How I Check for Duplicate Content on my website?

Hi all, we have been running into too many instances of plagiarism  these days and it is a problem we need to nip in the bud right away. The content managers should always ensure that no plagiarized copy has been found across their core site content including content that has been developed both internally and externally. Plagiarism will not only negatively impact websites quality score, but it is simply a bad practice that can get us into some serious problems. Let’s not take any chances.

Why Check for Duplicate Content is Important?

Sometimes the content contributors deliver a plagiarized content copy. So content marketing team should actively look for plagiarism when editing, reviewing and upgrading website content. Check for plagiarism mean  understanding where the content originates, how much of it is original and if data is not derived from your end, make sure it is properly referenced and cited.

How I Can Audit Website for Duplicate Content Copy?

In general writers and editors are responsible for editing, upgrading and enhancing content. To identify we have plagiarized copy

  • Identify the instances of plagiarism i..e any articles, website content written by you or content received on  making requests to produce, edit or upgrade content
  • check if an paragraphs lacked appropriate data and/or specificity.
  • Research articles by googling certain sections to find if similar copy is already available i.e. existing article (same title, same heading, same bullets, same order, etc.)  and flag the issue, if found any such instances.

Any tool out there, to check for duplicate content,

Yes there are lot, but i recommend using Plagiarism checker by SmallSeoTools,

  1. Enter this URL in  your browser:
  2. Copy the snippet (up to 1000 characters at a time)
  3. Click “Check Plagiarism”*If content is not unique or considered plagiarized (red),

Hope this helped you to understand how to maintain quality standards, produce original content.I appreciate if you can add more tips as a comment.