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How to improve Active Listening Skills?

Active Listening has become a super important skill these days behind Communication skills. It is important to understand the point of view of others, build good relations between speaker and listeners. This can also add an habit of being empathetic.

Why Become an Active Listener?

Professional SEO Consultants like me are involved in a lot of client calls where discussions happen to define the scope of the project. But due to poor listening skills each of them, faces a lot of difficulties i.e. missing out important details mentioned by client while defining the scope of the project, also forget other details discussed during the meetings an more. All these may push professionals into situations where my performance was hampered a lot, due to escalations, etc. Finally, we may not deliver the client’s requirements. So being an active listener is most important.

How To Improve Active Listening Skills?

As my current role demands me to build active listening skills on priority to advance my career to the next level. Here is the plan or a set of habits I created for myself to improve active listening skills. I was a professional who is very bad at listening while I am making this plan.

Active Listening Habits/Activities

Here are the list of activities, habits that supported me to become an active listener

  • Take the responsibility of organizing meetings, sending out meeting agendas for both internal and external meetings.

  • Make a habit of sending out MOM(meeting of minutes) to the audience after every meeting, also asking audience to feel free to include the missing details and others.

  • Avoid using gadgets/devices during interaction with others

  • Maintain eye contact with the speaker virtually or physically

  • Asking multiple questions to get clarification for understanding more details whenever required

  • Finally, reiterate details at the end of the meetings so that we will not miss the details that are important

All these activities/habits helped me a lot to become an active listener enhancing my listening skills. Hope this will also help any one looking out to improve their listing skills.

Please let me know additional activities, hobbies that help you in improving listening skills through comments.

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