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Hi Mate, I feel glad you landed on this page. I am Raghava Rao founder of IamDoingSEO The leading internet marketing company. I was born on April 25th, 1990 in Andhra Pradesh, India. I am from Andhra Pradesh and Professionally working as SEO Consultant.
I was born and brought up in a middle-class family. Money was always a big problem in my life. The only thing I knew while I was the child to get rid of my poverty was to work hard, get well educated, perform well in academics. I was a good student since the beginning and was always top either it might be in school or my college.
After I was done with my +2, I decided to take up my graduation and try to get a good job in some reputed MNC,s Includes Google, Accenture, Facebook, Twitter. I am a very enthusiastic person and always try to explore something new. However I was not satisfied with the lifestyle I was going through, I always wanted to come up with something new and unique that can satisfy my ego. Then I started developing some unique skills like Swimming, Blogging and Web Development etc.
To learn anything my primary source of knowledge was the Internet and by the time I became very found of Internet and Computers. Then I started a blogspot blog to share the things which I learn. I didn’t know that my blog is visible to all, I just thought its just a dairy and no one can view my blog except me. But later I realized that a blog can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. Then I started writing some SEO Tips & Tricks and How to Tutorials which I think might be useful for geeks. People started liking my articles.
Then I joined few Facebook Groups related to SEO, there I started helping people fixing their Website, APP, Blog Optimizing problems. In no time I have got some good readership. At that time I didn’t know there exists something called SEO.
One of my fellow bloggers said me that I am not implementing any kind of SEO practices on my blog, then I started exploring more about SEO and traffic generation methods. In a span of months, I was able to drive some decent traffic to my site via Search Engines and Social Media but my earnings were literally zero.
I wrote few posts which are unethical and copyrighted content. Then I realized that copyrighted content won’t make me anything. After that, I decided to delete all the unethical stuff and came up with a custom domain name. First I bought a  .com domain name to make it more professional and to reach the global audience.
Few gave me the confidence that I can earn money through Internet, after that it didn’t stop. It went on increasing .....
Currently, I am undergoing a very busy schedule with lots of work and pending works on my desk. Started a training program for newbies to help them make money online.

About Our Digital Marketing Service Provider:

Today Business Owners or Online Marketers MUST master the art of link building, user experience and content promotion.IamdoingSEO online Marketing Experts Implements Link building techniques to generate more search engine traffic to your site.Our Natural Linkbuilding Strategies are super actionable and designed to help Business get more traffic, leads and customers.

What Can IamDoingSEO Team can do For your Business:

We offer Web Development, Organic SEO & Digital Marketing Services. We Focus on implementing natural link building Techniques that drive progress, relevant traffic, add decent conversions for clients business. For over one year, we have been a company focused on Implementing White Hat link building Strategies and Provide SEO solutions that drive progress for our clients business.

We recognize the importance of relationships that reflect our culture, respect. Iamdoingseo has a growing local presence with 2 employees.we have Services Providing center at Andhra Pradesh.

we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. we behave ethically and honestly in all our interactions – with our clients, our partners and our employees.

We take your business to next level. You can contact me at ragava236@gmail.com