Raghavarao – SEO Growth Consultant In India

Hey there, I hope you are having a Good Day

I AM a SEO Expert

My name is Raghavarao and I am seeking to solve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs.

Iamdoingseo to get a new customer every day. My background covers 8+ years of experience in providing Consultant services for Finance, Edu-Tech, Development, Retail Brands in Product Management, App Management & Marketing , UI/UX or Website Design, Development & Information Architecture, WordPress & other CMS, Link Acquisition & Reducing Customer Acquisition Costs, Improve Quality Score & Customer Experience on Website/app/blog. Monitors & Compile, Analyze, and Evaluating Incoming organic, referral, paid, traffic to gauge the effectiveness of the website/app/blog.

I am also one of the top link builders, out reaching expert.
My personal website iamdoingseo.com has been constantly in the top 3 for link building consultant and link building expert for quite a while.

I was a senior SEO strategist, I performed many enterprise internet marketing functions. Some of the talents I bring to the table are that I am able to have a client facing phone conversation about search theory that builds brand credibility and trust. I am experienced in small business headaches, SEO costs and solutions, Conversion rate Optimization. Most of my written communications are clear and effective.

Being a self-driven long time entrepreneur, I am able to wear many hats and get things done with ease due to my unique perspectives and experience in solving customer’s digital problems, running SEO Audit, Keyword Analysis, competitor analysis, gap analysis and more.

If you feel you may have a need for a team member like myself please keep me in mind for any current or future opportunities.

I also have served under some of the top digital marketing executives in the United States. I have relationships with several SEO managers and digital marketing directors as well as CMO’s.

Like everyone, I possess a few traits that are less than stellar. One of which is a constant struggle with pining down intermittent and unintentional verbal arrogance. Another is that of leadership…not in the ability to fulfill leadership qualities, but more of a lack of desire to manage employees that do not enjoy the “labor of work”.

If you think your organization could benefit from what others may refer to as an “SEO expert” … please feel free to reach out and open a dialog when your schedule allows. I’ll be here seeking the perfect-fit of where your position-of-need intersects with my one-of-a kind and valuable experiences and skill sets to create a partnership that is fruitful and lasting.

You Can find me  on Quora, request for our services on clutch, for more stay connected on LinkedIn & Twitter