Local SEO Services

97% of consumers go online to find local services, and 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business. more than half of all total Google search queries have local intent. How do you connect with these customers? By doing local search engine optimization (SEO) or by requesting for Local SEO Services.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO, your business will be loosing too much traffic with highest conversion levels of all advertising channels. Local SEO is important for any business for Improving website’s PROXIMITY, RELEVANCY, PROMINENCE, Rankings on local search engines. This also helps your customers find you locally through search engines,  directories, or through social media channels. getting more local traffic & leads.

we offer Local SEO Services for Helping Business Succeed Online & get more Local Customers. You can choose iamdoingseo to deal with all your location specific web optimization requirements, for full filling all your business needs to top the local search.

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How Local SEO Can Help your Business Grow?

Local SEO is an strategy implemented for any websites to grab the attention of local customers via selocal Searcharch engines for Geo-modified  or local intent searches.  Local seo is an insight with highest conversion rate than any advertising channel in digital marketing space. Google , Bing DuckDuckgo and other major Search engines noticed new trends i.e 60% of their latest searches are for near to me business, professional near me and more local intent keywords. It’s like Potential customers using search engines , are looking for business, professional similar to yours, within your services area. Most Importantly Brands like Google, to meet its audience needs started showing up local packs, local specific business over global business for all local intent search queries.

Here are different Benefits business gets, marketing their website for Local Intent Keywords.

  • Boost Local traffic, website ranks for Geo modified searches and list your business on google local three, local four packs,
  • Get most converting customers & qualified leads
  • Increase business trust, improve brand awareness with reviews & citation
  • Increase Website performance, relevancy for local intent searches,
  • Local seo can help your customers find your business address through google maps, through Yelp, foursquare and other  business directories etc, and through social media sites even.

Does Local SEO Help your Business?

You can be any type of business, i.e. local company with specific service areas, an franchisee or  a business that want more traffic, leads, and sales within specific designated market areas (DMAs) or a business or professional want to get listed across online directories, on maps and navigation apps or in Google’s local pack etc, Then you are the business who should do local SEO.

Start doing local seo properly for your website to

  • get more local customers,
  • Improve ranks for local intent keywords,
  • make your businesses get noticed ,
  • increases no of visits to your website,
  • grow leads to your company.

For not missing this opportunity, you should possibly do one of these things

We Provide These Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services - iamdoingseo

This Local SEO Marketing Company is providing  all the services to help local establishments in growing revenue & leads organically. IamdoingSEO local SEO team is having years of experience in planning strategies for improving traffic from specific locations, providing local seo solutions for location specific business. Here are different ways how we are helping Businesses with local search marketing.

  1. Keyword Research & Targeting
  2. Meta Tag Optimization
  3. Content Optimization & Localization – we do provide SEO Copy writing Services to make your website content specific to targeted locations or destination of your business audience. Content localization help audience to understand more about your business, services, products etc. Our services includes
    • Creating city pages for targeting local intent keywords,
    • Translating existing content to Local Languages
    • Adding Local Specific Address, phone no, maintaining NAP Consistency,
    • If Prices includes modify them to Local currency, Managing date formats, Spelling, reading practices (left to right, right to left), color/colour interests and many more. we are here to help you with Content localization services
  4. Website Maintenance Services
  5. Image Optimization & Interlinking, Anchor text Optimization
  6. Building NAP Consistency Citations – Help your business available on all local Directories, Listings related to business niche & market commons. Claim Your Business Local Listings  to increase reputation – Optimizing business for Google Maps, Google Three pack listing & Google Four Pack Listings for your niche & targeted keywords to improve CTR with our GMB Listing Optimization. NAP Consistency Citations gives boosts authority, trust and local trafficOur Local Citation Services Includes
    • Product/service reviews through influencers, niche experts that influence your product/service ROI
    • User reviews through your customers,
    • location, business & niche specific reviews
    • We identify Customer Review Websites both B2B, B2C based on relevancy to type of your business. Our experts writes reviews, manage them on behalf on these websites. Few of them includes your own website, trust pilot, Angie’s list, which, consumer reports, google my business, yelp, glass door, trustradius, foursquare, Facebook ratings, twitter, G2 crowd and more.
    • You tube reviews
    • Fix Nap Errors,
    • Business mentions in location specific data aggregators.
  7. Schema Implementations
  8. Local SEO Audit (Keyword rankings, Competitor Analysis etc) —Local SEO Audit to check your existing local foot prints – We have an Internal Practice of Moving forward at any Local SEO Campaign, Doing Complete Local SEO Audit for removing any low quality, not relevant,  citations, and more. this help us repairing websites from existing all low quality citations more effectively.
  9. Niche Link Building – find opportunities, outreaching local bloggers & influencers to source back links. Researches says  89% of local seo consultant’s recommend link building, an effective way to improve local search ranks. There are lot of local experts who are believing, doing link building will boost visibility on local search. we are team of experts with experience in building local business backlinks. Back links are the game changers over citations, content and other local marketing channels. local Link building can improve visibility.  Getting Good local back links are time consuming, rewardingour link building services include
    • blogger,influencer, local communities, charities Outreaching Services
    • mentions in location specific, niche specific Event listings
    • Links from expert names sites, communities, insight sites
    • Content opportunities & recommendations to write local specific buy guides, travel guides, contents, tutorials etc
    • Finding Opportunities, Creating Webinars, podcasts, videos to get backlinks, trust from top traffic so
  10. Managing Business Reviews & Ratings to improve Prominence -Its proved word-of -mouth, product & customer reviews are the best and trending marketing factor that influence the visitor to turn into customer. Reviews are winning local citations which matters for search engines these days.
    • If a business have more reviews mean, engaging more with its customers,
    • If a business have more ratings mean, this business provide best services for its customers,

    Our Team of influencers can help you in

    1. writing a user reviews for services as an end user who bought your product, services and get benefited.
    2. Writing a product reviews that can help your business sell products. we write reviews as a end user buy using, understanding the product or services. The product/services Reviews includes usability, ability over others similar product or services, its stand out features, its value to money and other important additional details.

Why Choose Iamdoingseo’s LOCAL SEO SERVICES

Choosing us to get done your local search marketing job: You will rank among top local search results, improves ranks for Geo-modified, business intent keywords that are frequently used to search on local search engines by visitors, to find you and your relevant business. Our local search engine optimization services includes

  • Customized Local SEO Solutions for your type of local Business.
  • Organic Local Leads Generation
  • Managing Critical Local SEO Components.
  • Perfectly match local strategy with your organic link building strategy
  • Make your business listed on GMB, Optimize to Grab an Position in Google Packs, found on google maps
  • Track your business Performance week on week, suggest new recommendations to pace up ranks, traffic and more to increase visibility & trust or reputation, get targeted local traffic.
  • Help you Get more Best Local Search Dominating Citations.
  • Give away access to logins, profiles and others we used to build online visibility for our clients for ever.

Our local marketing strategies to grow your business are executed through most experience local seo expert. Our 10+ local marketing professionals have handled simple & complex local search marketing projects with focus on optimizing websites for specific region, location or city. Contact Iam doing Local SEO Team Now

Our Local SEO Services Pricing

Its all true, i even believe it. Every business had its own unique requirements, to full fill the needs of its audience. I look out  different opts to increase local organic traffic for any type location specific businesses. here below the list of services iamdoingseo provides. Iam aware Local SEO is always an must options for Smaller business to stay ahead of the crowd. To support every one, we have came up with fallowing affordable prices to provide local seo as a service, get businesses the best results in return.

Iamdoingseo Local SEO Packages are Affordable &  Monthly Retainers

Local SEO Packages

Silver to increase targeted local traffic (best for single business)

Gold to increase local traffic & leads (Local SEO Pro)

Prices1500$ / month4000$ /Month
Keywords Plan25 (Geo modify keywords)50 (Geo modify keywords)
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee (%)* in 3 months30%50%

Initial Review & Analysis

Check for NAP (Name, Address, Phone) ConsistencyYes (recommendations only)Yes (expert advice)
Analyse business service areas, business listings, web pages, blogsYes (for our knowledge)Yes (suggestions provided)
Competitor analysisYes (basic using search)Yes (using tools)
Keyword Analysis (organic, search results, local intent keywords or Geo modified keywords or location specific keywords, Geo targeting keywords or specific market targeting keywords ),Yes (to check weather you target right keywords or not)Yes (recommend target keywords to increase local traffic)
Local SEO AuditNoYes (include details to report)
Google + local page or GMB Analysis (description, category, reviews)YesYes
Check for Plagiarism (Check for duplicate Content), fix through robots.txt, canonicalization or no-index meta tagsYesYes (recommend new content opportunities, to fill the gaps)
Social network Analysis (likes, shares, tweets, connections etc)YesYes (tools) include details to report
Brand Citations analysis (mentions on social media, contextual back links)NOYes
Back links & Penalty, Manual Actions analysis (backlinks/referring domains, anchor optimization, spam score)YesYes (include details to report, provide suggestions, implement strategies to fix the issue)
Broken Links CheckYesYes (include details to report)
Internal Link Structuring & OptimizationYesYes (include details to report)

ON-Page Optimization (one time fee)

Title & Meta Tags OptimizationYesYes
URL OptimizationsYesYes
Pages Hx tags optimizationYesYes
Image (lazy loading) & Anchor text or hyperlinks OptimizationNoYes
Keyword Density Analysis & Content OptimizationYesYes
Outbound links (no follow, relevancy)YesYes
Internal Link Structuring & OptimizationNoYes
Website Page Load OptimizationNoYes
HTML Code Cleanup & OptimizationNoYes
Robots.txt Creation/AnalysisYesYes
XML Sitemap/AnalysisYesYes
Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up)YesYes
Google Analytics Set Up (if not setup)YesYes
Address add to current website page[s] (if applicable)YesYes
Fresh Web Content Suggestions* (writing charges extra)NoYes
Mobile friendlyYesYes
Content LocalizationYesYes

Off Page Optimization (monthly)

Managing business on customer review sitesNoYes
Building local Citations (directories, communities, meetups, business listings, classifieds, event listings, yellow pages)Yes (provide recommendations)Yes
Content marketing (local blogs, influencers)Yes (provide recommendations)Yes
Google My business Page Optimization, getting reviewsYes (provide recommendations)Yes
Social BookmarkingYesYes
Q & A (Quora, forums, blog commenting)YesYes
Reviews (product, user)Yes (provide recommendations)Yes

Local Search Optimization (monthly)

Managing Location Specific Service pages optimized for local intent keywords or Geo-Modified & Geo-Targeted Page ManagementYes (provide recommendations)Yes
Google My Business Setup & VerificationYesYes
Bing Local Listing Setup & VerificationYes (provide recommendations)Yes
Setting Geo Targeting in GoogleYesYes
Schema & local Structured data Mark-upYesYes
Embedded Maps, managing call to actions on GMB, Bing Local etcYesYes
Building NAP Consistent CitationsYes (provide recommendations)Yes
Video Production and MarketingNoYes
Yandex Web master SetupNoYes
Baidu Web Master SetupNoYes
Content Syndication using Web 2.0’sYes (provide recommendations)Yes
Local Focus content writing & marketing (guides, how-to’s etc), i.e. blog managementYes (provide recommendations)Yes

Reporting Services

Search Engine Rank ReportYesYes
SEO Activity ReportsNoYes
Google Analytics ReportYesYes
Google My Business (GMB) Insights Report or AuditNoYes
Monthly Action PlanNoYes


Phone, Skype, EmailYesYes
Request for Service NowRequest for our Basic Local SEO ServicesRequest for our Pro Local SEO Services

We Also provide Customized Local SEO Services at $5000 to $10,000/month to help your business’s local search engine optimization campaign

  • Complete Local SEO Audit, Competitor Analysis & Regularly monitoring competitors, local seo campaigns ($50)
  • New Website ($10,000 one-time fee) this includes Website Development
  • On-Site, On-Page SEO ($5,000 one-time fee)
  • Website Localization ($100 monthly)
  • Building Backlinks & Local Citations ($2,500 monthly)
  • Blog Management ($2,500 monthly)
  • Review Management ($250 monthly)
  • Social Media Management ($1000 monthly)
  • Google My Business Profile Google Maps Listing (should be included with setup fee)
  • Local SEO Campaigns Analysis & Reports

Work with us to Grow Your Business

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