How I Rank Local Business in Google Maps Local 3-Pack?

Is it is really important to rank  local business in google map local 3- pack? Yes of course. Google Maps Local 3 Pack is the craziest feature Google introduced recently. This future actually provide an opportunity to local business gain online visibility over national or global brands. So it is mandatory for every local business to take advantage out of it for reach to its audience and improve sales. This boosts your business visibility of search local search quires for example ({%Service%} provider near me or {%Service%} provider in {%city name/location name%}, i.e. SEO service provider near me or SEO service provider in Bangalore, etc.).

Also GMB listing is one among the most successful Local SEO tactic that benefited maximum business. Though their exists multiple alternates i.e. Bing Places, Apple maps, Yelp listings etc. Google My Business listing is the dominating the crowd. But be conscious about this i.e.


Google My Business is just an complementary but can never be the replacement to business website. This only helps in improving visibility, getting attention to your business from the local search audience.

Local business owners can use this guide to learn 3 important Google Local SEO Hacks

  1. Know the process of creating Google My Business listing for their business.
  2. Completed the GMB Listing correctly, optimized in all possible ways to get most benefit out of it
  3. Get ranked on search, positioned in rich snippets (google maps local 3 pack) for relevant location specif searches

So an well optimized GMB listing can possibly grab a position in the google maps local 3-pack for all the relevant local search keywords it is targeted.  Below is the image to show how Google Maps local 3-pack looks like.

Rank local business in google local 3 pack

So let me help local business through. here in this post iam sharing my experience on how i help clients positioning their local business in google local 3 pack.

Steps to rank local business in Google Maps local 3-pack.

To Rank your local business in Google Maps Local 3-pack, your business should have an optimized Google My Business listing.

Step 1: Claimed or Added Google My Business listing for  local Business

Here are some guidelines from google i always keep in my mind to ensure the the local business ownership on google.

  • Make sure Your business should have physical presences. Never claim business listing or create listing on GMB using virtual address. This is going to hit your business terribly. my business once got penalized for doing this activity. So say big no for virtual address any time. – Passed
  • It is always recommended that business owner should know about all the details included in the GMB profile, How GMB works, how it is going to help  and other info if  the business listing is managed by third party teams. – Passed 
  • Local business owners should know this : GMB is a free opportunity to source your business services, information, address and contact details on Google maps, search.
  • There are two options for adding a business on to Google. They are Using Google Maps & Google My Business. ( i prefer to go with GMB)
  • Go and create an gmail account or use the existing one to sign up the GMB Profile ( i prefer to use owners gmail account to create business listing on GMB) – Passed 
  • Enter your Business name  for example “iamdoingseo”. Never populate keywords to your business name , this will never add any SEO benefit.
  • Add business address, point the position a marker on the location. You can enter chain locations of your business in one account. Take advantage of it, never create different GMB profiles for different locations, This may confuse you a lot.
  • Add business category “Google will support you with recommendations choose wisely”. In my case category i choose is marketing consultant, then internet marketing services. You can choose multiple categories for single profile. but this may case confusion for google in ranking your business for search queries. So prefer exact match for example “marketing consultant”, if you don’t find them go for broader once for example “Internet Marketing Services”.
  • Enter a phone number or website URL  of your local business.
  • Ensure you use same business name, business address, business phone number everywhere. This is called NAP Consistency.
  • If you have chain addresses, It’s recommended to use individual phone number, store page for each location.
  • You can also create free website on GMB to populate your business details, updates etc.
  • Go and verify
  •  If you see a page that says “This listing has already been claimed,” click Request access. Know the process of how to claim your existing listing

Hope you created a GMB listing for your local business. Now go an optimize it so to improve visibility.

Step 2: Optimized Google My Business listing of the Local business

According to 2017 local ranking factors analysis Google My Business listing contribute 19% to improve local rank

Optimizing your google my business profile will help through process of improving your business websites local rankings. Local rankings of business is “Google rank local business for people who search for businesses and places near their location”

Google knowledge graph also uses GMB information of verified business to provide details about businesses for relevant or brand specific searches.

For example if i search for “Technical SEO consultant in bangalore”, if i don’t find my local business in search or in Google map local-3 pack then i should optimize my Google my business listing. Some goes with ever local business owner.

To leverage the local ranking strategy for the local business here are the tasks i used to populate business for local searches or Rank in Google maps local 3 pack:

  • Update the business information
    • Store code ( Character limit 64, avoid using special characters) – to distinguish each location if have chain addresses. This should be unique for different location. Its recommended to include your brand name in store code.
    • Business name (no longer than 100 characters, Camel case is allowed) – short, not keyword optimized. I prefer or recommend to add only “Brand name”
    • Address – Maintain NAP Consistency, if have chain of address select primary address. ( address line, sub-locality, locality, administration area or mandal, head quarter or district, state, country and pin code/ postal)
    • Latitude and longitude – Optional
    • Primary phone & Additional phones – prefer unique phone numbers for different locations over common call center.
    • Website or local store website (recommended different for different location, 256 characters will be displayed) – Enter the complete URL, including the “https://” or “https://”.
    • Primary category, you can also add multiple relevant categories under Additional categories option. The category should be consistent across all locations , if you have chain addresses
    • Hours – opening & closing hours, preferred 24 hours, either of (HH:MM-HH:MM) or (HH:MMAM-HH:MMPM) can be used
    • Business description – Optional
    • Holidays
    • Opening date – optional
    • Photos (size Between 10KB and 5MB) i.e. logos, team photos, office photos (internal & external view) – Update a profile Photo or business Logo & Cover Photo to the listing. More images on the listing boosts more customer actions.
    • Labels – take advantage of adding keywords
    • Attributes – take advantage of mentioning benefits i.e wheel chair access etc. This encourage customers see what your business has to offer
  • Step 2.1: Optimized Google My Business Listing for Relevancy, Distance & Popularity:

    • Relevancy (opt your best business category, add 1000 words business description, include all business details i.e. phone no, business website, working hours, holidays, services & products prices etc.),
    • Distance targeting near me searches (create city pages targeting keywords+city name in headers, URL etc) ,
    • Popularity (addition of images, reviews, citations(mentions your firms on other sites or business listings), links) so to rank in Google Three-Pack)

Step 3: Other activities i have done to position my client business or rank local business in Google maps local 3-pack

  • Add reviews from customers – increase your business’s visibility in search results. It is very easy just create a link to add reviews to your business and populate it on your business website and other sources.
  • Remove any listings that are duplicates
  • Including important keywords and search phrases to your business listing
  • Build Local Citations

Step 4: Report success or failure of Google My Business Listing

  • How customers find your listing. ( Direct searches i.e. using brand name, Keyword or discovery searches i.e. found using keywords ({%Service%} provider near me or {%Service%} provider in {%city name/location name%}, {%location%} near me or {%location%} in city etc) example ( seo service provider near me or seo service provider in Bangalore, Temples near me  or temples in bangalore)
  • Where customers find you on Google- “Listing on Search” – this is called search view. and “Listing on Maps,” – this is called map view.
  • Customer actions i.e. requested directions, visit website, call the business , view posts, photos etc
  • Direction requests.
  • Phone calls.
  • Photos.

Now its your turn,

Just comment below to let me know what worked well for you, what did not worked for you. You can also seek help through Local SEO from me. Check my Local SEO consulting services to know more