Looking for an SEO to Solve Technical Issues? We offer Technical SEO Services to fully optimize your website to improve ranks, increase traffic & get more leads

It’s Always True! The User Optimised website are Preferred by Search Engines to Rank higher on SERP’s and this will significantly boost  traffic to your website

iamdoingseo with it’s Organic SEO Campaigns have taken many websites to the top of Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu SERP’s since 5+ years . we Changed the way they Perform by consistently improving ranks month on month.

Note: We believe that fixing all your technical issues means your website on-page is done completely, so we include on page services to our Technical SEO Services. so requesting for this service includes both On-page & technical SEO.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is practice of making changes within the webpage so to make it accessible, engaging, mobile or device optimized, error free, user & search engine friendly and more. Best on-page seo brings good search engine traffic for every piece of content published on your website.

Why You Should do On Page, Check technical SEO For You Website?

Every Search Engines have their own set of search results, The major search engines Google, Bing, Yandex, baidu Primary Search results includes links, maps, videos, images, top stories, news etc. which are displayed in searches & ranked according to what search engine consider as relevant to its users.

Implementing on-page SEO for websites/blogs will improve it’s, online visibility, organic traffic from search results on any Search Engine.

In my experience i have noticed multiple website/blogs which did not rank well, not having decent traffic even after having best on-page SEO. What will be the reason here..

It can be Issues related to various technical aspects, which can fixed through regular technical SEO Checks.

Technical issues – redirection issues (301 or 302),  hreflang issues, HTTPS, 404’s, hosting & loading issues,  performance issues, HTML, CSS & java script issues, pagination, image optimization, canonicalization, content duplication, orphan pages, broken links, hreflang, Server issues, Mobile friendly and many more.


Iamdoingseo provide SEO Core Services comprises multiple strategies those enable any type websites to increase the number of visitors to the websites organically using power of search engines.

Our Services includes all the services that enable website accessible for search engines to answer the query your niche audience search frequently.

One Such services is Technical SEO Services to enable any websites User-Friendly & Search Engines friendly.

Websites are good, and appreciated by search engines if they are

  • accessible
  • taking 2 or 3 seconds to load,
  • mobile friendly
  • free from technical issues
  • answering its customer queries, providing services or products its customers need
  • popup free,
  • allow its customers, navigate easily, change settings to enable website meeting its customer needs etc

Case Study,

Why google is a good website,

Google serving the needs of its customers by answering any question with best answers as  search engine. it is accessible,


  • SEO audit for free
  • Optimize your business services, products & blogs web page’s for search queries your business niche customers uses so frequently on search engines.
  • Picking right Keywords & Keyword Phrases
  • Improve relevancy by writing unique content on subject’s that matters for your niche audience, 
  • Get referral traffic
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO
  • Landing Page Optimization,
  • Fixing any Google penalties, 
  • Local search & structured markup or schema issues
  • Broken link building, 
  • Spam Referral traffic, 
  • Mobile first index,  
  • SEO Audit
  • hreflang fix
  • search console, analytic configuration and Analyse Your traffic using Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
  • Redirections
  • Duplicate content
  • Fix Ranks & Traffic dip 
  • UTM Parameters
  • Speed & Thin content Issues and lot more.

I deliver SEO services taking business objectives as a benchmark. keep a note my learning’s, experiences made me understand the differences between good & Bad SEO and importance of following SEO Best practices.

Note: In a lot of cases SEO is not the best online marketing channel, but sure it will be the best option in most of the cases when done ROI committed.