• Raghavarao Battina

How To Stay With Authenticity At Work?

We are said by our elders during our childhood days "just be our self", But non of them said how to do so?

So, today iam taking out some time in my day to explain How to Stay Authentic?

Authenticity Is Building Internal Capacity For A Change

Authenticity is staying genuine, you try combining it with emotional intelligence, respect, listening and understanding. Remember that authenticity requiers to consider perspective or feelings of your self and others aswell. When you want stay athentic remember you should also accept the athenticity of others aswell. Our authenticity should not hurt or disrespect others.

Ofcourse The Authenticity Is An Personalized Journey.

We should be aware that ours authenticity is lined up with the values of the environment we leave in, experiences we had in the past or present or may be in future. This may seperate you from your colleagues, friends or every one while staying authentic and this is the expected. Keep in mind that there are multiple styles to stay authentic, and every thing should be valued insted criticised.

Core Values Play Its Part While Expressing Authenticity.

Authenticity is expressing or potraying fundamental aspects of self include self brand, our beliefs, perspectives on what is right. They dont stay as they are, they are going to change over time. Any comprising can discomfort us or let us stay back from being valued or stay in the top of minds. Allow your authenticity play around latest trends, living habits, social behaviours, economic status, family life, culture, physical appearance etc.

There is saying "be a roman while in roam"

How To Be More Authentic?

Answer The Following

  • What are your core values,

  • If they are properly assess them against current trends if they are relevant, valued and functional.

  • Are their any bias connected to your core values

  • Does the core values compromise your relationships.

Evaluate Your Core Values

  • what made my environment more engaging and stay authentic in the past or now that benefits my well being.

  • Any time in the past do i had feeling of being true to my self with high satisfaction

  • Any "this my moment" in the past, at time whom were you with and what you are doing?

  • Are there any places where you can bring more of your self.

  • If there are any situations in the past or now where iam unable to be my self and how do i felt.

  • All these should help you find the core values that are functional and dysfunctional. Finally try replicating them all etc

Stay Away From Disfunctonal Core Values

Keep efforts to stay away from core values /habits that are working against you or when they are considerd dysfunctional after evaluation. Also develope new core values as needed. Stay up never comprimise your core values that are functional as they result in compromise your welbing aswell.

Last Words

Authenticity is identifying whats important to you and determine how much you can i tegrate those values in to your work life or any other areas, so that you can experience life satisfaction, feel engaged and make postive contribution to brand and society. Staying authentic mean not afraid to difficult conversions rather make them more innovative conversions to that fuels learnings, confidence, engagement.This can help in bringing true selves at work.

Finally The authenticity is an ongoing journey fueld by your core values. It should be keep on changing after evaluations and stay away thinking where it leads you.

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