Unchanged SEO Fundamentals To Any Change in the Algorithm

When we train in SEO, it is very common to hear that Google has again changed the algorithms of its search engine and; This change is always assigned to an animal (panda, penguin …). With each change, the rules of the game to do SEO are modified and; again the SEO must look for new patterns to position our content. Although the changes in the algorithms of Google and other search engines such as Bing are constant; We can affirm that there are 5 SEO recommendations that are constant or unchanged to any change in the algorithm.

In this article we are going to give those 5 tips that regardless of the algorithm they implement have worked from the origins of SEO to our days to position content.

However, despite the fact that there are 5 SEO recommendations that are constant, this list must be applied and adapted to the project you are implementing. Remember that what works for a blog or a company does not have to be the best for your project. It is good that you read each of these tips and see if it is necessary for your project or not.

Here are the 5 SEO recommendations that always have positive effects despite the change of the Google algorithm.

1) Incorporate structured data to your website.

Nowadays there are many websites that are made with WordPress. This CDN offers many possibilities; but it does not have by default the implementation of rich fragments for your website. It is good that your website, implement the following rich snippets:

  •  Schema.org.
  • Open Graph Protocol (Facebook).
  • Twitter Cards.
  • Micro formats of Google.

So that you can understand well that these are structured data or markup, we can say that basically they are a series of data that we place in the code of our website so that the search engines can better understand the structure and content of the web.

Structured data may have a greater impact on certain industries more than others. For example, if your business is a restaurant and you implement Schema.org you can include recipes or even the menu of your restaurant through these labels.

On the other hand, if you are a legal or tax consultant, you will have fewer options than Schema.org offers for business; since you can hardly include a menu of your business. However, if you can take advantage of them for the services that the legal consultancy has.

In any case, our company (Simplilearn) has implemented Schema.org for a long time and; precisely thanks to them and the SSL certificate we managed to go from 20 daily visits to 900 visits as we currently have. Logically, it is not only this factor that influences, but it was one of the most important.

In fact, if we use the MOZ tool for our Chrome browser, we will see that one of the factors that they analyze in a website is the markup that is precisely where they tell you if these rich snippets are on your website.

How do I place these tags on my website made with WordPress?

Structured data makes it faster and easier for crawlers to understand information within the page; turning it into a very powerful web positioning tool. However, we must know how to implement them correctly, because often they are not well used and we can distort our search factor in the search engines.

However, if it is applied correctly, it will have a quite positive impact on your pages.

 Schema.org: if you use WordPress, you can implement these tags with the installation of a plugins. We use “Schema — All In One Schema Rich Snippets from Brainstorm Force”. However, there are other plugins that we can install and that also work very well on our website.

Open Graph Protocol (Facebook) and Twitter Cards. Both rich snippets are very easy to insert into our WordPress. Basically it’s about installing the famous Yoast SEO. Once installed, in each page or WordPress entry we can add these tags if we click on the social networks icon on the left that is in the meta tags box. This part can not be added automatically as the meta tags, but we must fill it with every entry we make manually.

Google Micro formats: these are the rich snippets of Google. There is no plugins for WordPress, but you will have to do it through the instructions that google offers in the Search Console.

2) Update the entries and pages of your website

Google likes that the information you offer on your website is up to date and fresh in content. For example, if you are a website for seo services, all sections of your website i.e. blogs, Pages etc should be included with all latest info related to SEO

It is not only good that you change the content of it, but also that you modify the publication date of the same that you can do with WordPress quickly in the right panel of each entry or page next to the text or content that we write.

If it is an event, it is good that you recycle that information or; by counterpart if you do not want to update the old contents, at least place the “no-index” if it is an event that has already prescribed. In this way, you will not have to re-address if that event was shared through social networks.

The search engines know when the content has been modified and this factor is taken into account when ranking web pages.

For this reason, it is advisable that you write down this second lesson very well from our list of 5 SEO recommendations that are constant and independent of the changes in the algorithms.

3) Perform a suitable and optimized interlinking.

The structure of a website is very important when it comes to positioning it. For this, not only the template or style that we choose for our website plays a fundamental role; but also the interlinking or internal linking of our website.

Therefore, this lesson can be perfectly enter our list of 5 SEO recommendations that are constant in time when practicing SEO or organic search engine positioning.

You are one of the most important factors. In fact, it was one of the factors that allowed us to take the step to have those 900 daily visits on our website. We can not give absolute advice on how to do it; They depend on the web, the content and the project itself.

For example, if your website is from a business that performs different professional services. We can establish categories for the URL of our articles; precisely one category for each service. In this way, we will structure our website better and; In addition, each entry that we write related to a specific service, will link internally to this service. In this way, it will gain greater authority to compete for positioning that service in search engines.

This strategy has worked for us for search engine optimization services, content marketing services, search engine marketing services. On the other hand, as digital marketers we are in the first position without writing content or opening a category for this service. But this is due to the fact that, fortunately, in India there are no Digital marketers who are contributing to do SEO in the search engines. If there is little competition it is easier to be in the first positions.

Tips for good interlinking

If you are the SEO of a web project, it is good that this interlinking or internal link you carry out through Excel spreadsheets or tables that allow us to know which pages link to each other to avoid penalties for the “penguin” or the “panda”.

To structure the strategy, it is advisable that you take into account how many internal URL we have on our website and; we classify them according to measurable parameters such as sales or advertising revenues; positioning and searches that each of them receives … Those pages that lack competition will hardly receive links from other pages of our website; These should help those who do compete with others to position themselves better.

For example, you can see the following Romuald Fons video that can help you to understand and structure the internal linking of your website. Although, this strategy for many videos and content that you see, you must choose it yourself, for that you do SEO and measure your results constantly. Each project is independent.

In addition, the advantage of interlinking is that we can enrich the vocabulary by which it is linked to each page thanks to which we select the “anchor text” of it.

4) Optimize Meta-Tags: title, description, URL …

Change the labels of the title and the description of each one of the entries and; Optimizing it to the number of allowed characters is a task that all SEO must do.

In fact, optimizing these entries is essential to increase the CTR or the chances of clicking on our ad instead of the competition.

It is true that there are factors that allow to draw the attention of readers, how to place emoticons to our titles or descriptions; Toggle uppercase and lowercase to highlight text; place the stars to qualify our entry or article; insert the lowest price of a product in the title, etc.

It is fundamental once we have made the changes; evaluate and measure the impact caused. Through Analytics and Search Console this data is easily obtainable for the Google search engine and; for Bing and Yahoo! we have the webmaster tools of these search engines.

Remember that search engines change according to the country of use. It is true that in India Google has won all that land to its competitors; but in other countries like the US, Google shares its use with Bing and; in Russia it is Yandex the most used.

The way to optimize these meta tags will depend on the brand image we want to project; of the competition, the sector of that business or website …

5) Get external links or backlinks

It is true that every time external links are a more secondary factor of SEO and; In addition, they are external elements that we do not control like SEO on page.

All the previous tips of this list of the 5 SEO recommendations that are constant in time when practicing SEO have focused on internal aspects of our website. They are the most recommended to optimize; even if something of the algorithm changes, we have control over them to modify or alter any change.

Despite being external circumstances when it comes to practicing SEO; It is true that those websites that do not search for external links for their websites tend to be worse positioned than the others.

However, when looking for links it is best to do so naturally and organically, without buying links.

How do you get that?

Creating original content and creative pages that become viral. For this, it is advisable that interesting articles or companies are written, which add value to the community. It is what is known as inbound marketing or content creation that runs away from selling your products. It is about falling in love with potential customers and users.

Creating successful creative pages is not easy and will not guarantee an increase in any specific number of backlinks; however, it is one of the surest ways to obtain organic backlinks.

The problem is when you are a local business or a small business. As much as your content is original, your audience in principle is small. Or you end up paying social media campaigns or SEO to get to know you, or hardly through SEO will reach the right audience.

If this is your case and you do not have money for a campaign, you must first create long-tail content that attracts visits through keywords that do not have much competition. You can also create surveys to know what content your community demands.

Conclusions about the 5 SEO Fundamentals that are constant over time

Measuring the impact of SEO changes is a constant challenge and not all of the SEO techniques you put into practice will work.

This short list can provide the reader with some ideas and instructions on things to consider when helping your site or your clients.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, these tips and recommendations are not absolute rules and; Although there are five tips that work, the implementation of each of them must be adapted for the project we are carrying out.

Each project is a world and we can not generalize; only make certain brushstrokes that usually work for most marketing plans.

The good thing about digital marketing is that everything is measurable. Make changes in the SEO of your website and analyze how it affects the positioning in the following months and; little by little you are strengthening and strengthening those practices that are most beneficial for your website. If you need help or are looking to position a business in Bangalore, you can hire our services or collaborate with us to help grow your business.