Web Developer Skills Every SEO’s should Lear by Today

The world we’re living today is always becoming more demanding, and SEO is becoming impressive.

Why? Everyone builds sites, and that is why there are more 1 billion websites online, but only a few really stand out and make for the real web needs. If you’re trying a lot and getting a little, remember, it is about being unique. It could be design, some new unseen functionality or whatever, but it needs to be different than the rest. That is how you succeed nowadays. Although there will only be one specific field one will work on, knowledge in side fields like business, UI/UX and marketing is a big enhancement to your career.

This is the whole point. There is a purpose for every thing,  Being an SEO, You will be one to deal with users. So you should understand the real needs of users, what they are implementing etc.  You have to do research, find and get it implemented i.e. every single piece users never thought of, and constantly get feedback from them.

There might be redundant steps into performing a specific action like to many taps/clicks on buttons, menus etc for users. Doing everything, but it did not helped you, Then SEO’s its your duty to figure out issues, fix them so that will become more productive.

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Web Development! What is this?

Web development includes a vast majority of what’s called “normal stuff” for other people, like entering content into page or things like that. Web development is identifying , designing and testing a layout and visual design of the website, later turns the design into fully functional pages. It is something like doing everything from the basic file structure to entering text/images and coding and uploading the web project to the server to make it available on the world wide web to be browsed.

SEO’s Must learn Web Development ! Why not, It is Needed for Doing Technical SEO Audit & On-page SEO?

SEOs Must learn Web Development

SEO’s must learn Web development today. More precisely, if you have HTML, CSS skills, you can learn it even more easier. Recently i have got an email from ITC, IBM, Deloitte, SearchMetrics and other top employers requesting for my interest in applying for an role “SEO Engineer or SEO Developer” , the mail also includes SEO’s with Web Development Skills as a mandatory skill.

I my self when working with Bankbazaar in 2016, Simplilearn till 2019 , in 2011 with 21st century software solutions, involved in coding. I have also noticed the same with my better half, She is an SEO Specialist with Micro pyramid, Her responsibilities includes writing Code, other SEO Stuff. So having basic coding skills is mandatory for SEO’s today, since writing code will help with on-page SEO  and related.

There are quite a lot of points to consider why SEO should Learn Web Development.

Today brands hire SEO web developer or SEO engineer for writing code for functionality, design, interaction. SEO Engineers are currently high in demand regarding Mar-tech companies, which shows a clear interest in the field of Digital Marketing. However, here is some worth sharing that do stand out and make for a great career.

What does an SEO Engineer or SEO Developer do?

SEO Engineers for most of the time, run the technical SEO of a website unlike web developer run the technical part of website. SEO Engineers are for website Maintenance to fix the SEO needs of  website. He/she manages the technical seo health of the website, but neither involve in design of an website/app from scratch nor in developing the code for an website/web app, where an web developer do it. Their exits multiple roles under single cap i.e. Technical SEO Consultant, User Experience Engineer, SEO Web Developer etc. Here are a set of technical SEO initiatives an SEO Engineer is responsible for:

  • Developing an SEO-friendly website, managing subdomains, architecture, navigation of an website,  He/she lead, manage web development/app development teams.
  • Solving challenging technical problems of website
  • Write scripts, to track the user behavior of an website using Java Script,
  • Develop & implement AMP, PWA Pages for websites
  • Implement image optimization, Schema, rich snippets for webpages
  • Manage CMS , web Hosting, contribute to front-end product strategy etc
  • Fix Broken links issues, build internal links
  • Redirection (HTTP to HTTPS, non www to www version, without “/” to with “/”),
  • create new pages (URL’s),
  • Building sitemaps, robots.txt
  • Manage meta tags, titles, header tags, image alt tags, anchor tags, hreflang, canonical tag implementation, schema implementation for a website
  • Check for device responsiveness, user engagement using different seo tools,
  • Identifying Orphaned & think content pages to optimize content marketing funnel,
  • Conversion rate optimization, he/she identify gaps, suggest some design alternatives that are easy to maintain, cost effective, not effect the ROI
  • Reduce User Exit Rate,
  • Working on SEO-critical products with isomorphic or SSR aspects
  • Editing existing Website code.
  • Providing keyword-specific content development recommendation to add new content for Search engines.
  • Monitor, analyze log files, and optimize website activity, traffic trends, SERP rankings and customer acquisition metrics,

Skills Set: HTML, CSS, JavaScript & JavaScript Frame work, WordPress or other CMS, Web Hosting, Data Analytics & Web Analytics tools, A/B testing, monitoring and error detection tools, google analytics, Google Tag Manager, web-based usability testing tools, FTP, Managing and leading crawl efficiency and crawl bloat initiatives, Search Console , Screaming Frog

Here is Beginners Guide (Will Help SEO’s) for Learning Web Development

web development skills every seo professional should learn in 2020

For an SEO Professional with web development skills will have advantage in more ways than you think. Below, let’s have a look at some of the steps you can take to succeed in this career.

Know what you want clearly:

Understanding can make you focused, know what is needed, can let you have a chance to test your self for the skill.

Well, web programming is so wide, especially SEO’s probably want to specialize on something and leave something else behind for others to do it. it is a good practice to choose a set of important skills(website hosting, AMP implementation, PWA implementation, Java Script,  HTML & CSS Coding, Schema Tag Implementation and other skill  to learn and gain experience, rather than know everything so little that you are unable to achieve something on your own.

Change in skill learning scope for an SEO Professionals  by year

   image credit (https://www.ecommercedailynews.com/)

This can make them expert in implementing AMP’s, Fixing Technical SEO, Broken links other on-page seo Issues, write an script and lot more.  At a more professional level, you can go beyond and learn lot other web development skills. but this can impact your career a lot. So learn the Skills you need much better.

Launch an Website/Blog

Launching an online portfolio is your way to many advantages. So Implement AMP for your websites online, writing case studies how you identified & fixed technical SEO issues, writing Blogs, writing scripts to solve niche problems, completing certifications that are mandatory and many more for showing real results of your work o. Employers are always driven by results, they want to see how your productivity, hard work and maybe creativity is turned into results. It is never late to build your portfolio, and launch it online as a website that represents you and your work

Master Coding, Web Development Tools and other skills that are essential 

Below, let’s have a look at the web development skills and tools required for seo professionals, even you if you are one among the Marketing Space to either have a great start or improve.

Skills and the process of blending ideas/technologies together to create better results are central to the path of a web developer.Implementation is sometimes a compels process which includes a lot of thinking, planning and problem-solving from time to time as things grow bigger.

Coding skills that are essential 1

HTML : A markup language for describing web documents, made of a set of markup tags. A fundamental component, even though not a programming language.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) : CSS is used to describe the presentation of a document written in HTML. In other words,it describes how elements should be rendered on screen.

JavaScript -A programming language that controls the general or specific operation of websites and dynamic web applications.

Editors: A source code editor is a text editor program designed specifically for editing source code of computer programs by programmers.


Testing: Testing is a crucial part of programming. From time to time, systems get into the testing phase to ensure all functionality is as intended.

Responsive Web Design: There is more and more a need for mobile-friendly sites. That is not just for mobile, but for a whole bunch of other small devices. Responsive web design is the discipline in which is made sure sites adapt properly in smaller screens.

Technical SEO Tools : Several SEO tools are used to identify bugs and improve performance of a web page.

Tech SEO

Content Management Systems: Webmasters can create, manage, and modify content on a website without knowing how to code or with minimal coding skills. Few trending Content Management System tools are WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Hybris, Shopify etc.

How to Learn The Skills?

Invest some Time & Money for you

Nothing good comes for free. There is a large amount of “trash” on the internet, which means a lot of misleading information.That is why most of the times, it is advisable that you spend a few amount of money into educational platforms on web or go for instructor led training’s. Again, there are lots of services like this, I can recommend Simplilearn which is one of my favorite institutes, i have completed my masters in digital marketing & Software Engineering.

I think it is still worth it a try.


Considering the high rate of demand for customer engaging , user & search engine friendly websites, which include lot of complex activities, there’s not much to say about the prospect of this career. The need for innovative ideas turned into apps and websites is increasing, and big companies like Google and Microsoft are expanding their staff and services at such an inspiring rate, which means ideas worth sharing and implementing won’t probably get turned down. In case of new startups, the thing is to maybe target emerging services and countries in order to make a difference. Just like always, aim high, and do your best, the rest is just going to be a rewarding life