About Raghavarao

Technical SEO Specialist Consultant -RaghavaraoRaghavarao started his career as a Web developer. Through online courses, other sources I learn how the search engines worked, potential impact SEO could have on website’s ranking in the search engines and others. In 2011, I proactively started volunteering redesign, SEO optimization services for NGO websites for improving  it’s visibility, ranks in the search engines. Later on he took responsibility as an in house SEO, to optimize online growth for an ecommerce website in financial, edutech and luxary space. 

My Education

Graduated from Acharya Nagarjuna University.

My Experience:

Out of passion, pushed him self to deal with all online marketing complexities e-commerce and ever other businesses have day around to become successful. 

  • make their idea in to a product or services
  • multiple exiting opportunities(selling online, sell through apps) to improve their ROI
  • increase their visibility online
  • letting his/her customers know about services& products it offers
  • find his/her customer and sell his/her services online.
  • Not Every influencer/marketer have an business idea
  • Ideas of finding opportunities
  • Client facing phone conversation about search theory that builds brand credibility and trust.
  • small business headaches, SEO costs and solutions,
  • Clear & effective Written Communication.

And lot more. 

My traits.

He is a Self learner, with ability to wear many hats and get done multiple things ease. With his unique perspectives and experience to solve digital problems,  helping brands through all internet marketing functions i.e. designing websites,  technical SEO audit, repoting compitition, Backlinks, conversion rate optimization, Online Reputation Management etc. He supported through multi-channel organic growth strategies for technology, e-commerce, retail, Local business, professional service providers, travel agencies etc in Bangalore, Vijayawada, Ongole, Nellore, Tirupati and other top cities in Andhra Pradesh since today. 

My Achievements

Though his business is small ,doing big everytime i.e. achieved  30% month on month traffic growth rate in last 1 year.

If you feel you may have a need for a team member like myself, please keep me in mind for any current or future opportunities. Pease feel free to reach out and open a dialog when your schedule allows. I’ll be here seeking the perfect-fit of where your position-of-need intersects with my one-of-a kind and valuable experiences and skill sets to create a partnership that is fruitful and lasting. Want to get in touch? Feel free to shoot me an email at raghavarao[@]iamdoingseo.com E

Expertise & Specialties

| ✔ In house SEO  | ✔ Technical SEO Audit Expert  | ✔Account Manager|  ✔ Local SEO Guy| ✔ SEO Content Writer | ✔ SEO Engineer| ✔ Link building Guy|  ✔ Web analytics Guy | ✔ WordPress Guy  | ✔ Account Manager| ✔ POC for Website Migration| ✔ POC for Building Traffic Reports|✔ SEO Team lead|✔SEO Consultant|✔ Niche Blogger|✔ SEO Growth Hacker| 

You Can find me  on Quora, request for our services on clutch, for more stay connected on LinkedIn & Twitter