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How Much is a #1 Google Ranking Website Can Benefit Your Business?

Ranking at #1 position on SERPs for its relevant search enquiry or most desired high search volume keyword is important to any brand. This an be achieved with continued SEO efforts for your website.

Remember- Getting Lead should be your priority, but not traffic from Search By ranking in #1 position.

How #1Ranking on SERPs Benefit Any Business

Receive 10x Clicks

Ranking at #1 position on Search Engine Result Page, your marketing webpage receives 43% or 1/3rd of all clicks on an average for non branded queries. This % varies on type of website, business niche, device etc.,

Receive Targetted Traffic

Being at Top position your webpage get more quality leads , traffic as your target audience are able to find, navigate to these webpages from search. These can be easily turned as prospects.

Increase SEO ROI

Doing SEO with focus to improve rankings for keywords that genrate traffic, easily convert to prospects at higher rate will result in increased SEO ROI

Build Credibility & Trust

Your webpage at #1 position is considered as a valuable resource that is updated to latest with highest trust and credibility in its specific niche and market. Your website become most relevant to search enquiry about your niche information, service enquiry, product research, what else.

Opportunity To Acquire New Users

#1 ranking webpage get natural backlinks, free referall traffic, online visibility, engagements on social media space.

Audience Remember Your Brand

Top position benefit brand awareness, attention to your marketing website because you creates positive experience to your audience. This result audience remember your brand and consider supporting you in future, benefit through upselling lead magnets.

Save Additional Advertising Cost

Business need not spend additional advertising cost for increasing traffic and organic conversions to their marketing websites.

Round The Clock Traffic & Leads

Business can provide 24/7 reach to its search audience not limited to shift being at #1 position. This result in driving business round the clock.

Quality Prospects & Continued Growth

Being at #1 on Google SERPs, if business offering quality product or service gets quality prospects and continued growth.

Next Steps

Staying at top still need an search marketing specialist to maintain website to satisfy evolving customer behaviour, demands to retain the top position. Iam an search marketing consultant, can help you market your website, capture or retain existing top search engine rankings, improve website monetization, and increase conversion rates.

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