How to become an SEO Expert in 2019?

Becoming a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Starting my career as an SEO Trainee learned old school SEO which worked well during 2011’s and later learn many many Advance SEO action Items and used it for getting deserved results for my clients,and joined aggressive players to learn Local & International SEO,along with Content Marketing & management strategies, Knowledge in Paid Marketing, Email Marketing & Completing this Digital Marketing Certification Course Helped me to become SEO Specialist with 4years of Experience from Beginner Level Today

How My Education, Career & Interests Boosted me to Become SEO Specialist?

I have completed my Graduation in 2012, I was an Electronics Engineer with decent coding skills, and had an interest for analytics. I have completed .NET training under guidance of real-time experts, went on looking for an programmer job, joined as .net intern with 21cssindia, later on opted web development and move forward in my career.

Had an break later, due to small personal problem and return to work after 6 months. this really given me a chance to explore my self, my interests, my passion, my skills, and more.I looked in to career options that really suits me. Requested recommendations, went on discussions with friends, relatives etc for finding an right opportunity. Many problems include job need, finance etc made me to hurry and settle down with low pay job i.e. 3,000/- INR per month. This low paid job backed with 2years commitment with employer.hence i have no option to look for change for next 2 years. This period has become an crucial period for self growth in terms of learning a new skill, increasing niche connections, understanding business models, finding ways to do assigned tasks and many professional, at work, work life balance and more things.

My Career, Responsibilities & Give-away’s as SEO Trainee

I have joined as web developer, my responsibilities include

  • Finding similar business
  • Listing out services & products
  • Understanding their business models
  • Building connections through twitter & Linked-in
  • Identifying Content Opportunities, UX opportunities,
  • Creating URL Diagrams
  • Creating new web pages using HTML, CSS,
  • Blogging

Understanding the importance of Marketing and its trend, scope through Imran uddin one of my friends, requested my existing employer to change my team & role. Later on moved to Internet Marketing Team as an SEO trainee with no knowledge about same. I was assigned for an SEO Master (Arjun Reddy) to train me on SEO,

Note: I Started my career in SEO when Brain, Neil, Rand, Bill and more are working as SEO Specialists but not as an Leading SEO Consultants

Learned many decent things about Search Engine Optimization during my earlier career under his guidance i.e. all old school SEO Strategies i.e.

  • Search engines & its algorithms
  • How search engine works
  • Understood all ranking factors
  • How to do Keyword research?
  • Keywords included Content i.e with higher keyword density i.e. thin content,
  • Directory, classifieds, business listings, profile creations,
  • Social media Networking
  • Web 2.0 Link Building(blogspot, tumbler, wordpress, seoblog etc)
  • Building more links to increase link profile (Low or high quality), Penguin
  • Creating company/business profiles on Social Media Websites (works in 2018 & later)
  • Image optimization (works in 2018 & later)
  • Bookmarks submission ( works in 2018 and later)
  • Blog commenting (dofollow)
  • RSS submissions
  • Docs, PPT,s,PDF submissions
  • On Page SEO
  • Link Exchange & Broken link building & Brand Mentions
  • Bloggers outreaching

and many more..

Surprise!: “My work, daily SEO activities i.e. stated above shown out results but not aware, or skilled to understand the reasons behind the Impact”

Note: The reason was my work backed with link building done by my seniors,

Search Engine Optimization Trainee to In-house SEO

Later I was assigned for an Client Livein-adventures, i.e. adventures organizing Company to work as SEO paying 17,000 per month, where my responsibility is to bring the client website for local specific targeted keywords i.e. scuba diving, scuba diving in Visakhapatnam etc this project really played key role in understanding Local SEO, Different strategies i.e. map listings,Business listing Optimization, local listings, event listings, local blog commenting, links form similar local players,and other Local SEO Strategies

Appointed as SEO Analyst with 2 Years SEO Experience

After spending 2 years of my time with 21cssindia an corporate training company, appointed as SEO Analyst paying 25,0000 at National Software Management an leading Software Development Services Provider. I am responsible for doing SEO from Scratch to Expertise to fight on Search engine SERP’s dominating many old Leaders for highest Searched query which has an business conversion or lead converting Intent.

This really screwed me down many times as i cannot achieve the assigned targets, and finally my boss outsourced the SEO Project for Freelancer, which worried me alot. My responsibility then was to verify weather the things are going good, ROI and analyze the traffic.

Truly saying out Loudly: ” iam not aware of this skills i.e. How to analyze organic traffic, how to check keyword positions as it consume lots of our time to check keywords positions manually, how to analyze traffic sources, check back links, what is DA,PA, and many more”  at that particular time …

Quora became a source for me to understand all those things i.e. to blogs to read for learning seo skills, how to’s  SEO Tools, how to use them, many more things which help me to make my things easier in related to above assigned tasks.

On other way Amardeep & Daman my Boss, my manager really helped me in exploring, learning many things  which made me to become or hold role of Sr.SEO analyst  paying 33,000 per month with same employer included responsibilities assigned for me when i started my employment with this employer..

But this time my work shown out the expected results i.e. up my business web pages on SERP’s for business intent keywords without going for PPC.

My responsibilities here as an SEO Analyst for NSM, a software development, & E-commerce site RUGUSA is

  • Keyword Research: Implemented using Google keyword planner, Google Auto Suggestion, Ubersuggest’s etc
  • Competitor analysis: SEM Rush( ads analysis, high traffic bring keywords, keywords position), Ahref (back links, referring domains, link profile),

Note: I don’t have paid access as it was start up, so i used to create multiple emails and register with the same and used the 10 day premium free plan for doing above with SEMRush

  • Traffic analysis: Google Search Console ,Google analytics, Ahref

Google Search Console: this will really help you to understand the missing opportunities of your business

  • Content marketing: finding traffic driving content from competitors using SEM Rush,broken links using screaming frog,  and Outreaching the webmasters, relevant bloggers using Search Operators, and getting back links through guest posting, blog commenting etc.(Working in 2018 & further)
  • Branding & Social Media Optimization: Using Hoot suite, Buffer,  to schedule & automate posts on Social networks, request for links through reaching webmaster analyzing brand mentions using social mention etc
  • Off-page: Book marking, Blog commenting, Back links, doc,image,video,ppt,pdf submissions, etc

How I Become SEO Specialist with 4 Years of Experience as SEO Analyst

After 1 years with experience of  I have been Appointed as SEO Executive with Avohi, later as Sr SEO Executive at Bank bazaar which was a decent opportunity for me to scale up my self in career. BB was an aggressive online finance e-commerce website ranked top for all generic and informational, business intent financial queries on SERP’s of Search engines.

Working with aggressive players make you even more aggressive which really turned my career to next level as an SEO Category Manger with Leading Edu-Tech Simplilearn

Working at Bank Bazaar really made me an Aggressive learner of new things related to SEO, I have be given responsibility to work on international SEO while working with this employer.

Learned thing include :

  • Local SEO,
  • Back links from Local Players ( blogs, blog commenting,
  • TLD’s Implementation
  • Get Sponsored on Premium Publications
  • Finding High traffic adding content meeting the needs of specific GEO’s
  • On page SEO (address,payment gateways,,href-lang)
  • Back link Analysis (High DA, Disavowing low quality links),
  • Fixing Penguin,Panda, Fred, manual penalty,
  • How to De-Index, redirect, fix 404’s & Soft 404’s,
  • Mobile optimization, App optimization
  • Strategies for holding top positions on SERP’s
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • UTM Tracking Implementations, Lead conversion Optimizations etc

With this vast Experience and best opportunities with multiple employers helped me learning to use SEO Tools, Content Management & Marketing Strategies, User Engaging UI/UX, Lead Conversion Strategies, Link building, Ads Management, Traffic analysis, create reports for planning the tasks further, and all the result driving strategies plus completing Digital Marketing Certified Associate Program with Simplilearn Made me Category Manager or Sr.SEO Specialist paying (not disclosed) at Simplilearn Today


Top Required Skills for SEO Specialists:

What skills are in the highest demand globally and across the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and India
How the skills requirements have changed in the last few years
  • Analytical skills – knowledge of Google tools like GA and GSC,
  • Technical aspects of SEO to achieve perfect visibility of a website – knowledge of HTML and CSS, technical SEO skills are H1 and meta tags, status codes, XML sitemaps,robots.txt, and solving crawl issues,

What tools are popular in the SEO industry

The field experts’ opinions on the most important SEO skills

The skills I consider to be most important as an SEO specialist are very much centered around technical abilities. We’re talking technical SEO primarily, including some coding of HTML, CSS and Javascript. At a minimum along with proficiencyin a number of essential SEO tools for analysis and troubleshooting using GA and GSC, and using a quality SEO suite such as SEMrush or Majestic. Continuous learning is important, and then it’s through gaining real-life SEO experience that these skills really become a career-building asset.  say’s Peter Mead


It’s not surprising to see that analytical skills are the most requested in the industry. As an in-house SEO, most of the time you’ll face senior stakeholders that struggle to make sense of digital. They’ll need robust reporting and a little hand holding to get things done. In our experience, agencies tend to be used for search strategy, sounding boards or to do heavy lifting in specialised areas, such as link building and digital PR. So it makes sense that the most sought-after skills are technically led.When interviewing candidates, we recommend putting them through a technical test and a stress test. That way, we can see what their thinking and comprehension is like when they encounter a problem that has multiple outcomes. We often find that the fact that someone knows how to work a crawler or run reporting in GA doesn’t necessarily mean they have the deductive skills to make sense of the data and turn it into actionable insights for their wider team. says Ross Tavendale

Lastly with hope this will sure help you in taking career to next level, request you share your growth story here in comments can make it best reference further…

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