Website SEO Audit Services

Fixing those Issues, Impacting Crawling, Indexing, Caching, Ranks, Loading & CTR of the Website

Search Engines love, trust, rank user optimised websites over the not. Theirs SEO challenges those impacts website organic performance i.e.

  • Page errors (redirection, accessibility, crawling ability, caching & rendering, canonicalization, broken links etc) ,
  • Site’s Performance (loading speed, responsiveness, AMP, PWA’s implementation ) and
  • Authority (Schema implementation, local prescence, social media integrations, rich snippets optimization)

I believe that, Properly Technical SEO done websites improves ranks for every piece of content published on your website.

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Let us know the issue, mention your specific needs, we will fix it

We are providing Services comprises multiple strategies those enable any type websites to increase the number of visitors organically using power of search engines. Our Services includes all components that enable website accessible for search engines to answer the query your niche audience search frequently. Let’s Know what you need, If you don’t know we will sure help you in figuring out. Make us understand your Specific business needs. Once we know the problem, we will let you know the solution (we also let you know why we made the choice over others). we will also help you in learning the same, so that you can do it your self.

Our Complete On-Page SEO Audit & Optimization Services

SEO have been playing a major role in the success of a website in the recent years. Their includes multiple SEO Components i.e. On page & technical SEO, Off-page & Link Building SEO, Content marketing, Local SEO, Global SEO, Multilingual SEO etc. However Doing on-page is an Important in any way to make websites stand out on the Organic SERP’s of Search Engines.  

OnPage-SEO-OptimizationOn-page optimization is an one-time task that helps any websites in ranking on top most position of SERP’s. So it is always advised to spend some time for doing on-page optimization for your website, to achieve success. At iamdoingseo, with years of experience in providing effective Search Engine Optimization, we guarantee 100% results to our clients.Our On-page optimization service includes all the things, any website owner must do to leverage their content in order to rank properly in the search engines.

  • Free SEO Audit (to analyse your existing Online foot prints)
  • Understand Your Business Intent
  • Keyword research (to identify potential keywords(traffic, leads, conversions)), Picking right Keywords & Keyword Phrases
  • On-page Audit (free)
  • On-page Optimization (URL structure, Title, SEO Meta-tags, headers, Images (Alt tags), Anchor Texts, Contextual Internal Back links)
  • Optimize your business services, products & blogs web page’s for search queries your business niche customers uses so frequently on search engines.
  • We can make it live through FTP Connections, Or Just send you the report..
  • Improve relevancy by writing unique content on subject’s that matters for your niche audience, 
  • As part of this Services we also send you Weekly Reports to show what worked, how it influenced, next plans etc
  • Including Social Media Optimization (We create, optimize your social media profiles to increase branding of your business)
Affordable White Label on-page SEO services for business & professionals. A separate SEO strategy is designed for every website here.
On Page SEO Services Specialist for Hire.

Our Technical SEO Services

In a word Technical SEO is improving Usability, Accessibility, Quality of an Website. Technical SEO helps boost your online performance, protect websites from Penalties due to algorithm Changes & updates, manage & implement best Practices of SEO to improve sites visibility, User Experience(mobile responsive, AMP, PWA’s) etc, Manage Site Architecture to the latest (Fixing duplicate, updating out dated content, identifying orphan pages, think content, remove broken links, canonicalization, redirection issues, amp’s etc), and avoid many things that harm website performance.

Technical SEO Audit (To Identify the reasons for loosing your Organic Ranks)

Includes Crawl analysis, Check for Mobile optimization, Technical duplication(canonicalization), Content indexation, Page attributes, Crawl errors and deficiencies (400 errors, 500 errors, etc), Image optimization, Internal link structure, HTML sitemaps, XML sitemaps, Page speed, Structured data, rich snippets & schema, Social integration, Open graph tags, Twitter cards, External elements, Index status, URL structures & overly dynamic URLs, Usage of frames, Domain age, Error pages etc)

Content Audit (To maximize your visibility in search for related queries.)

For Analyse website content(content length, type, positioning, tone of voice, used related words, phrases or ‘proof terms’ etc), structure (appropriate use of technical on-page elements) and markup(H-tagging, structured data,schema and micro data etc to increase CTR). Identify Duplicate, Thin content, canonicalization issues etc. Check for proper optimizing of images, videos, infographics etc. we at iamdoingseo we includes Searchmetrics, Buzzsumo etc in to our Content Audit.

Back Link Analysis (To Understand health of your website’s backlink profile) 

For analyzing the Quality of your backlinks, identify & remove low quality backlinks. To ensure your link building practices will not be the reasons for  getting penalized by Algorithms, or Manual action Penalty analyzing your Search Console deeply. We also check ( Deep link ratio, Anchor texts, Follow vs No-follow, Referring domains, Link types, Link velocity etc) of Link building profile. We also do Competitor Backlink Audit to recommend quick-win link replication opportunities. After Complete Analysis We provide you an strategy to outreach bloggers, get your back links that helps in improving your organic ranks, domain & page Authority.

Our Technical SEO Experts Helps you with..

  1. Website Migration (take care in every possible issues, so that it will not effect your SEO)
  2. Fixing any Google penalties, to Fix Ranks & Traffic dip 
  3. Speed & render Optimization
  4. Crawl Optimization
  5. Structured markup or schema issues
  6. Broken link building, 
  7. Spam Referral traffic, 
  8. Mobile first index (ensure it works across multiple device types)
  9. hreflang fix, Content Localization
  10. search console, analytic configuration and Analyse Your traffic using Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
  11. Redirections issues
  12. UTM Parameters
  13. Speed & Thin content Issues and lot more.
  14. Finally Gap Analysis to identify opportunities not currently being targeted and lot more

I deliver SEO services taking business objectives as a benchmark. keep a note my learning’s, experiences made me understand the differences between good & Bad SEO and importance of following SEO Best practices.

Note: In a lot of cases SEO is not the best online marketing channel, but sure it will be the best option in most of the cases when done ROI committed.

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Why You Should Fix On-Page, Technical SEO Issues of your Website?

Every Search Engines have their own set of search results, The major search engines Google, Bing, Yandex, baidu Primary Search results includes links, maps, videos, images, top stories, news etc. which are displayed in searches & ranked according to what search engine consider as relevant to its users.Implementing on-page SEO for websites/blogs will improve it’s, online visibility, organic traffic from search results on any Search Engine.

On-page SEO Will not work well for websites with Technical SEO Issues

In my experience i have noticed multiple website/blogs which did not rank well, not having decent traffic even after having best on-page SEO. What will be the reason here..It can be Issues related to various technical aspects, which can fixed through regular technical SEO Checks.

Technical SEO consulting is available on your request to suit your specific business needs.
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Why Choose US?

Our Organic SEO Campaigns are the reasons for Boosting Organic Ranks for multiple websites top search engines SERP’s since last 7 years . We are expertise in making changes for the webpages so to make it accessible, engaging, mobile or device optimized, error free, user & search engine friendly.

We Changed the way they Perform by consistently improving ranks month on month.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are most common technical SEO problems of an website?

  1. Redirection issues (301 or 302),
  2. hreflang issues,
  3. HTTPS,
  4. 404’s,
  5. hosting & loading issues,
  6. performance issues,
  7. HTML, CSS & java script issues,
  8. pagination,
  9. image optimization,
  10. canonicalization,
  11. content duplication,
  12. orphan pages,
  13. broken links,
  14. hreflang,
  15. Server issues,
  16. Meta Robot noindex,
  17. No XML Sitemaps, robot.txt
  18. Mobile friendly and many more.

When can a website get appreciation from search engine?

Websites are appreciated by search engines only if they are

  • accessible
  • taking 2 or 3 seconds to load,
  • mobile friendly
  • free from technical issues
  • answering its customer queries, providing services or products its customers need
  • popup free,
  • allow its customers, navigate easily, change settings to enable website meeting its customer needs etc

Case Study (Why google is a good website and appreciated by many search engines around the globe, by ranking it for keyword “Search Engine” )

Google serving the needs of its customers by answering any question with best answers as  search engine. it is accessible,

Our Technical SEO Experts help you in solving On-Page SEO (Local SEO or International SEO) issues  & Technical SEO Issues of your Business Website.