The Top 9 Most Admirable Traits of Indispensable Team Members

If you were able to build a team and handpick the members, what traits would you seek?

What personalities, behaviors, and actions would make a team member valuable, even indispensable?

There are a handful of key behaviors and actions that every leader wants in their team members. Of course, not all team members exude these behaviors, which is why leadership must take it upon themselves to encourage the positive traits when they arise, and coach those who are struggling.

Now, let’s review some of the most admirable traits of indispensable team members.

They Participate in Everything

Indispensable team members participate in everything they can. They are go-getters. They volunteer for all company get-togethers or meetings. They regularly contribute ideas, and they are not afraid of being out of the box with their proposed solutions. These are people who are forthcoming and yet not afraid of asking questions.

They Are Honest

Indispensable team members are not afraid of being honest, even if they are wrong. They will admit when they make mistakes, take accountability for their actions both good and bad, and only make commitments to which they can fully commit.

They Are Consistently Reliable

On that note, they are reliable. They always do what they say they will, to the best of their ability. Their word is a guarantee. These people will consistently provide quality work and always take pride in fulfilling their commitments.

They Have Positive Attitudes – Even in the Face of Adversity

Indispensable team members will try to always have a positive attitude. They are thankful for opportunities at work and they take constructive views even in the most difficult of situations. These individuals do not take things personally and remain professional and positive at all times.

They Are Solution Oriented

The best team members are the ones who are professional mature at all times and focus on solutions. When projects are on the table, these are the people who look for ways forward at all times. Even if something goes wrong or is unexpected, they will focus on finding ways to improve the situation. Everyone makes mistakes. No team is perfect. Yet the best team members are the ones who readily admit that mistakes were made and move forward toward solutions in lieu of finger-pointing or placing blame.

They Are Proactive

You want team members who are proactive. The most valuable team members try to contribute something always. Even when they finish a task, they will not simply stop and waste time, waiting to be told what to do next. Instead, they will look forward toward the tasks to come, to see what things they can jump on next. A good team member is one who does their job well. A great team member is one who regularly looks to the net task as soon as they are done with their current task.  

They Share

Sharing is caring. A great team member will share what they know and seek new knowledge. Hoarding knowledge is no way for a team to function. Collaboration is key. This sharing of knowledge, of assets, of skills, is something that only the best people exemplify because they see the strengths in others and want to raise the value of the entire team by sharing when and where they can with each member.

They Are Self-Starters

On the note of proactive team members, the most indispensable among your staff are those who are self-starters. Nothing is worse to the functionality of a team than a member who not only barely pulls their own weight but who requires constant leadership and micromanagement. The best among your staff will ensure projects are completed per requirements without much oversight. Give them instructions and the job will be turned around before the deadline. You don’t have to stand over their shoulder and monitor their work.

They Are Always Learning

In addition to sharing knowledge, the best among your team will always seek new knowledge. Whether it is something they do in their personal time or during work hours, they will never stop learning. The best people are those who recognize that there is always something new to learn and you never know where that knowledge can be applied.

Overall, you want people who demonstrate these traits and can serve as examples for other team members. Everyone should want to support the overall success of your team. Encourage the positive traits among your members and help those who need guidance.

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