Drive organic traffic, Get Maximum Online Visibility with these Content Hacks

Content Hacks are those helping us in generating different pieces of content. micro contents, curated, guest posts, repurposed contents, tutorials, and others or few examples of content hacks. For any brand writing new content is the top notch to increases visibility for its product or services. Here we discuss different content hacks for creating content that get more visibility for our brand with less investments.

Why Writing a Good Piece of Content is important for any Brand?

It is important for any brand to populate good pieces of  content for its audience. Understanding more are conversions. With a good piece of content Brands will be having lots of benefits as said here:

  • Attract many Clients for your business,
  • Increase your email lists
  • Generate to many community insights , this can be sources of new contents
  • Get an opportunity to understand more about your audience or customers
  • Get more visitors to your blog
  • Increase your personal brand
  • you’ll be way ahead of your competitors.

Top 6 Content Hacks for Increasing Online Visibility & Reaching Audience?

Content Hack #1 : Answering all those Questions customers ask related to your niche

I experimented, succeed using Questions? this is the one best recommended sources of content opportunity from my end, i love it!. Here we go to get most out of this content hack. Find all the questions your customers frequently ask using quora, PAA’s, Questions with highest search volume, Moz Tools, discussing with sales team etc. Its all done now, Just create a new content answering all those questions . Hey you made it man! Just start promoting it using social media, book marking, forums, quora, etc.

Content Hack #2 : Top #’s or Best “niche topic ” or  Curated Content – The hack of Hubspot

I add that this not for lazy bloggers or content marketers,

Curated content is one among best sources of natural Traffic, links & mentions via experts, top niche blogs etc. For curating a Piece of content one must do research for finding the best information using buzzsumo, growth hackers, scoop-it, media feeds, google news, alerts, subscriptions etc.

I add that you must be aware of the topic you want to write about, once that was finalized, start doing research for finding content sourced by an subject mater experts or niche influencers around the chosen topic. Trends, keyword research, keyword auto suggestions, competitor analysis can be few sources of topic research.

One more strategy to add to this  is , if you find articles, you make it to infographics. If you find videos, you curate it to post etc go with different formats of content that is not same as source content format. Write a attention-grabbing headline for the topic, once content is finalized before make it live to make it sensation. Please do include mentions of that top influencers, to make it more accessible, and get some natural referral traffic and other benefits.

here is how Michael Dunlop get 100,000 visitors/month for his blog using power behind curated content

Content Hack #3 -Take one detailed, effective piece of content and Repurpose it into 10+ pieces of contents

Repurpose Content can be one of the best source for improving visibility of the Brand. Repurpose the content is an fucking secret behind success of Gary Vaynerchuk, here is that one winning strategy. One can benefit a lot as him doing this regularly, but Putting in lot of hard work is needed.

You need to do lot of research for creating the long piece of info (product or business presentation, interview, ted talk etc), it can be used for re-purposing. Articles of 2,000 words or more tend to perform very well in search results. The different forms of content is videos, memes, stories, infographics, images, podcasts, stories, guides, gifs etc. That is the fucking shit, distribute on all relevant social media platforms i.e. Instagram, you tube, slideshare, tumbler, pinterest, Facebook, twitter, linkedin, medium, email’s, quora etc. I also add that you must know the context of each medium, going to use to repurpose the big deck. it ads value when done in the right time. So share the content during the best hours on each different platforms you choose ti distribute your content. once every thing is done, its time to see which worked, which didn’t via comments etc.this goes like this. This content hack really make wonders ..

Content Hack #4 – Data Driven Content is Another Content Marketing Hack:

Find an interesting data points related your niche via different sources. Write an detailed article around that data points relating it your success story. I add that Data driven Content grabs lot of attention than any content type. Let me help you with different sources to collect the data points. Those includes surveys, email or twitter polls, quizzes, forums, quora, sales professionals etc.

Content Hack #5 – Writing Content around Top Niche News, Trends:

This really worked for us in populating our popular personal finance products around the web. This is really an easiest way to grab the attention of your customers. This strategy can help you in getting listed on alerts, google news etc. One can start writing the information around the news that impacted your niche a lot. this content hack can some times make you an though leader gives you to much credibility. Sources for gathering the impacting news is creating google alerts, subscribing to the best blogs which are regularly sharing this top notch news of your niche industry.

Content Hack #6 – Win Customers Using Power of  Guest Posting  & Commenting

Guest posting is the opportunity to give value to a fresh audience and inspire them to pay your site a visit. It works this way i.e write a piece of content and delivering it for relevant blogs with highest traffic, that belongs to other people.

here is an winning formula of GrooveHQ, for reaching 1 million people using guest postings. Go on now.. get benefited with this content hack!

Here are some tips that can help you

  • Research for relevant blogs (a blog that attracts the ideal people you actually want) considering your end user action items.
  • Under stand each blogs social engagement behavior using Buzzsumo tools  i.e. total number of comments, likes, shares, retweets, etc
  • Looking into each blogs  for your similar or relevant old blogs, archives to know the traffic they are getting using those pieces of content.

once your guest posting was done, use this method to make most through comments

Don’t forget This:

Creation of high quality content and promoting them to the right audience, using power of content marketing & multimedia benefits a lot in improving online visibility & reach.

Now its your turn, recommend an content hack i might have missed by commenting here …