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Iamdoingseo is known for its SEO experience, skills and customer services ever since started supporting the clients. It’s something great, that iamdoingseo been doing SEO since more a decade – have given out something best, that worked for their online growth for over 100’s of clients around India.

About our Founder Raghavarao

I am passionate about developing websites, internet marketing, helping clients to showcase their services, products, information on search engines SERP’s. I believe that Its always a little that make big difference, and always find ways to make that small difference to stand out from others, I am habituated, and always learn a new thing every day.

here is that one line changed my life always.

Let me take a chance to make you understand more about me here… …

Hi There! Welcome to Iamdoingseo, I believe that Great Work Begins with Customers Need. Based in India with team members & Clients all over the globe. we work 8 hours a day to learn new things, collaborate our learning’s to client achievements, come up with things that make our work easy & more quality.

We are small! but doing big every time ever since we started working for your achievements dear clients. Its true, so you stayed back with us Now! I am glade full for that.

Get a Customer Every Day! is My Vision & I’m good at that today😉

Being an SEO Consultant with a focus on technical, organic, local SEO & link building & content marketing, I was an active member of many SEO communities & meetups in India. With a lot of experience & research over the years my key areas are:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Opportunities Finding & Marketing
  • Technical SEO 
  • Organic & Local Traffic Generation SEO Techniques
  • Link Acquisition (Blogger Outreaching, Influencer Marketing)
  • PPC

I was always appreciated for my analytical, opportunity finding, strategical experience combined with strong work ethics, client and co-worker relations.

How I become an SEO Manager from being an Engineering Graduate Today? my learning’s, experiences, hurdles everything

I started my career as a full-time employee with a software building & online skill training services providing company as SEO, owned a role for implementing a Planned SEO Strategies those positively affect online growth of the business.

Later on, owned a Sr.SEO Analyst role for Finance services providing Startup for a Year, help the business reach it International Audience online, Claimed an Achievement of increasing its traffic from 0 to 30k per month. Currently working as SEO Manager with Leading Edu-tech owing a responsible role to plan strategies, put them to action to drive in targeted leads online through local and organic SEO.

I with an SEO Experience of 4 Years helped lot business getting decent traffic those converted into sales since 2014

Engineering Graduate to an SEO Manager

Money was always a big problem in my life. The only thing I knew while I was the child to get rid of my poverty was to work hard, get well educated, perform well in academics. I achieved the same, I was one of the good students at the school. Doing my +2, decided to take up graduation, get a job in some reputed MNC,s Includes Google, TCS, Satyam, Wipro etc.

I being a very enthusiastic person, always try to explore something new around me now & then. Frequently I feel like I was not satisfied with what I am doing now, always wanted to go for something new, unique, explored many things started learning Swimming, drawing, Web Development and more. This look like things everyone does around me. so started to explore again looked for things I have passion about.

To learn anything my primary source of knowledge was the Internet and by the time I became very found of Internet and computers I came across an opportunity of Blogging & found SEO as thing exists. This looks for me so excited, new, and it looks so different and it was not at all the thing or activity or a job or a hobby for everyone around me. So I started a blogspot blog to share the things which I learn about Search Engine Optimization. I never know that my blog is visible to all, and I thought a blog is an online dairy and no one can view what am writing, except me. But later I realized that a blog can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. Then I started writing some use full SEO Tips & Tricks and How-tos and more which I think might be useful for my blog audience based their engagements, impressions they left visiting my blog. People started liking & spending a lot of there free time reading my articles.

So moving further I understood to increase readership I need to improve my blog visibility. I researched a lot on how to improve my blog visibility and came up with solutions. As part of strategies to increase readability or visibility of my blog I joined communities, groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ related to SEO, started helping people fixing their Website, APP, Blog SEO problems. In no time I have got some good readership. Later on, I understood all this can be achieved through a Process called SEO.

Through my fellow bloggers, I came to know that I am not implementing any kind of SEO practices to my blog which effected it from ranking on search engines and also said search engines are primary sources for getting traffic which improves your blog readership or your audience no’s. Then I started exploring more about SEO and traffic generation methods. In a span of months, I was able to drive some decent traffic to my site via Search Engines and Social Media. Felt like achieved something new, Celebrated my self.

Thought to share the same with a few of my friends, done the same and came to know that they were not aware of SEO. I was in dilemma, till that day i never re looked who are my blog audience with expectations that all my friends are my blog audience but that was wrong, then later I understood that those are some other who are exploring similar to me to know the things what I want to know, that was said to be niche.

then I remembered a saying from my grandpa:

Go with the players to play more games, go with readers to read more books

So I explored different options, to find the people similar to me in way of thoughts so to learn more things and become more advanced in SEO. I spent a lot of time on LinkedIn to increase connections, Twitter to follow similarly, Facebook to increase connections etc. and also joined in many groups, communities, followed blogs similar to mine, done a lot more things. someone said me this is called social media optimization,

This made me feel more excited, went on an explored lot around SEO, then I heard that bloggers earn a lot from their blogs, but my earnings were literally zero. Then I went into deep analysis on my blog, as someone said identify and fix things not working for you with SEO Audit.

I am not aware that what is this SEO Audit. Later on after through research I understood that understand about website performance i.e. keywords that getting traffic, domains giving out backlinks, technical SEO issues reasons for 404 errors, redirections, slowing down your websites from loading, or any on-page SEO factors that are working bad so that our website will not rank or will not crawl, and understood all the reasons why my blog is not ranking on search engines for my targeted keywords.

So finally understood that I wrote few posts which are unethical and copyrighted content. Then I realized that copyrighted content won’t make me anything. After that, I decided to delete all the unethical stuff and came up with a custom domain name. First I bought a  .com domain name to make it more professional and to reach the global audience.

Few gave me the confidence that I can earn money through the Internet, after that it didn’t stop. It went on increasing …..

Currently, I am undergoing a very busy schedule with lots of work and pending works on my desk. Started a training program for newbies to help them make money online. helped many businesses in ranking their website to get more customers and make more profits.

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