Local SEO Guide for Beginners

Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization)! what is this ?

Local SEO is a process to turn local searches into leads for local business.

Don’t get confused! Nothing is new about it, except using (Location+target keywords) to optimize , this is completely similar to standard seo.

What is local intent or Geo-Modified ?
“Local intent” mean that using town or city name you service along with keywords is called local intent. here are few frequently used local intent search queries. Eg: “Keyword + location” or “keyword + Near me” or “Keyword + City/state/country name” and other similar variants

Any in-house seo team, or local seo company like us, or local marketing agencies or local seo experts use local seo process to promote local business  services & products online. They or we or any use Geo-Modified, Location Specific Searches as Targeted Keywords to use them for optimizing, improving ranks for local clients. Today Local SEO is considered as an effective way to improve visibility on search engines, drive more buying traffic (web traffic and foot traffic!) to their online stores, websites and physical stores. I also add that local search’s has the highest conversion rate today than any similar options.

Local SEO Vs Organic SEO

Local SEO is a process of building local specific relevance signals for any local Business to get more local customers. Local SEO focus goes on Location + Keywords. Organic SEO is process of building relevance signals from targeted niche audience from any location for website to get more organic leads.  Organic SEO goes on Search Query only. Local SEO is Part of SEO

Local SEO is Must! Why?

? To turn local search in to your leads’…..

These days people are using internet to do almost every thing i.e. buying, learning, doing business, finding directions to reach stores, hospitals, schools, temples etc, making payments, ordering food etc.

Just because of this you should do Local SEO, No, then why?

Is it is true, You have an local Business or going to start one or may be working for any local business which don’t have a website/app or GMB Listing. If its is true! then you are missing lot of your customers.

  • People started buying things from other stores using their websites, Requesting services reaching other similar business using google maps, or finding contacts available on GMB listings
  • They are considering reviews & ratings of business to make buying decision,
  • Lot of things happening around.

Its time now, you need to find a way to make every one know about your Business , isn’t it.

Its surprising you right, how search, google maps showing out your competitors only when you also have one similar.

few things make this happen ..

  • Have an app or website
  • Done Content Localization & optimized webpages for Geo-modified Keywords
  • Claimed Google My Business listing & optimized it
  • Build NAP Consistent Citations

This is all called local seo, It is the only way to help you.

Then why waiting, Start doing Local SEO for your website or online store pr an app to position on searches and make them available for the customers at the time they are looking for your type of business.

Do i really need online presence for doing Local SEO?
It is good if you have one, else you can claim your GMB Business listing at google my business, Yelp listing etc optimize them perfectly.need any help go here.

Thanks for Google My business, yelp, trip advisor etc supporting us with this.

Some thing to push you more ….

I believe that online marketing success for business is making customers locate business physically or online, contact them through email or phone number & understand or know their services & products.

Experts says “You loose your business if your business in not available on Internet.”

Stats says that 46% of total searches on google are Local , 60% of local searches used get directions & click to call, Google maps listings or google 3-pack displays on top of search for all keywords with local intent & 70% of people confirming business location on local searches before going to it for the first time, and more . so as said earlier start doing Local SEO now.

How to win Local Search?

We know local search is an dominant of online opportunity those get in new business today. So Here are the google’s ranking factors those influencing local search backed with Pigeon & Possum algorithms. You must look-in, Must implement this local seo tactics to win the race on search engines for local intent search’s. I have noticed quality back links, Consistent NAP Citations are most dominant in Local Search Influencing Factors.
Ranking factors are divided into dual categories, one category to influence the organic ranks & the other for google local three-pack lists.
Here we go.Local search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors every local business must win in 2018
  1. Should have an physical business in the location you target for ranking,
  2. Proper category assigned, Verified & Optimized GMB listings
  3. Having localized content,
  4. Consistent citations, reviews, ratings & links

Ranking Factors Behind Local results & Local Pack listings

Ranking Factor 1: Optimized Business Listing on GMB:

  • Have an Verified Listing on Google My Business (GMB), if not claim it & get verified sooner,
  • If your business multiple locations & you should have different GMB listings for each.
  • Include accurate Business name, not included keywords
  • Make sure you never go for virtual business address, remote offices etc
  • Add Photos of your Interiors, work place, rest rooms etc of your physical office to improve Dwell time on GMB Listing. Here is an informative article on how to claim your business listing on Google My Business. As your well optimized business listing on GMB will be sorted based on relevancy, distance & Popularity so to list on Google Three-pack.

Ranking Factor 2: Mobile Friendly :
Check websites mobile friendliness using this Google’s tool. Choose an Mobile friendly theme for your business website

Ranking Factor 3: On-page SEO

  • Keyword optimized business title(less than 60 Characters), meta description (less than 150 characters), URL (as short and as near as possible to main domain) i.e. here is an reference
  1. “Service + City name i.e. Local SEO Services Bangalore”
  2.  “If you are looking for an seo company in bangalore to provide local seo services. Reach us for, no matters you was an small business,global business located in various locations around the globe”
  3. https://iamdoingseo.com/local-seo-services-bangalore.html
  • Create different pages for different locations if business based at different locations
  • Optimized Header tags included target keyword
  • Include Local business schema for different landing pages if you have multiple locations, or use schema for home page if you have one business location
  • Create unique 400+ words localized content for each landing page
  • Embed google maps for each landing mage

Ranking Factor 3: Reviews & Citations

What is an Review?

Review is an Citation for an product , services provided by the end user. Reviews benefits users, and businesses. Users use them to understand the product or services the best, business uses them to increase trust, fix issues with their product or services.

Here are the focus of an best review:

  • grabs attention customers who are matters for a business
  • looks genuine and appealing for the user
  • enhance the reputation
  • making customers understand the product , services end user prospect

What is an Citation?

Citation is an Mention of product, services or business provided on listing, directory reference provided to your business a review written for your product or services by an end user, influencer etc, an recommendations buy trusting source

List your Business on review’s sites, business listings to improve online reputation, get valuable feed back and improve citations here are few top review sites: yelp, yellow pages, face book, manta, better business bureau, Four Square, Trip Advisor, Angie’s list, glass door, LinkedIn etc.Take care of reviews management i.e. requesting for feedback from customers, respond for reviews either mention thank you message for positive & apology message for negative reviews submit listings for data aggregators or primary data sources, include info groups etc, directories like super pages, yellow book etc for getting consistent ~ Same NAP citations (NAP: Name-Address-Phone no)Get more reviews by promoting multiple Questions while commenting or responding for reviews

How to  choose directories & other resources to get citations?

Here are considerations our experts do to finalize the resources to get citations.

  • High Authority, Traffic & most popular Directory Aggregators for Getting Citations
  • Competitor Directories: we do use best keywords, identify best directory for getting citations for SERP’s
  • find Google trusted Directories
  • submit business manually for high authority, and relevant social media sites to get awesome social citations,

Ranking Factor 4: Domain Authority

Improve Domain Authority & increase chance of visibility for customers by Getting back links from local blogs, city’s chamber of commerce, local media outlets, local events etc by reaching them & maintaining relations.Maintain Consistency in incoming Links from local domains

Ranking Factor 5: Social Signals

Engagements on google+, face book business pages, twitter business profiles etc

Ranking Factor 6: Behavioral Signals 

  • Find distance for reach to business locations
  • Request for directions,
  • check-ins,
  • Request for call,
  • CTR of search results etc

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