Are you unable to rank your websites or improve your online visibility?, Why cant you go with Web 2.0’s Second-Tier Link Building. As getting links from Web 2.0’s can be an one of the ways to invest your time. Want to let you know that every back link your money site receives will add a small boost to its online visibility.You can now create as many Web 2.0 blog sites as you want, as there are hundreds of web 2.0 sites available.

Let us now Peep into more details of this back link opportunity now here!

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0’s a new format internet sites are 2nd Generation World Wide Web permitting people or webmasters, SEO’s, Content promoting experts any others share their information (i.e. images, content, videos, locations, etc) real-time, online via hosting, documents/presentations sharing sites, bookmarking, social media, blogging, video sharing, events, info sharing sites etc. Few examples are location sharing: google maps, info sharing: open office google docs, image sharing: Pinterest, Instagram, flicker, video sharing: you tube, micro blogging, profile creation, business listing & other include wiki, word press, blogger, twitter etc. They are free, increases DA, high authority, ease-use, customized, social, collaborative, communicative, gives a back link and more. Expertise in Content Writing or having hands on experience in using client-side technologies Java Script, HTML 5, CSS, J-Query, Ajax, bootstrap, XML and Angular JS and Server-side technologies .Net, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python etc can enable you to get most out of web 2.0 websites. In the past, even today, may be in future most of the SEO gurus used/using/will use web 2.0 link building to improve their/ for improving their/ to improve their ranks on SERP’s and doubled/doubling/ will double their earnings.

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Getting an Quality back links from web2.0 site is easy!

Write an article/ create an video, integrate your location, add an images on to any one of the website developed or designed on WEB 2.0 site,  give an link to your any particular post or blog, and get good decent no of back links.

PBN V/s Web 2.0:

While using PBN you will be having full control over the content or site i.e. but having risk of penalization but recommended if you have good team who can maintain your PBN campaigns and content quality , while web 2.0 are not your properties i.e. but help you improve ranks if you maintain unique high quality & consistency

and now with this post we can understand how to use Web 2.0 site’s for effective link building.

Web 2.0 Link Building to Increase Ranks [The Ultimate Step by Step Guide]

Web 2.0 back links makes huge impact on your search results & it is less competitive space by the way.Experts like neilpatel, brain dean, etc recommend to use of web 2.0 links for building brands for their & clients business websites.

List of Web 2.0 Websites increases your Brand Presence, give-away a Do-Follow or No-Follow Back link:

These list of  web2.0 ‘s transformed the way people connect, communicate & share ideas, information, pictures, videos and news each other. These web 2.0 sites behind playing key role in improving business brands, adds instant massive traffic to blog/website, gives a trust flowing links, index blog or website on the way .you must have an back link from these suggested websites by now. Here is the list

Facebook, Google+, Tumbler, Twitter, Pinterest, Redd-it, StumbleUpon, Technorati, My Space, Delicious, Wikipedia, Word press,Typepad, Squiddo or Hub-pages,YouTube, Slide share, Instagram, Slashdot, imgur and Wikipedia, diigo,, whats app, live journal, yelp, event brite, medium, good reads, storify,, Dzone, LinkedIn, shutter fly , Bing maps, google photos etc

!!!….Pro Tip: Russian Yandex Mail is an email provider lets you create multiple email accounts without verifying mobile number which is must for google mail or yahoo mail, or hotmail. You can now use these emails for link building campaigns and even for creating Social Bookmarks for your site.

Types of Web 2.0 Back links:

  • Creating a Brand new Web 2.0 sites
  • Buying an expired high traffic building web 2.0 Site
  • broken web 2.0 link building

New Web 2.0 site:

Identify high domain authority web 2.0 website through which your competitor getting more traffic or recommended by your seo consultant. we recommend you tumbler, word press, blogger through which you can create website with sub-domain, i.e.

  • or
  • or

you can get your niche keywords through keyword research tools i.e. google keyword planner, long tail pro, etc.You can pick keywords which are medium and low competition for using in link building with web 2.0 websites. Share your articles, videos, images etc on the new web 2.0 website now

Recommended for better use your web 2.0 sites: Create an track of data on google spread sheet included web 2.0 site, Public URL, Login credentials,  Keyword targeted, Last updated

Creating a content for web 2.0 sites: Tier-1 Link Building: Content must be at-least 1000 to 2000 or some times 500 to 800 words or any random between 1000 to 2000 words with back links to your webpages naturally surrounded with contextual or relevant info  interlink within posts, content with 3 to 5% keyword density, added with videos images with error-free technical seo or with good on page i.e  ensuring title, description, alt-tag, image title, , no-follow or do-follow links anchors included with targeted keyword, adding compressed images, maps integration, etc

Note: Give link to your primary site or article only after 5 to 6 posts published and interlinked in the web 2.0 created

Sources for content

  • Copy Content: not recommended
  • Spinning Content: recommended for tier-2 link building
  • scrapped content: getting content through scrapping tools from other websites
  • new unique content: write your self or out source or freelancer

create about us, contact us, privacy pages for every web2.0 sites, make sure updated at-least 2 times a week

Fetch for google or force index using linklicious paid tool after every update and make as an habit of checking for link indexed or not  through site:web2.0 URL

share the web2.0 on google social media, etc or use addmefast

Implement Tire 2.0 link building for your web 2.0 sites (directory submissions, bookmarking, blog comments) to increase PA of your web2.0 site. take care using different ip’s when implementing web 2.0 link building, different anchors while building links,


Building links from Expired Web 2.0 sites :

Buy an expired Web 2.0 with good Page Authority on face book groups where you i find i.e. Web 2.0 expired market place , go for konker, fiverr or seoclerk etc or use SCRAPBOX to scrap them all


Building Back links finding Web2.0 broken links:

Go for web 2.0 broken link building i.e. build tire-2 links  from expired web 2.0 domains to new web 2.0 site

Different Types of Web2.0 Websites:

Based on type of data shared on them web 2.0 sites are classified as

  • Content Hosting Websites,
  • Blogging
  • Social Networking
  • Podcasts
  • Video sharing sites: You tube, daily motion,
  • micro blogging sites: tumbler, twitter
  • wiki: Wikipedia, wiki-how etc
  • social book marking: Digg, delicious etc
  • forums,
  • feed readers: feedly, google feeds,
  • emails:gmail, Hotmail etc
  • file shares: drop box, google drive,
  • weblog: word press, blogger, medium etc
  • web publishing:
  • photo sharing: Instagram, pinterest
  • Networking: LinkedIn, Facebook, etc
  • Review: yelp etc
  • Maps:Google maps, here maps,
  • Events & Bookings: Bookmyshow, trip advisor, eventbrite etc
  • Instant Messaging:whats app etc
  • extensions  are few which will be useful for an SEO’s and their exist more

Web2.0 Link Building Benefits

Increasing visibility, page authority,

  • Google+: engaging by + mentions and #hash tags,can increase visibility
  • Tumbler: similar to blogger and word press allows us to move with micro blogging,sharing images videos etc,helps us for tagging with target key words,increase blog traffic using consistent customer traffic,
  • Twitter: customer  engaging,great with usage of #hash tags,@mentions
  • Face Book: #tags, likes, shares, connections, increases referral traffic
  • LinkedIn: Engaging,professional traffic,Engaging with groups
  • Reddit: Instant massive Traffic
  • Stumble Upon: Social bookmarking Site,lead huge niche level traffic to our site/blog
  • MySpace: Most viewed site,similar to google+,
  • Pinterest: Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined,it is similar to Facebook,google+,can engage with audience easier and viral traffic is easier to obtain and more…

Steps by Step Guide for Build Quality Back links using Web2.0’s

  • Research for competitors to identify web 2.0 driving more traffic.
  • Keyword research to find long tail keywords that look natural
  • Build blog using top 3 web 2.0 sites i.e. wordpress, tumbler and blogger
  • Create an URL, Page title, Niche to start blog posts,
  • Write content related to niche between 1800 to 2000 words,with 2 external links,with the correct anchor text monthly 2 times from different web 2.0 site
  • Embed the multimedia includes video,image,document,PPT’s  into content or
  • Get sponsor links from your niche industry events or Write press release for local news papers, publications maintained by your area large business,
  • Set up social media profiles, & Share on Facebook,twitter,google page, periodically linking older posts,
  • Set up accounts on Book marking Sites and do book marking submissions on regular basis for all web 2.0’s
  • Se up listings for Local citation sites (white-pages, manta,, Citysearch, super pages, Topix, four-square, bing, yellow pages, DexKnows)
  • Share the blog on blog directories(all top, Blogapedia, ontoplist, Technorati, blogorama)
  • Share videos related your blog on Video submission sites YouTube etc
  • Slide share for sharing your presentations,
  • Share your blog posts on LinkedIn
  • Submit blog to directories(directory world, R-TT directory, So Much,
  • Pin more from other similar operating Business, share blogs on business groups,
  • Guest posting, Profile Links, Free blogs on live-journal etc,
  • Email signature, Niche forums forum signature, posts to hub-pages, squiddo, articles,press release,add blog to Technorati, Syndication with Amazon kindle.
  • interlinking, set-up authority to your site
  • Ping the site

Web 2.0 site increase your online presence, that could translate into a lot of new customers


  1. Find best fitting web 2.0 site, (wordpress, tumbler, blogger or etc)
  2. keyword research(find long tail keywords)
  3. Create URL (
  4. Add major pages( about us, contact us, privacy)
  5. Quality content (random words 1000 to 2000)
  6. Interlink (between all the posts on web 2.0)
  7. Give natural back links (never use similar anchor text)
  8. 2-tire link building ( blog commenting, book marking, directory submissions)
  9. Indexing (force index all the web 2.0’s)
  10. Sharing on social media (improve traffic to web 2.0 s to increase pa)
  11. done you are getting benefits from web 2.0 link building now

Pulling all Eggs from Single Basket, That is an bad idea!

As Web 2.0 back link techniques are easier & handy for ever one, you should use this as an supplement of your link building strategy.

Have more questions about manual web 2.0s?

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