage(use SEO Tool: Ahref, Open Site Explorer by MOZ), getting link from high domain authority and site wide authority truly adds worth to site, getting those links are bit harder, getting an opportunity to get link back from high authority sites is an welcome option.
  • Check for Link profile of an website
  • Check for relevancy of the Site, getting link from high authority site is matters with its relevancy to linking site.
  • Check for context (link co-citation), placed editorially as avoiding can be considered as UN-natural link
  • Link Anchor text , as exact match anchor text considered as Spam or unnatural these days, so do get link with keyword included long tail key word or brand and keyword (iamdoingseo link building techniques), 
  • Links Position on the site 
  • Guest Posting Links(guest posting goes spam),to solve avoid guest post from sites which are solely to publish guest posts, those giving back links with exact match anchor texts, and sites which are not relevant, paid guest postings.there are few alternatives to guest posting i.e. interviews, news jacking, social mention monitoring, broken link building
  • Check weather the back link is do-follow or no-follow  and more....
Alternates for Link building, why link building is most preferred?
Brand Mentions
Social Shares(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more)
Business reviews (local)
Content Marketing apart from these link building is preferred as they values most buy building links naturally with proper SEO Strategy as it brings in lot more relevant traffic,google bot visits, conversions then above suggested alternatives in 2017 and further

Link building techniques (paid)

In-house link building v/s Freelancing or outsource link building

Link building v/s Content Management

Link Building (Terms)

Do-follow link:
No-follow link
Contextual link
Link relevancy

What are different types of links?
  • Editorial Links(natural link building)
  • Manual Links
  • Self Created links 
  • Authority links 
  • Reciprocal links
Link building Methods(Tactics)

Best link building Techniques (2017)

Link building tools

Link building myths

Link building Site List (do-follow & no-follow)

Link building Resources

Here i have put on step by step guide on how to build back links in right way now.

Things to do before starting your back link campaign 

  • Finalizing Anchor Text(Clickable Text of an Hyperlink) & its Anchor Text Ratio(types of anchors used) 
  • Quality of link (No-follow(paid,comment, forums) or Do-follow link(relevant, high DA, .org, .edu, guest posts,) , link from high DA sites, relevant, contextual)
  • Identify Pages Google Crawled or Indexed & Not Indexed which can be controlled by robots.txt, using site: operator, using google search console etc
Finalizing Anchor Text & ratio: 
Anchor Text:
A Word or Phrase in the content used to link to other relevant page in context i.e. a keyword or url or brand is called clickable text or anchor text. here are multiple types of anchor texts
  • Using keywords as anchors or clickable texts (title, exact, word+keyword, Brand+keyword),
  • Using brand name as Clickable link for an hyper link in your post/webpage ( check this linkbuilding blog, Iamdoingseo blog or  image alt tag, find back link strategies here etc),
  • Using URL as an anchor text (http/https: naked url,, naked url without http or https,)
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