How No-follow Backlinks Benefits SEO?

Here goes my opinion regarding this statement?

“If Do-follow links are proven to boost Page Rank, then why does Google recommend sites to build No-follow links as well.”

What is No-follow Link?

A nofollow link is a type of backlink from user generated content, content syndication sources. According to google, It is the link for which you paid, or an advertised link. To add more about No follow links, they are type of back links which will not let the source of backlinks, pass their trust and authority to targeted links or destination links.

Why No-follow Back links are still Important?

As many said nofollow links will not help in seo, they areĀ  still considered as an important link building tactic because
  1. Google many times said ” they will not fallow theses links ” , but will consider the anchor text used with this nofollow link to measure the relevancy, and use this to credit the destination or targeted link. on the other hand the visitors uses these to understand more details.
  2. Researches, say that every website rank no 1 for any niche or generic query on serps will have 20 % to 30% of nofollow links in their link profile.
  3. No-follow links get targeted traffic to the websites
  4. No-follow links are some time act as sources of increasing direct traffic, natural referral traffic etc.
  5. No -follow link building is the Natural link building strategy as google already aware it is paid , and it is to increase business when it is done in context and linked to relevant source
  6. No-follow links improves visibility, brand reputation
  7. No- follow links helps us indexing the not indexed web pages
  8. No-follow links never lead us to penalize , i.e when build nofollow links aggressively using Exact match Target keyword as anchor text to link to relevant source from niche, relevant sources, instead help in increasing ranks for the targeted keywords.

so i recommend nofollow back link is important, it is valid by google, it is also recommended. I also add that the nofollow link benefit SEO, When the link was build for relevant destination or webpage using relevant keyword in context from the relevant source.

Let me share one my personal experience regarding

“I want to improve ranks for my clients website for the keyword “blogger outreach services”. So i have started getting a contextual nofollow sitewide back link using exact match keyword i.e. “blogger outreach services” aggressively from relevant sources for a month. Later i have noticed that the clients website getting huge organic traffic as it started ranking in position 1 or 2 or 3 on SERPS for all related keywords.”

So its is said every website should have both nofollow & dofollow links

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