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New Website SEO Checklist

Create a website with landing pages to target relevant high search volume target keywords with relavant search intent.

Involve SEO team during intial stage of development. Consider auditing CMS in advance to proceed development

Setup Google search console/ bing webmaster Baidu webmaster for your website

Setup Google business profile, bing places, apple business, x/facebook/instagram profile, linkedin company profile and other social media profiles and link together

Remove noindex tags on all important landing webpages that needed to be shown on SERPs

Update robots.txt file rules to allow bots to crawl all important pages, and blick unwanted pages from crawlling.

Include XML sitemap path on robots.txt.

Dynamicaly generate XML sitemap to ensure all the new pages included when build, and dont include pdf pages, broken, redirected and noindexed webpages. Also create an recurring ticket each month to submit XML sitemap to Google Search console or other webmaster tools

Setup tag manager either google tag manager or tealium tags for your website

Setup GA4, Adobe Analytics, Looker or other analytics tools

Implement tags, define goals on analytics tools to track all main conversions, clicks on website. Filtet out self or office IPs to track traffic, sources without errors.

Crawl the website using screaming frog to validate and fix broken inlinks, canonical issues, image, hreflang issues, meta data and h1 issues

Regularly monitor website technical issues, performance, back links and content gaps And more

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