My Bucket List

Things Iam Planning To-Do To Make My Limited Time Best

Many More Things I Should Do are left over till. Here are those list of all the goals to achieve, dreams to fulfill, and life experiences wish to experience. I have very limited time, can be next 40, 50 years. I want to make out best with this limited time on this earth. Here are those that can help me tangible every day. these are some things that are most important to me.  Whats more, coming up with my list gave me new-found enthusiasm knowing what I have planned ahead for my life! I have made this list so to maximize every moment of my existence and live my life to the fullest. Iam sure that these planned things will not let me spend time on pointless things, instead allows me to spend my time on things that matter to me.

what iam now?

iam a guy with plenty of resources, to much of time, but with little special moments, achievements & experiences. I have to many biggest dreams to fulfill, to many things to do which are not yet done. Iam the one visited very less no of places but had a dream to visit to many. Iam the guy with less skills, but want to learn more. I am the guy worked with teams as part of work life, but looking out to work on different things with teams i.e. group of friends, group of family members etc. I never met any celebrities, dream guys, famous peoples etc but want to make it true.

These are the list of activities gives me significant clarity in what i want from life.

  1. Travel around the world: Travel to……. with …….
  2. Learn a new Language
  3. Become Proficient in other fields i love..
  4. Staying fit – Achieving the ideal weight
  5. Being a Human
  6. Run a Marathon
  7. Learn a new Instrument
  8. Learn to Dance
  9. Adventure Activities..
  10. Horse Raiding
  11. Doing Agriculture
  12. Climb A Mountain
  13. Swimming
  14. Making Strategies
  15. Connect with past friends, teachers,
  16. Relation ship – let someone know how they mean to me
  17. Surprising
  18. Helping & Volunteering
  19. Become an Mentor, Consultant, Decision Maker for Biggest brands
  20. Start an Own Business
  21. Passion? Work for it
  22. Strangers? know them
  23. Play with kids in the rain
  24. See the nature secrets – sun rise & set, lunar & solar eclipse,  Poornami & Amavasya
  25. Gardening
  26. Petting
  27. Ted & podcasts
  28. Throw a Party
  29. Make Over
  30. Match Maker
  31. Education at Standford
  32. Drive my own car to go over a log trip
  33. Cycling with Back Pack
  34. Go for Random Destinations without a plan
  35. Saving Environment
  36. Saving Farmers
  37. Saving Marine
  38. Foreign  Experience
  39. Get Featured in Top Magazines.
  40. Knitting, Drawing & Crafting
  41. Dream Home & Dream car
  42. Master Cooking, Baking.
  43. Nature Traveler
  44. Go to snow
  45. 4 seasons of year
  46. Reading A new Book about unknown things
  47. Flying a Kite
  48. sleeping in the sand, grasslands, mountain peeks, snow land, river bed, beaches etc
  49. Traveling on cruise.
  50. Thank the company CEO in person for the great service or product they offered
  51. Eat the healthier diet
  52. Visit nearest caves,
  53. river rafting
  54. Origami
  55. Conquer the fear
  56. Retreat (meditation, gym, spa, swim to relax)
  57. Travel with soul
  58. Make a movement for a cause you believe in
  59. Blossoms show
  60. re-establish lost connections
  61. Fix Past Unhappiness
  62. Go out for Vanmahotsav
  63. Do crazy & out of character things
  64. Fly in First class, travel in maharaja train
  65. hitting Bull eye on dartboard,
  66. finishing the carrom bird
  67. Driving Bullet, Ferrari
  68. Tour to volcano, red sea, Thar desert, deadly forest
  69. Drive a flight, train, helicopter
  70. Do a front line job
  71. Fall in love
  72. Stay being humorous
  73. Go out for Romantic Gateways
  74. Doing Stunts
  75. Visiting Forts, old temples, castles etc
  76. Learn to talk to blind , def,
  77. Help some one in need
  78. Visit the paintings, arts museums
  79. Costume party
  80. Read Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bagavathgeeta
  81. Learn Sanskrit
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