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What Happens To My Website When Ranked at the Top of SERPs on Google?


When a website is ranked at position 1 in Google's search engine results pages (SERPs), it gets the most visits. Users from search choose the webpage to complete their desired actions, i.e. buy a product, request a service or enrol on a course and what else customers are looking out for. It can also result in qualified organic traffic and conversions.


Getting qualified traffic from search has become one of the priorities for brands. This can happen with continued SEO efforts for their website. What's more, understands the benefits businesses have when they put in efforts to implement SEO and rank their websites at the top on SERPS. 

Receive 10x Clicks

Ranking at position 1, the webpage receives 34%  of clicks that can be easily turned into prospects.


Receive Targeted Traffic

Webpage gets more quality leads, and traffic as your target audience can find, and navigate to these webpages from search. 

Increase SEO ROI

Doing SEO with a focus on improving rankings for keywords that generate traffic, and easily convert to prospects at a higher rate will result in increased SEO ROI


Build Credibility & Trust

Your webpage is at position 1  because Google treats it as a valuable resource updated to the latest and built by credible resources. Your website becomes most relevant to the audience search enquiry.


Opportunity To Acquire New Users

Webpages at position 1 get natural backlinks, free referral traffic, online visibility, and engagements on social media space. This should help businesses with New To Brand (NTB) customers.


Audience Remember Your Brand

Top positions benefit brand awareness and search attention for your website because you create a positive experience for your audience. This result, the audience remembers your brand and considers supporting you in future, benefiting through upselling lead magnets.


Save Additional Advertising Cost

You don't need to spend money on advertising ( Paid marketing), instead use them to publish relevant content on your websites, that can help further.


Round The Clock Traffic & Leads

Businesses can provide 24/7 reach to their search audience not limited to shift being at position 1. This results in driving business around the clock.


Get Quality Prospects & Continued Growth

Ranking at position 1 on Google SERPs, offering quality products or services gets quality prospects and continued growth.


How to Get On Top of Google SERPs?

SERP real estate is becoming more complex each day, and SEO consultants need to work hard to help their business get attention from the searchers who looking out for it. SEOs perform advanced marketing strategies i.e. optimizing content delivery to enhance relevancy, solving technical SEO issues to assist website crawling, and user engagements, validating websites staying relevant to frequent algorithm changes etc. If you one, get your quality SEO done through him/her or an Agency or a consultant. If you don't have SEO support Hire an SEO professional. A business is required to position its website at the top of SERPS and needs a search marketing specialist to implement effective SEO, capture or retain existing top search engine rankings, improve website monetization, and increase conversion rates.

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