How to get a Indexed Back links from High DA sites Similar to Buzzfeed?

Get a back link from High DA websites increases the traffic as well as Google rankings. But, Its always a hard job for every Webmaster or blogger to get these backlinks. Yet many link building experts doing deep research, testing all possible opportunities & using their experience made these things simpler. Here is one similar growth hack i.e. getting a do-follow back link from BuzzFeed i.e. a gold mine for all seo experts, digital marketers.BuzzFeed a Property with domain authority equals to 92, and was a source for Decent Traffic for Multiple Niche Websites/blogs/ Channels etc.

Here is the link i got for my website from Buzzfeed

how to get back link from buzz feed

Lets Now Understand how to get Link from BuzzFeed?

Lets now understand best, tested, successfully implemented opportunity to get an Indexed Back Link from BuzzFeed to Affect  Blog/website SEO

Step 1: Published an Article to Buzzfeed:

Later I have noticed that my post was not indexed on google, and not even found the as a referring domain to my blog on aHref, google search console etc. Researched lot and understood that buzzfeed article get indexed only if it get featured on home page or as part of featured articles which is controlled by buzzfeed editors.

Way’s we can make our page get published on Buzzfeed main page:

  • Getting your article return through Staff writers from buzzfeed.
  • Writing an unique, crazy article, posting it on BuzzFeed for free and requesting editors to include your article into featured articles,

But later on I identified an alternate way to index my BuzzFeed post.

How I Indexed Back Link From BuzzFeed For My Blog?

Here are the steps I implemented to index my article featured on BuzzFeed Lets implement now…

  • I work with blogger Content Management System Tool, you can use word press or any CMS Tool for doing this.
  • I have opted new post Opportunity to create a new post on blogger, similar can be applied on all other cms tools i.e. tumbler, medium, word press etc
  • Posted an new article or blog post on Related title with the buzz feed article I want to index

How to Post New Article to blogger?

  • Include a Link in the post

how i included the buzz feed live URL in My new post on blogger

  • Then Publish the same.
  • Choose Google Webmaster or google Search console to proceed further

Search Console of Iamdoingseo

    1. Go for fetch URL Option, learn more about fetch as google here

Step 1: “Crawl” Section ->Click on Fetch as google Option

How to Choose Fetch As Google Option on your website verified Search Console

Step 2: Place the link in fetch bar –> click Fetch button,

how to include live Url for Fetch as google

Step 3: Click on the “Request Indexing” Button to

How to request google to index your Fetched URL

Step 4: Clicking the Request Indexing Button, Popup  triggers out requesting to make choices of Submit Methods i.e. “Crawl only this URL” or “Crawl this URL & its Direct links, Here you can choose The second Opt i.e. “Crawl this URL and its Direct Links”
Google came up with New Manual Crawl Limits on requesting for re-indexing through fetch as google on Google Search Console

New Manual Crawl Limits on requesting for re-indexing through fectch as google on Google Search Console

Note:you can only do this 2 Times a Day according to google

Choosing the Submission Method when requesting google for Indexing the new url

Press Go

How to get a indexed back link from buzzfeed?

After getting your Buzzfeed live URL similar to this i.e.,  to get it Indexed on Google, You should create an new post using any of the CMS tool(word press, blogger,tumbler, medium etc ), You must add your  live Buzzfeed link, and push the post to live immediately,then Fetch the live Blog post Link using Fetch option in Old Google Search Console .Now Place the url in fetch bar then click on “request to Index” for both smartphone and desktop variations which triggers an popup to select the Submit method, you can go with Option “crawl this URL and its direct links” , confirm by checking I’m not a robot, and press Go button, then its done from your end. Just Wait for the magic to happen,

Hurry!Now just open Google Search Console,  –> Links—> Referring Domains —> check Buzzfeed, i.e. the  indexed buzzfeed do-follow back link,  it’s there Yahooo! ….. Or use any back links monitoring tools like aHref, etc.