Technical SEO Consultant

Technical SEO Consultant

I Find Blockers! Recommend Fixers To Make Websites Win Online

Over last 8 years, while iamdoingSEO, I mostly focused in solving technical seo issues for underperforming webpages of an website. Technical seo is mitigating most obvious SEO issues of website/webpage to help search engines crawl, render, index, rank them effectively and help customers take required actions easily. So if you noticed a drop in traffic and conversions for your website, not sure what went wrong! Then consider reaching out to technical SEO expert  like me or implement in-depth technical seo audit on your website. If you need an technical seo consultant for diagnosing your website technical errors, code issues effectively then Hire me right away.

Technical SEO issues on Websites

Iamdoingseo Technical SEO Consulting Helps Websites Get More Customer Attention From Search

I perform in-depth technical seo audit on websites to analyze crawling, indexing, usability, content quality, links quality and other issues impacting organic growth. Also to make sure website pass Google quality guidelines

Discover Our Website Technical SEO Audit Checklist 

Analyzing Website’s Crawling & Indexing Issues

  1. Broken Robots.txt file & XML Sitemap
  2. Missing Robots metadata tags
  3. Redirect Chains
  4. Broken internal & external links
  5. URL structure issues
  6. Canonical implemented with errors or missing
  7. Page Loading time
  8. Website Responsiveness for devices
  9. Image Optimization
  10. Validating Hreflang implementation
  11. Tracking code validation
  12. JavaScript SEO
  13. Website Architecture

Analyzing Website’s Content issues 

  1. Un-optimized, duplicate & missing  metadata protocol
  2. Duplicate & thin body content
  3. Faceted navigation resulting in dynamic URL’s open for crawling & indexing
  4. Internal search resulting URL’s open for crawling & indexing
  5. Anchor text management issues
  6. Images without alt tags or images with unoptimized alt texts.
  7. Content optimization & marketing issues
  8. Internal links audit

Analyzing Website’s  Authority on SERPs

  1. Missing Structured Data or implemented schema with errors.
  2. Local SEO & GMB optimization issues
  3. Not optimized for Rich snippets
  4. HTTPS

Other Technical SEO Consulting Addon’s

  1. On-page SEO & CTR Optimization via On-Page SEO Services Specialist
  2. Content Optimization & Governance
  3. Technical SEO Consulting for Nonprofits Websites 
  4. SEO support during Website Redesign, Migration & Replatforming
  5. Penalty Recovery (Panda, Penguin, Manual penalty & any Core Update)
  6. Competitor Analysis
  7. Keyword research & Content Gap Analysis
  8. Link Audit Services to remove harmful, low-quality links SEO

Technical SEO Consultant Deliverables

Through this SEO deliverable, Business or website owner can get details of critical SEO issues present on website, Technical seo issues priority to optimize your SEO effort, Technical SEO KPIs and its industry bench marks and best practices to mitigate these technical seo issues.

Our deliverable Model:  "Analyze the situation", "Prioritize based on impact", "Recommend the best Solution"

Technical SEO Consultant - Website Audit Deliverable

The deliverable “{Business Name} SEO Audit Report” in PDF format is presented for stack holders and sent via email attaching data points, problem statements, raw data, etc.

Let Technical SEO Consultant know your needs or He figures it out for You.

With a lot of experience in Technical SEO, IamdoingSEO can provide you support in solving all the SEO critical issues on your website. You are going to work with the Technical SEO Consultant with expertise in

  • Website Migration or replatforming (take care of every possible issue, so that it will not affect your SEO)
  • Fixing Google penalties, to Fix Ranks & Traffic dip
  • Insights provided for Speed, Crawl & render Optimization
  • Solving Structured markup or schema issues
  • Fixing Broken link building & removing Spam Referral traffic,
  • Optimizing for Mobile-first index (ensure it works across multiple device types)
  • Hreflang tag implementation &  Content Localization
  • Search console, analytic configurations
  • Solving Redirection issues
  • Handling UTM Parameters
  • Orphan pages & Thin content Issues
  • Gap Analysis to identify opportunities (Content & Links) that are not currently being targeted

Just Discuss your business goals with me, I will analyze the experience you create, make a problem statement for you. I do provide recommendations for solving the problem statement as well. I’m waiting to help me out. I will tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it. I will even do it for you on request. Get in touch with me now